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[ Read Online Brainiac: Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs ✓ scores PDF ] by Ken Jennings ✓ I m no Jeopardy fan though I did watch every minute of several shows when IBM s Watson took down former all time champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter However, then I was interested in the computer s prowess than in acquainting myself with the game What s , my trivia knowledge is mixed in Trivial Pursuit I used to move around the board fairly comfortably only to grind to a permanent standstill on Geography or Entertainment So why did I enjoy Brainiac so much That s because Brainiac is an interesting story, well presented The content is the story of Jennings s audition for Jeopardy, his narrow victory in the first game, his long successful run, and his ultimate loss Along the way, Jennings provides some backstory his interest in trivia since childhood, his participation in college contests, and his maniacal preparation for the show He also thro Learn about Ken Jennings and the subject of trivia Jennings gentle, nerdy, self deprecating humor is a soothing balm for an overexposure to Chicago snarkiness present Chicago buds excluded, of course o He reads like I fear I sound, although I don t have close to the knowledge base he draws upon Good grief, I hope I m not as know it all as that Entertaining look into the history of trivia, it s current forms and festivals, and a behind the scenes viewpoint of Jeopardy Enjoyable read and endorsed by Will Shortz.
One Day Back In , Ken Jennings And His College Buddy Earl Did What Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Had Done Before They Auditioned For Jeopardy Two Years, Games Correct Answers, And Over Million In Winnings Later, Ken Jennings Emerged As Trivia S Undisputed King Brainiac Traces His Rise From Anonymous Computer Programmer To Nerd Folk Icon But Along The Way, It Also Explores His Newly Conquered Kingdom The World Of Trivia ItselfJennings Had Always Been Minutiae Mad, Poring Over Almanacs And TV Guide Listings At An Age When Most Kids Are Still Watching Elmo And Putting Beans Up Their Nose But Trivia, He Has Found, Is Centuries Older Than His Childhood Obsession With It Whisking Us From The Coffeehouses Of Seventeenth Century London To The Internet Age, Jennings Chronicles The Ups And Downs Of The Trivia Fad The Quiz Book Explosion Of The Jazz Age The Rise, Fall, And Rise Again Of TV Quiz Shows The Nostalgic Campus Trivia Of The S And The S, When Trivial Pursuit Again Made It Fashionable To Be A Know It AllJennings Also Investigates The Shadowy Demimonde Of Today S Trivia Subculture, Guiding Us On A Tour Of Trivia Hotspots Across America He Goes Head To Head With The Blowhards And Diehards Of The College Quiz Bowl Circuit, The Slightly Soused Faithful Of The Boston Pub Trivia Scene, And The Raucous Participants In The Annual QA Marathon In Stevens Point, Wisconsin, The World S Largest Trivia Contest And, Of Course, He Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His Improbable Game Run On Jeopardy But Above All, Brainiac Is A Love Letter To The Useless Fact What Marsupial Has Fingerprints That Are Indistinguishable From Human Ones What Planet Has A Crater On It Named After Laura Ingalls Wilder What Comedian Had The Misfortune To Be Born With The Name Albert Einstein Jennings Also Ponders Questions That Are A Little Philosophical What Separates Trivia From Meaningless Facts Is Being Good At Trivia A Mark Of Intelligence And Is Trivia Just A Waste Of Time, Or Does It Serve Some Not So Trivial Purpose After All Uproarious, Silly, Engaging, And Erudite, This Book Is An Irresistible Celebration Of Nostalgia, Curiosity, And Nerdy Obsession In A Word, Trivia The Koala Venus Albert Brooks From The Hardcover Edition If you re any kind of a Jeopardy geek, this is required reading, as uberwinner Ken Jennings tells the tale of how he came to be on the show and win his historic 74 games.
But beyond that, Brainiac is a thoroughly entertaining history of trivia or, of the universally addictive pastime of asking and answering obscure general knowledge questions Jennings did great research, and writes with a densely packed brevity and wicked sense of humor.
And best of all, there are great trivia questions sprinkled throughout the narrative, so you can test your knowledge.
I ve watched Jeopardy throughout my life and Ken Jennings s spectacular run fascinated me in 2004 and still does so today I always enjoy seeing him return for new bouts I found Brainiac to be an overall interesting read There was less behind the scenes info on Jeopardy than I expected, though I understand why there isn t His long run blurred together for the most part Much of the book is about the nature of trivia itself how it became a thing, how the fad has ebbed and flowed over the decades, and how it is celebrated in various forms today I found the early portions on the history of trivia to read as slow but perhaps that was also my impatience to find out about Jeopardy but I really enjoyed the insights at the end about Stevens Point Wisconsin s massive trivia weekend and how bar trivia developed in recent years.
Jeopardy must read,.
Yes, it s about Jeopardyand Ken Jennings s experience on the show and how it affected his life, but it s not going to teach you how to study in the way that Bob Harris s book does Jennings touches on his study habits study broadly, use a makeshift buzzer, create mnemonics , and gives some tips for auditioning know the game and its rules, present yourself as affable and funny , but what makes Brainiac stand out is that it s really about trivia in a broader sense Jennings traces the history of trivia from its fact book beginnings, following the development of newspaper trivia columns like Answers to Questions, huge radio trivia contests like the one at Stevens Point, and the ebb and flow of TV trivia game show trends and their varying In 2005 Ken Jennings won 75 games in a row on Jeopardy, answered 2,642 questions correctly, and won 2.
5 million dollars He is the King of Trivia.
This book takes you behind the fascinating scenes of Alex Trebec and the Jeopardy subculture 5 shows are taped all in one day Jennings barely had time to catch his breath between shows.
oh and put on a new outfit to look like it is a new day Alex is very good at saying Yesterday our champion Ken won 28,000 when really it was 5 minutes ago Always double check your math.
it has happened in final jeopardy that someone lost because they bet the wrong amount Jennings of course prefers when games are locked that is when you have than double your competitors at time of final jeopardy Ken once had 17 locked games in a row You are not allowed to tell anyone except your spouse the results of the sho

I ve had on and off love affair of the mind with Jeopardy for ages I always enjoy it, but don t always watch it for practical uninteresting reasons, although this year I ve watched every episode thus far I play along on Jeopardy.
com and once a year completely mess up the Jeopardy test due to inexplicable inability to perform under strict time limit The pinnacle of this decades long passion has certainly been Ken Jennings, the player extraordinaire with his uncontested 75 appearances back in 2004 wow, it s been that long, scary how time moves and 74 wins Defeated in the final game by Nancy Zerg and a Final Jeopardy question so easy, I figured it out right away But then again no one s heard of Zerg or me for that matter and Ken Jennings remain a leg I found Ken Jennings a positively delightful author despite the fact that I was predisposed to love him with the loyalty of someone who watched nearly all of his JEOPARDY appearances This work is far than the 15 minutes of fame bargain book dead weight it could have easily been Instead, Jennings has carefully penned a masterful yes masterful overview of Trivia in American pop culture and interspersed the narrative of his JEOPARDY experiences in a clever and un assuming way Plus, there are trivia questions throughout every chapter answered in the endnotes interactive fun for those of us who grew up with dads that alternately challenged us to yell out correct answers than they could and vocally abused Mr T

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