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↠´ Chameleo Ï Download by ☆ Robert Guffey This book is frightening, not only because of what happened to Dion, but also because he was a mostly innocent bystander who got caught up in a cloak and dagger situation I need to read it again, and then maybe again It sounds a lot like what happened to Philip K Dick in 1971 and the years following.
A Mesmerizing Mix Of Charles Bukowski, Hunter S Thompson, And Philip K Dick, Chameleo Is A True Account Of What Happened In A Seedy Southern California Town When An Enthusiastic And Unrepentant Heroin Addict Named Dion Fuller Sheltered A US Marine Who D Stolen Night Vision Goggles And Perhaps A Few Top Secret Files From A Nearby Military Base Dion Found Himself Arrested Under The Ostensible Auspices Of The Patriot Act For Conspiring With International Terrorists To Smuggle Top Secret Military Equipment Out Of Camp Pendleton The Fact That Dion Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With International Terrorists, Smuggling, Top Secret Military Equipment, Or Camp Pendleton Didn T Seem To Bother The Military He Was Released From Jail After A Six Day Long Abu Ghraib Style Interrogation Subsequently, He Believed Himself Under Intense Government Scrutiny And, He Suspected, The Subject Of Bizarre Experimentation Involving Cloaking Electro Optical Camouflage So Extreme It Renders Observers Practically Invisible From A Distance Of Some Meters By The Department Of Homeland Security Hallucination Perhaps Except Robert Guffey, An English Teacher And Dion S Friend, Tracked Down And Interviewed One Of The Scientists Behind The Project Codenamed Chameleo, Experimental Technology Which Appears To Have Been Stolen By The US Department Of Defense And Deployed On American Soil More Shocking Still, Guffey Discovered That The DoD Has Been Experimenting With Its Newest Technologies On A Number Of American Citizens A Condensed Version Of This Story Was The Cover Feature Of Fortean Times Magazine September First, let me say that I ve read some weird stuff in my life I m ok with strange or outlandish claims I ve read Charles Fort, John Keel, Phil Dick, any number of conspiracy books, UFO studies, bigfoot, ghosts, goblins, on and on and on I m no stranger to the kinds of stories told in this book However, I really wanted the narrator here to be skeptical There were parts of the book where he neglected the obvious explanation for things that the subject of the book, the narrator s friend Dion, is, in fact, mentally ill in favor of what he considered the only logical explanation that his friend was actually being stalked by midgets in invisibility suits, hounded at every turn and driven to the brink of insanity by hundreds thousands of government agents assigned to pester him 24 7.
I ve read a few accounts of gangstalking, In the 90s, like so many other nerdy guys, I was all over THE X FILES, esp for Dana Scully centric episodes It was around that time that I got into conspiracies, from anything involving JFK to Roswell and MK Ultra The puzzling the conspiracy, the better I was gobbling up as much as I could find, and this was before DarkWeb or even just the regular web, with its extensive search engine capabilities.
My wife had told me about this book, that she d heard something regarding on a podcast Invisible midgets What Sold While it started out great, it ground to a halt at 45% in The dialogue between the book s author and Dion, the book s victim , helped me to secure some much needed nap ignition the one afternoon Outside of that, it was just a fluff filled ride that went from being super interesting and plausible as far as conspiracies to Yeah, I just don t give a fuck ho I own a paperback copy of this book, I have enjoyed the entire audio book, and listened to many of Robert Guffey s interviews about Chameleo The author tells a very interesting story about a man who is harassed and driven to the brink of madness by a secret black ops government agency Chameleo is about a lot of different things, but at it s core it is about trying to find stability while surrounded by a whirlwind of madness and chaos I have to say the scariest part of this book is that it is very much true Go ahead and look up the SAIC or Richard Schowengerdt s technology research I very much believe in Robert Guffey s story about his friend who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time You can go ahead and fact check everything that is stated by Mr Guffey, you will end up looking over your shoulder in the hopes that you aren t pu One of my favorite authors Jacques Vallee recommended this book, so I of course read it immediately But I am left wondering what did I just read listen to This is a bizarre, somewhat amateurish rambling tale that honestly at several points I thought might be a parody Having finished it, I m not sure if it was a bad and unfunny parody or just a goofy story Is it possible that Deon was really harassed Sure Is it possible that the government has invisibility suits I guess The ideas make sense for sure and it seems possible But is it also possible that some or most of this was paranoid ranting by a drug addict I think that is also possible Most importantly, even if everything is 100% true and as they hypothesize, where are we In my opinion, we re not really much further along We know the government can do these things, right I guess I just feel 3.
5 4 stars This novel is for the conspiracy theorist in all of us but with splashes of Robert Guffey s humor, the book shone all the I couldn t listen to the audiobook as I worked out, because I d start laughing between sit ups over invisible midgets and devil worshippers in Hollywood.
I was confused during most of the transcript conversations, and sometimes I had a hard time sympathizing with Dion Personally, my favorite parts of the story were the author s personal anecdotes the ups downs of his love life, stopping an exorcism, leaving a drunk man who many or may not have been a government plant out on the street because, well, why not P.
S I d like to note that I called BOTH of the transcribed numbers in the book, and neither of them were operational While I understand this was to protect privacy, I d like to say that I was deeply disappointed t

Side note it was around 1992, i was growing up in san diego, in 7 or 8th grade, a weird guy was inviting neighborhood kids over to his place to watch videos he had made with one of the old style vhs camcorders the videos were mostly shot at night under streetlights through a window or from a block away in one a guy appeared to be unloading invisible objects from a car another was of people carrying invisible objects into the dark the dark was a canyon the dude shot videos of the canyon at night after seeing people go into it, and he had lots of these very dark grainy videos where you could almost make out invisible jelly predator cloaked people then he had videos where he was filming from the street into trees you could sort of make out people up in the trees, walking around on inv Alright, kids this is one crazy ride Robert Guffey tells the story of his best friend, Dion Fuller, who inadvertently caught the attention of the NCIS and Homeland Security Things do not go well for Mr Fuller In fact, he spends several years trying to escape from all the experimental technology and psychological warfare these agencies throw at him.
I m not gonna lie the entire thing is pretty out there, but Guffey backs it all up with extensive notes I haven t done any further research on these, but I found it compelling enough to suspend disbelief.
The book was mentioned in an interview with Missing 411 A Sobering Coincidence author, David Paulides anyone with an interest in his books should check this one out as well.

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