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☆ Blood Heat ¹ Download by ç Josh Lanyon Taylor MacAllister E Will Brandt, Agenti Speciali Del Dipartimento Di Sicurezza Diplomatica, Da Sempre Sono Colleghi E Ora, Da Tre Mesi, Amanti La Loro Relazione Per Minacciata Quando A Will Viene Offerto Un Fantastico Incarico Di Due Anni A ParigiWill Pensa Che Accettare Il Lavoro Significhi Solo Posticipare Quello Che Entrambi Vogliono Taylor Teme Che Questa Separazione Vorr Dire La Fine Della Loro Unione, Nuova E Ancora FragilePer Di Pi Si Trovano Nella Foresta Del New Mexico, Responsabili Dell Incolumit E Della Sopravvivenza Di Una Sospetta Terrorista E Tutti Quelli Che Irrompono Nella Vicenda Sembrano Decisi A Volere Morta La Prigioniera, E Loro Con Lei Written September 9, 20144 Stars As a gay weekly TV cop crime show but in the audiobook form instead Very elegant and nicely doneBook 3Josh Lanyon is one of my favorite authors and this morning was it time for the third part, Blood Heat in the audiobook Volume 1 Armed and Dangerous Four Dangerous Ground Novellas As a plus also a supremely good narrator Adrian Bisson It couldn t but be a fun ride The result wasof course.
Yet another fast paced story part with funny bantering, action filled hilarious events and two wonderful agents in love.
A three hour romance crime part a day make my life pleasant and enjoyable It s a shame that there are not ten to listening to My reviews so far in this five part novella series 1 Dangerous Ground 3.
7 stars 2 Old Poison 3.
8 stars Each book is around 100 120 pages long or 3 4 hours liste Can t feel the connection Re read 19.
2018 It actually not so bad I believe it was better this time around reading it Though there s still that something that is missing to make me give it a full three stars instead if two point five Because that something that is indeed missing is a huge part, and I believe it is that damn connection that the main two characters is supposed to have I don t feel it so much Sure I get that they love each other, but even with the kisses and sex scene, I still don t feel like they are a couple I feel like they are just work partners with benefits Overall, I like the action, I like the plot, but I m having trouble with the characters emotions Will pulled him forward, wrestling him 3.
5 StarsWill and Taylor are slowly growing on me Now an established couple, I like that they re still fighting insecurities and trying to reassure each other that they re all in, regardless of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles being thrown their way.
Once again, I enjoyed the fast paced, danger filled mission Will and Taylor found themselves embroiled in Although, the abrupt ending left me with some questions about what happened to certain players in this particular story I felt like I missed some pertinent details in those final scenes.
Overall, this was another solid addition to the Dangerous Ground series and I look forward to seeing how Will and Taylor deal with the upcoming new changes in their lives.
Oh Taylor There s in his silences, shrugs, head turnings, etc than in a thousand words I felt for Will, who offered his words of love and committment and got almost nothing in return, but I felt for Taylor, who can come completely apart in his lover s arms and still be incapable of reassuring him.
The emotional part of the story plays on Will s future assignment to Paris and the fact that the two will be apart I don t know if Will is really convinced that they can work it out I m really looking forward to reading the next book to find out what happens.
The action part of the story is very entertaining and funny The two have the uncanny ability to put themselves in the most complicated situations and there were many times that I wished they d pay attention to what was happening around them than their bickering, but I also love when they look like a married couple than a team of special Best one of the series yet I enjoyed the story and the relationship between Will and Taylor is starting to make sense.
August 2017 re read oh man, I totally forgot Taylor shoots Will at the end of this one So much better the second, third, fourth time around oh who am I kidding, I love these guys Things are getting tense here.
Will and Taylor s relationship is about to face a serious trial Would it survive I guess, I ll find out soon enough.
Blood Heat is the third book of the series and it does little to advance the characters, the relationship, or any general story arc This offering is an amusing and entertaining romp as a chance to revisit favorite and familiar characters That s not a bad thing per se as the writing is very typical of Lanyon and the characters quite enjoyable to read However, I m left wishing the story had contributed something to the characters or even their relationship since if anything these two are headed in the opposite direction with a two year separation coming up Fans of the series will definitely want to read this for a visit with two entertaining and great characters but I d be surprised if the non ending is a hit The story follows Will and Taylor as they attempt to apprehend a fugitive Of course these two have de Audio 2 starsStory 3.
75 starsMoving on to book 4.
5 starsBook 3 of the Dangerous Ground series and we re chugging right along with our boys Will and Taylor I found this one a little slow and the story didn t keep me entirely interested These books all feel like the junior varsity version of the Cut Run series, and Will Taylor the little brother versions of Ty Zane It s kind of like a decent 30 minute tv show where CR is one of those great hour long favorites.
Still, the new plot twist of Will s pending promotion brought some much wanted tenderness and relationship drama and infused just enough emotion into the brief read I m rooting for the 2 of them as the series concludes in the next book though w Josh Lanyon series, it will mostly just end in some random kind of way

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