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Trailer ☆ Calis Hurricane PDF by ✓ Afton Locke I really liked this book as I have all of the previous Oyster Harbor books This was a two for the price of one romance between Cali and the soon to be Grand Dragon of Oyster Harbor, Jonathan Carter and Jonathan s sister, Mary and Jimmy Clark, a gentle bear of a black man who was introduced to us in book 1, Plucking The Pearl What makes this series even enjoyable for me is the time period 1930 s , the setting Maryland and the characters Afton Locke never fails to deliver for me She s an awesome writer and I can hardly wait for the next installment of Oyster Harbor romances.
Despite The Racial Tensions Brewing In Oyster Harbor In The S, Three Interracial Couples Have Found Love When A Hurricane Blows Through, Will Hate Finally Be Washed Away Or Will It Grow Back Stronger Than Ever Jonathan Carter, Filled With Hate From A Childhood Incident, Cares Only About Keeping The Klan Strong On The Island Cali Waters, Still Grieving For Her Husband Who Died From A Klan Attack, Longs To Use Her Healing Gift Instead Of Being The Carter Family Cook When A Hurricane Threatens The Hospital Jon Started To Build, An Injury Puts His Life In Her Hands And A Chance To Heal Than His Flesh Jonathan S Sister, Mary, Is Tired Of The Sheltered Existence She S Lived Since Being Raped When Jimmy Clark, A Black Oyster Shucker, Rescues Her During The Hurricane, She Heals From His Gentle Love But If Her Brother Finds Out, Both Relationships Will Be Put To A Test Fiercer Than Any StormOyster Harbor Book Where Passion And Race Collide Cali Waters traveled to Oyster Harbor from Louisiana after the death of her husband Ernest Known as a healer, Cali dreams of one day becoming a doctor or healer In order to do so, she takes a job as housekeeper for the mayor and his family Though she struggled to hold on to her dreams and the memory of her husband, Jonathan Carter, the mayor s son, excited and angered her at the same time Jonathan harbored hatred He was determined to continue the traditions of island and maintain order As the island prepared for a hurricane, Cali and Jonathan remained behind to watch over the newly built hospital When Jonathan is injured, both realize that they could heal each other.
This is the fourth installment in Afton Locke s Oyster Harbor series, where passion and race collide Taking place in the 193 I cannot say I liked the hero much but I loved the story plus there was than one story line in play.

I don t know how much work goes into writing a historical romance I will say that the best historical romances are the ones that don t bend history These stories don t whitewash or put a shade over the ugliness of the history of the United States Afton Locke s Oyster Harbor series is currently one of the very rare few Historical Romance series I enjoy reading While Cali s Hurricane is the fourth entry in the series I hope it s not the last.
Readers, if you are like me and you have read all the books in Oyster Harbor series which includes Plucking the Pearl, Rose, Exposed and Sadie s Surrender then you should leave a brief review on , Barnes and Noble and Kobo for how freaking great those books are and how Ms Locke shou A great seriesLoved the series I was captured from the very first book I hope a book 5 is in the works.

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