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[ Pdf El Capitán Alatriste Î world-war-i PDF ] by Arturo Pérez-Reverte Ç No s si fue por mi condici n de madrile o, o porque me gusta la historia, o porque fui afortunado y estudie en aquel Plan educativo que se llamaba EGB, con el que terminabas aprendiendo un mont n de cosas en este caso de nuestro Siglo de Oro , o porque me encanta c mo escribe P rez Reverte, o porque una historia donde los secundarios son Quevedo o el conde duque de Olivares recuerda a las novelas de aventuras de Alejandro Dumas, o porque la accion sucede por las calles que tan bien conozco No s la raz n, pero este es el nico libro que me he le do dos veces La primera un a o o dos despu s de que se publicara y la segunda tras ir al cine a ver su horrible versi n cinematogr ica que una serie posterior ha hecho buena El mal sabor de boca que me dej la pel cula se quit r pidamente tras la segunda lectura Creo sinceramente que si de ni o, en el colegio, me hubieran dado a leer Published in 1996, this is the first of a series of novels by P rez Reverte, novels set in 17th century Spain and featuring the fictional Captain Diego Alatriste y Tenorio I igo, his squire, narrates the action from his perspective as an old man, although some of the narrative is in the third person Alatriste is not really a Captain, this title having been taken by him during a brief battle in Flanders when his commanding officer was slain But he keeps the title in peacetime, during which he lives as a sword for hire in Madrid The flavor of this novel is reminiscent of Dumas s D Artagnan adventures Alatriste finds himself down and out, sometimes in debtors prison, oftener living in straitened circumstances, when he 16 17 1506 1700 , ,1556 1598 , , ,, , , , ,, 1492, 1681 ,, , , , 17 , 2 , 80 1568 1648 30 1618 1648 , Monarqu a Hispanica, , , ,162 , , 1621 1665,30, , , , , , ,,, , ,, , ,, , , 17 , , , , 7 ,, , 5 , , , .

Short and elegant a worthy addition to the panoply of memorable swashbucklers and a promising start of a long historical epic The plot is simple, and the action scenes relatively few The strong points are the recreation of the Madrid society around 1620 and the evocative language The story alternates between first person narration by the young page Inigo Balboa and third person view I wish I was fluent in Spanish and could read this in the original , especially the poems Captain Diego Alatriste y Tenorio is set apart from the likes of D Artagnan, Zorro or Pardaillan by the fact that he is a lot less talkative, has a passion for books and for the verses of Lope de Vega or Quevedo, doesn t claim the moral superiority of the pure knight on a white horse Swashbuckling Seriously That s all this book is about If that s not enough of a point for you Well You just don t know how to have fun.
Captain Alatriste, a romantic soldier of fortune of Hapsburg Spain, is the protagonist of this series by Perez Revertez Just his luck to get embroiled in a dynasty scheme Reminds me of the Three Musketeers a bit Also, truly book one of a series This sets the stage The story in this novel takes place in the 17th Century Spain during the reign of Philip IV, the golden age of Spanish power The plot is based upon an actual historic occurrence in 1623 when the Prince of Wales Charles Stuart and George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, traveled incognito to Spain to try to reach agreement on the long pending match between Charles and Infanta Maria Anna of Spain, the younger sister of King Philip IV The fictional action of this book starts with its main character, Alatriste, being paid to kill a pair of unknown English visitors in Madrid who turn out to be the Prince and Villiers traveling incognito Life becomes quite complicated for Alatriste when at the last minute he decides not to kill the two strangers, and suddenly the plotters of the scheme have every reason to want Alatriste It Is The Height Of Spain S Celebrated Golden Century But Beyond The Walls Of The Royal Palace There Is Little On The Streets Of Madrid That Glitters The Invincible Armada Has Been Defeated The Shadow Of The Inquisition Looms Large And The Thirty Years War Rages On In Flanders When A Courageous Soldier Of This War, Captain Diego Alatriste, Is Forced To Retire After Being Wounded In Battle, He Returns Home To Live The Comparatively Tame Though Hardly Quiet Life Of A Swordsman For Hire In This Dangerous City Where A Thrust Of Steel Settles All Matters, There Is No Stronger Blade Than Alatriste S The Captain Is Approached With An Offer Of Work That Involves Giving A Scare To Some Strangers Soon To Arrive In Madrid But On The Night Of The Attack, It Becomes Clear That These Aren T Ordinary Travelers And That Someone Is Out For Their Blood What Happens Next Is The First In A Series Of Riveting Twists, With Implications That Will Reverberate Throughout The Courts Of Europe No Era El Hombre M S Honesto Ni El M S Piadoso, Pero Era Un Hombre Valiente Con Estas Palabras Empieza El Capit N Alatriste, La Historia De Un Soldado Veterano De Los Tercios De Flandes Que Malvive Como Espadach N A Sueldo En El Madrid Del Siglo XVII Sus Aventuras Peligrosas Y Apasionantes Nos Sumergen Sin Aliento En Las Intrigas De La Corte De Una Espa A Corrupta Y En Decadencia, Las Emboscadas En Callejones Oscuros Entre El Brillo De Dos Aceros, Las Tabernas Donde Francisco De Quevedo Compone Sonetos Entre Pendencias Y Botellas De Vino, O Los Corrales De Comedias Donde Las Representaciones De Lope De Vega Terminan A Cuchilladas Todo Ello De La Mano De Personajes Entra Ables O Fascinantes El Joven Igo Balboa, El Implacable Inquisidor Fray Emilio Bocanegra, El Peligroso Asesino Gualterio Malatesta, O El Diab Lico Secretario Del Rey, Luis De Alqu Zar Acci N, Historia Y Aventura Se Dan Cita En Estas P Ginas Inolvidables , , ,, , Muy entretenido, me encanto los personajes pero de momentos se me hizo lento en algunas partes ya que hay poco dialogo entre personajes pero espero que eso solo sea en el primer libro por que pretendo seguir con la serie del Capit n Alatriste

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