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[Nick Ray] ☆ Cambodia [holland PDF] Read Online Ù looking at my old pictures folder, and i found this book captured with my Cambodian fried rice feels like going back to the street of Siem reap How I miss that journey anyway, read this borrowed book it s belong to my trip mate, and it s a copy book cost only 3 dollars and it really gives a lot of useful information and tips If you re going with or without a tour guide, it is worth it to read about Angkor Wat and what exactly does the bas reliefs mean.
Angkor Wat Is Just The Beginning If You Want To Dig Deeper Into The Real Cambodia, This Guide Is Your Key Unlock The Mysteries Of The Sacred Temples, Share The Mekong With Endangered Dolphins, And Eat With Pythons And Cobras By Your Side With Lonely Planet, You Ll Have The Adventure You Always Dreamed Of Expert Resident Author Providing The Best Insider Tips And Tricks Unbeatable Accuracy Updated On The Road, In Person The World S Best Travel Maps No Guesswork Pinionated Reviews And Inspiring Highlight Sections Listings For All Budgets From Pinching Pennies To Living Large Not sure what all the hype is with Lonely Planet guides Blah at best There are much better guides out there also, I had the paperback version, not ebook Highly recommended Detailed descriptions of what to see and visit, when to see it and how to get there and where to stay Gives detailed and important historical and cultural information, need to know and interesting facts a Traveller s dream guide Love Lonely Planet books They are the most intuitive travel books out there.
Lots of useful information specifically maps , but a little out of date In LP s defense, it s a bit hard to stay up to date in a country like Cambodia, where everything is changing so fast Hopefully for Cambodia s sake, it ll keep changing for the better As always, it s meant to be a guide, not an end all be all source of everything worthwhile, so remember to use it as such and it ll be helpful along your travels, if not definitive.
Also I d say that LP in general would do well to stop reviewing as many high end hotels one place mentioned was 300 night In Cambodia and give us reviews of budget accommodations even if they re bad reviews, I d like to know that kind of thing.
Very informative book and covers all the bases that one needs to know about Cambodia.

Really good, interesting and Informative, a great insight.
found this handy when i went backpacking to south east asia start off from singapore then took the train to malaysia then another train headed to Cambodia, laos, vietnam summing up your last stop at thailand though, lonely planet hasn t really been updated recently, still a bestfriend when you re off the road.

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