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[ Read Online Catch A Ghost Å zambia PDF ] by S.E. Jakes ß Let s pow wow about Catch A Ghost, shall we The main gripe most have is it s similar to Cut Run Agreed The characterizations of Tommy and Prophet and even some of their relationship development too, but I m not going to belabor this point Either you ve read one or the other or both and if you ve read both, you know So, for me that knocked it down to 1 star for filching ideas from another writer Let s see if she can gain some back.
I was told to start with Free Falling before reading this I did Really liked it despite it being sort of unpolished mostly because of all the international Bond y ness Needless to say, I was stoked to get someinternational intrigue in my life Things were looking up, the guys get assigned to Eritrea Woot Camels Highly underrated, they are Good things are coming And then they get reassigned to Texas.
Now before somebody gets all butt hur I have read this whole series many times already, but with book 4 finally coming outI just had to do another re read It has been a long wait but it seems like it s really gonna happen this time I can t wait forProphet and Tommy I fell in love with both men, the moment I met them in this awesome first book Now before you startthese books are no stand alone and they should be read in order I am a huge sucker for the hot as hell alpha man, and what s even better than 1 delicious hot alpha dude.
that s right, two delicious hot alpha dudes, fighting for dominance sigh This series definitely has some similarities to the Cut Run series, like the fact that they are both being newly partnered and that Prophet is ex military That said, there are also a lot of differ RE read 2015 You can join in here OPERATION RE READWhen I picked this book up I really had no idea what it was all about Turns out this is like sexy G.
I Joe play, espionage and he man hero stuff all rolled in to one very, very sexy package At first I felt like I came into this from the side It was clear there was history see Bound By Honor with one of the main characters, but I kept on and it all laid out clearly.
What you need to know EE Extreme Escapes, LTD is a merc for hire firm They help people Tom and Prophet are mercs They help people Prophet shows up in some of the Men of Honor series books Book 5, I believe THE CHARACTERS Prophet was impulsive Reckless Lethal Prophet Deadly Hyper Honest Fucks like a bunny He will do whatever and whoever it takes to get the job done Partners are for pussies Besides he s already got a former partner haunting him Prophet wanted to th I loved this book so much I immediately purchased the second book of the series Tom was a field operative for the FBI and a deputy sheriff in his native Louisiana He joins a merc outfit to be paired with another operative, Prophet, who was former Seals and CIA Prophet was as stubborn and annoying as Tom and neither man liked to work with partners They were assigned to a mission that had them looking into the death of the brother of Prophet s dead childhood friend.
The book is a thrill ride if you like this kind of book I read a one star review that really slammed the book because they did not understand the acronyms I thought while reading it that maybe the author did too good a job researching her characters because I have Sometimes spoilers are a givenI liked you better when you were an asshole What the FUCK did I just read I m blown away by this bookBRAIN fried, from the intensity and rush I just experienced from this AMAZING storyWhat are you looking for My attention because you ve got it You had it when you walked into EEI m finished with the book, but I m still living the story My heart is racing my mind is scrambling to link everything together From the heart racing thrills, of the dangers they experience to the anxiety of their survival I feel like I m high on an adrenaline rush, from all the excitement and suspense I felt all the way to the end.
Especially the end view spoiler I hate cliffhangers with a passion hide spoiler

Written October 18, 20135 Huge Stars OMG this is so G.
D it s amazing smart, hot and so very intense I m hookedAnything less than five stars would be a joke This is so good and these guys have an intensity and an incredible raw attraction to each other Big thanks to Monique who recommended this one He d known it from the second he d heard Tom s drawl and had forced himself to act the opposite way, figuring if he pretending he couldn t stand the guy that his body would decide to agree with his brain.
As usual, his dick had other ideasScrewing a partner is never a good idea.
Having a partner wasn t either, though.
I m speechless it s raw, sexy, dirty, anguished and heavenly hot Here are two big, tough, touchy, violent, kick my butt alpha guys They have scars, old injuries, are both ro BRAVO Ms Jakes Excellent an exciting plot full of action with two gun wielding, knife carrying deliciously HOT Alpha males, both damaged souls finding passion and solace in the arms of each other no love yet, but this is a fabulous start and I am incredibly excited about this series There are two authors that are responsible for my addiction, obsession and all consuming passion for M M Romance, the first being Abigail Roux with the Cut Run series and the second S.
E Jakes with the Men of Honor series Can you see the pattern here Yes I LOVE me some HOT ALPHA MALES and Ms Jakes can write about those men till the cows come home and I will be chomping at the bit for every single word If you have read the Men of Honor series, you will already be familiar with Prophet, who has always been an enigma, the go to man in the background that gets things done He is one of those char A Hearts On Fire ReviewFOUR A HALF STARS Confession On the paranormal totem pole, psychicwell psychic anything are pretty much at the bottom for me When others go wild over psychic law enforcement reads, I stare blankly and try to tiptoe very softly away And you know what else I m not a fan of Ghosts in my romance In fact, the psychic P.
I detective hybrids are right there with ghosts I ve read them but they re not really my go to type of read I can count on one hand how many of those reads that I really loved.
AndI m also not a fan of series that follow the same couple for the entire series I like variety I ll read them but it s just not what I gravitate to Those kinds of reads typically collect dust on my TBR.
So imagine my surprise as I m reading S.
E Jakes Catch A Ghost , book 1 of the ne Price drop to 0.
99 atUS until BN until 10 23 14 3.
5 stars This was a very interesting read for me and I had trouble deciding upon a rating in the end Was it well written Yes, for sure Did it sit well with me Not completely.
Let me try to break my feelings down for y all The beginning I really loved how this book started out Very, very strong similarities to Cut Run Alpha males being paired together for a dangerous mission,or less against their will Neither wants a partner, both are stubborn, both have dark secrets and physical and mental traumas from their past Both had either military or government backgrounds, both highly trained and lethal men Sounds familiar It should However, unlike in Cut and Run , the intensity isn t broken up by humor and lightness But that isn t necessarily a bad thing It was that high energy that led to scorching hot sex scenes SO HOT and a Everyone Knows That Prophet Former Navy SEAL, Former CIA Spook, Full Time Pain In The Ass Works Alone But His Boss At Extreme Escapes, Ltd Has Just Assigned Proph A New Partner And A Case Haunted By Ghosts From Proph S Past Suddenly, He Has To Confront Both Head OnTom Boudreaux Failed FBI Agent, Failed Sheriff, Full Time Believer In Bad Luck Is Wondering Why The Head Of A Private Contracting Firm Has Hunted Him Down To Offer Him A Job Still, He S Determined To Succeed This Time, Despite Being Partnered With Prophet, EE S Most Successful, Lethal, And Annoying Operative, On A Case That Resurrects His Own Painful PastTogether, Prophet And Tom Must Find A Way To Take Down Killers In The Dangerous World Of Underground Cage Matches While Fighting Their Own Dangerous Attraction When They Find Themselves Caught In The Crossfire, These Two Loners Must Trust Each Other And Work Together To Escape Their Ghosts Or Pay The Price

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