Trailer » Cannibalism: From Sacrifice to Survival PDF by ↠´ Hans Askenasy

Trailer » Cannibalism: From Sacrifice to Survival PDF by ↠´ Hans Askenasy Psychologist Hans Askenasy Has Put Together The First Comprehensive History Of A Subject Combining Violence, Horror, And Exotic Customs In Part One Of His Study, Dr Askenasy Gives A Historical And Geographic Overview Of Humankind S Practice Of And Attitudes Toward CannibalismPart Two Discusses Motivational Factors For Cannibalism, Including Famines Natural And Man Made , Survival In Extreme Situations, Magic, Ritual, And Madness Among The People And Events Covered Are The Siege Of Leningrad By The Nazis The Wreckage Of The Frigate Medusa The Donner Party The Notorious Nineteenth Century Colorado Man Eater, Alferd Packer The Andes Plane Crash Of Elizabeth Bathory B , The Vampire Lady Of The Carpathians And Georg Haarmann, Who Ground Up His Victims And Sold Them As Potted MeatIn Part Three, Cannibalism In Culture And Society, Askenasy Addresses Our Continuing Fascination With Cannibals, Man Eating Witches, Werewolves, And Vampires In Literature, Myth, And The Media, Ranging From Francis Ford Coppola S Film Version Of Bram Stoker S Dracula And Anne Rice S Vampire Chronicles To The Blood Curdling Events Surrounding The Cases Of Issei Sagawa, Jeffrey Dahmer, And The Russian Schoolteacher Turned Torturer, Andrei Romanovitsch Chikatilo Excellent, good content and lot s of good reading I liked it so much I purchased it.

very informative fun to read includes many cases and variations, good way to get knowledgable I came across this little gem at a book fair last week Being dumped by the local library for 1.
This this is a quite delightful look at cannibalism from it s earliest sacred roots, through necessity a certain plane crash in the Andes , and human munching serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer.
Well written, absorbing, and leavened with the writer s wonderfully sarcastic sense of humour.
I had read a fair bit about the subject, but the writer still covered area I didn t know about, like Colorado cannibal Alferd Packer.
The book is not particularly gory, so you can read it without danger of losing your lunch It might be hard to find as the book was originally published in 1994.

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