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[ Pdf Captive ☆ yuri PDF ] by A.J. Grainger ☆ note 2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge 10 A Mystery or Thriller My review can also be found HEREWord s are a powerful weapon A single word can change a destiny You wouldn t waste a bullet or a nuclear warhead Don t waste a wordLoc 791Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
Captive is an interesting thriller that encompasses terrorism and celebrity culture within its themes I ve always found celebrity life fascinating I don t know why I presume, but everyone does I suppose, that because I ve seen them on screen or read about their life, some how I know them It s always shocking when your favourite actor is arrested or caught sneaking around with the wrong type of person, because how could they It s so out of character But how can we presume to know them really Imagine now that you do actua Recommend Well, it s an alright YA read.
Robyn s dad is the British prime minister, and someone wants him dead Now Robyn is being held Captive but who is really at fault The short pitch is the most accurate I ve read longer pitches which say things like A list celebrity and global corruption I know a blurb is meant to sell a book, but it s always funny when you read the pitch after the novel and find that things just don t match up I would have enjoyed this novel a little if I had just read that little short snippet Either way, this is still an okay young adult thriller.
Robyn is a strong character She may get held Captive but she fights in real life, that s a risky game to play, but a character with a bit of umph is far interesting than one who sits back and waits for the rescue.
My general view of it is that it felt fresh and gritty at times, clich and fluffy a I Open My Eyes The Cell Is Flooded With Sunlight The Window Is A Slice Of Pale Blue Dust Particles Dance In The Sparkling Light, Pirouetting In A Golden Line From The Window To The Opposite Wall Of The Cell, Where They Seem To Converge Into Shapes It Is Like Looking Into A Kaleidoscope Dad Isn T Here No One Is, But MeRobyn Knollys Green Is An A List Celebrity, Famous For Being The Daughter Of One Of The World S Most Powerful Men But Not Even The Paparazzi Can Find Her NowRobyn Begins To Realise That She Is Trapped In A Complicated Web Of Global Corruption And Deceit And That The Strange, Melancholy Boy Who Has Been Tasked With Guarding Her Might Not Be An Enemy After AllA Thrilling, Well Crafted, Ever Relevant Story From A Talented New Voice In YA Fiction See of my reviews on The YA Kitten My copy was an ARC I got from the publisher via Edelweiss.
Diversity Rating 0 What Diversity Racial Ethnic 0 QUILTBAG 0 Disability 0 Intersectionality 0If you ve read and liked Stolen by Lucy Christopher, then I like you and we should be friends You re probably hoping Captive will be in much the same vein even though Robyn of this novel is held hostage by a terrorist group akin to Peta on crack so they can blackmail her father into releasing a comrade Confusing the two novels won t be easy, that s for sure But is Captive good Nope My good friend Bekka asked me to read this because she was uncertain about it and I ll be sad to report to her that this book is just plain bad.
There s little good to say about the novel, but it at least has the potential to be something complex I read the book Captive by A.
J Grainger It is about a girl named Robyn who gets kidnapped by extremists She is held hostage in order to get her dad to give over a terrorist This is a very good book because it keeps you on the edge every page.
This book has a lot of plot twists, causing you to really dive deep into the information you are told You are forced to question everything about the characters and the plot Due to the constant plot twists, you are always trying to figure out what information is real and true, and what isn t The characters are also very difficult to read and understand The characters personality, trustworthiness, and background information is always questionable You will still have a few questions at the end of this book.
This book is very well written in the sense that it keeps you questioning It is a very good book to read, Actual rating 2.
5 I received a copy from Netgalley, in echange for an honest review This one just couldn t keep my interest unfortunately I felt quite sorry for Robyn when she was kidnapped, but other than that i didn t feel anything for her The pacing in this one was too slow for me, and most of the things that happened didn t interest excite me I felt like i was waiting for Robyn to be kidnapped for ages, but it was actually only about 10% It dragged even than that further on into the story.
Overall, Dragged out and didn t interest me.
Wow this was so terrible view spoiler Robyn was such an idiot Was saved by the army or whatever and then was like omg no plz don t hurt Talon I love him and then helped him escape and WENT WITH HIM Like are you a frickin MORON This book did not need this pathetic little romance and I am not here for it Omg and then she lets all her captors out of their cells so that she can fight them DESPITE the fact that she was incapable of doing so when she was held Captive Robyn you get the Darwin Award you absolute idiot She also calls her appearance Hostage chic like okay glad we can make light of this hide spoiler I couldn t suspend disbelief long enough with this one The kidnappers were the clich stereotypical bad guys, right down to their awful nicknames Scar, Talon and Feather Yeah, seriously Robyn and her family didn t seem to have a lot of security on their journey, despite the heightened level of threat, but even so I found myself doubting whether Feather et al really had the intelligence and connections to pull off a successful car bomb.
Scar was such a pantomime villain with his lecherous looks and HA HA HA LITTLE GIRL YOU ARE AT MY MERCY speeches I should ve been scared out of my wits for Robyn in that whole situtation, but I never for one moment believed in it enough to feel anything but exasperation The danger just felt fake.
Talon s motivation seemed ridiculously weak He apologises to Robyn WHILE HE S KIDNAPPING HER and then spends the rest of the novel feeling bad and ap

Possible 2.
5 star Let s get real here, it was terribly underwhelming Full Review To Come To avoid being my snarky snark self, I m going to keep this short and concise Great topics tackled kidnap, conspiracy, corruption by leadership heads, extremism, the ethical lines blurred around pharmaceutical testing Downfalls sat with the narrator, the blandness of the tail why, with a premise like that is beyond me , the horrible attempt at characterisation and character motivation Way too much of the romance that, to be honest, reads damn like stockholm syndrome But guys, she s just a teenage girl trying to get through life with a sense of normality, which includes a tortured hottie mchottie as a boyfriend Oh young love.
Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Simon and Schuster UK Children s and NetGalley This was an okay story, but I did struggle to stay focused on this.
I didn t really love any of the characters in this book, none of them really irritated me, but then they didn t really engender any strong feelings at all I can t say I really cared what happened to any of them really.
The storyline in this just didn t really hold my attention well at all, and I wanted to put this down and do something else instead I felt like I was waiting for her to be kidnapped, and then other than a couple of shock situations, I just wanted her to be found and for the book to be ove

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