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[ Pdf Can Poetry Save the Earth?: A Field Guide to Nature Poems â computers PDF ] by John Felstiner ☆ This is a wonderful collection of nature poems As I sit here and listen to the house finches that are playing in our forsythia and lilac bushes, I recall a poem about a cold early spring Poems Vivifying Nature Have Gripped People For Centuries From Biblical Times To The Present Day, Poetry Has Continuously Drawn Us To The Natural World In This Thought Provoking Book, John Felstiner Explores The Rich Legacy Of Poems That Take Nature As Their Subject, And He Demonstrates Their Force And Beauty In Our Own Time Of Environmental Crises, He Contends, Poetry Has A Unique Capacity To Restore Our Attention To Our Environment In Its Imperiled State And, As We Take Heed, We May Well Become Better Stewards Of The EarthIn Forty Brief And Lucid Chapters, Felstiner Presents Those Voices That Have Most Strongly Spoken To And For The Natural World Poets From The Romantics Through Whitman And Dickinson To Elizabeth Bishop And Gary Snyder Have Helped Us Envision Such Details As Ocean Winds Eroding And Rebuilding Dunes In The Same Breath, Wild Deer Freezing In Our Presence, And A Person Carving Initials On A Still Living Stranded WhaleSixty Color And Black And White Images, Many Seen For The First Time, Bearout Visually The Environmental Imagination This Book Discovers A Poeticlegacy Vital Now Than Ever This surprised me I thought it would be terrible, but it was pretty good Longish discussions of some very important nature poems Perhaps nothing new, but lots of good things to return to.
I reviewed it here Slated for the Stanford Book Salon JANUARY 2010Hosted by John Felstiner, professor of English, and by courtesy, of Spanish and Portuguese and of German StudiesMy local library doesn t have a copy I will see if I can find one elsewhere, in my price range for the discussion.
John is an English professor at Stanford University He is teaching several English classes on the topic of Poetry and Environmental Awareness I printed off one of his syllabi and have been systematically working my way down the reading assignments I m looking forward to hearing him read in Seattle later this week.
The answer is yes.

Beautifully written engaging.
THE BEST This is a terrific idea, a critical study of nature poetry Many good things about nature and about poetry are reflected on here But I thought the book difficult to read It s made up largely of quoted poetry fragments woven into Felstiner s prose gloss so that I had trouble fastening my attention on either Sentences are broken by pieces of a poetic line Paragraphs are interrupted by a few lines of poetry The constant mental shift from Felstiner s words to a poet s phrase and back again made for muddied reading I d have preferred Felstiner s ideas presented whole followed by poems illustrating those points The author s shotgun method was too disruptive for me to follow easily I m not even sure there s a complete poem in the book.
Felstiner s 21st century sensibilities got in my way, too His chapter on Bibli

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