Download Epub Format ☆ Bruise PDF by æ Desiree Bissonnette

Download Epub Format ☆ Bruise PDF by æ Desiree Bissonnette Year Old Sara Hale Has Spent Most Of Her Teen Years Struggling With Depression Through Most Of Her School Years She Has Had To Deal With Bullying And Isolation From Her Classmates And From Her Former Childhood Friend Alison ParkerAli Parker Is A Popular Senior In High School She S Big Headed And Vain, And Thinks Little Of The Feelings Of Others That Is, Until The Day Her Life Changes ForeverThe Death Of Sara Hale Comes As A Shock To Many Kids In Her High School But The Person Most Impacted Is Her Former Bully Ali Parker, Who Suddenly Finds Herself Able To See The Cuts And Bruises Of Everyone She Soon Realizes That The Marks That Appear Blue Are Those That She Personally Has Caused Be It From Physical Or Emotional Trauma This New Power Forces Ali To See The Real Impact She Has On The Emotions And Bodies Of Others, And The True Part She Had To Play In The Death Of Sara Hale This is an awesome book I first thought this book was going to be a sad story But as I got into it , towards the end it started to make sense to me I began to realize it was to tell us a story, and also teach us something.

Cute story but very cliche.
this book is very emotional and makes you begin to think about your actions

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