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ð Read ☆ Chance Encounter by Jennie Hansen ✓ I thought this was a cute romance novel, a girl fromof a city area gets stuck inof a country town, meets up with what people call an unattractive young man, a country boy Such a cute romance novel Kendra, a single 35 year old women, gets sidetracked in a small town in Nevada with a flat tire Chase, a widowed rancher, saves Kendra and David, a four year old boy from the little town, from the peril they found themselves in because of others choices A sweet romance with a bit of adventure I had read it once before, but didn t remember it until I got going It is good for an entertaining, quick read.
From The Best Selling Author Of Some Sweet Day, All I Hold Dear, And The River Path Thirty Five Years Old And Single, Kendra Emerson Believes Any Hope For Romance Is As Far Away As The Family She S Driving To Visit However, Her Plans For A Peaceful, Uneventful Holiday Change Abruptly When She Ends Up Stranded In A Small Nevada Town While Window Shopping, She Hears A Sudden Crash Of Glass, And Two Armed Robbers Take Kendra And A Nearby Child Hostage Meanwhile, Chase Kirkham, A Recluse By Choice, Runs A Secluded Sheep Ranch Fifteen Miles From His Nearest Neighbor Running Low On Supplies, Chase Fires Up His Old Truck To Make The Long Trip Into Town On A Lonely Stretch Of Road, And With A Winter Storm Approaching, He Sees Two Desperate Figures Stumbling Across A Frozen Field This Encounter Draws Chase Into The Adventure Of His Lifetime In Chance Encounter, Jennie Hansen Delivers Another Heart Stopping Romantic Thriller Complete With A Chilling Abduction, A Family S Answered Prayer, And Two Wounded Hearts That Are Able To Heal Each Other Thirty five years old and single, Kendra Emerson believes any hope for romance is as far away as the family she s driving to visit However, her plans for a peaceful, uneventful holiday change abruptly when she ends up stranded in a small Nevada town While window shopping, she hears a sudden crash of glass, and two armed robbers take Kendra and a nearby child hostage.
Pretty wordy and repetitious when telling the reader what the main characters are thinking about each other The basic story plot is really quite good however.
um, i thought i might have read this before, but wasn t really sure, until i went to enter it into my read books I would give it 4 stars this time, not because i remembered how it ended or anything like that, just at a different place in my life I did enjoy the way testimonies were everywhere in the story and since i have made a goal of strengthening mine this year it helped encourage that desire.
This book was touching in a spiritual way, with a sensible amount of realism to it that made it believable The main characters are appealing, and just darn cute sometimes Definitely a good read The only thing that could have made it better was a bitUN realistic drama I was waiting too long for the damsel in distress moment that didn t come like I expected Otherwise, very sweet and lovable.
I love this book A friend of mine told me I should read it and I had never heard of this author before and now she is one of my favorites The girl in the book gets tries to save a boy and ends up getting kidnapped too then escapes and from the bad guys and ends up in a snow storm and the main guy saves her.

After struggling with the last couple of books I went back to to favorite One of my re read books Kendra Emerson, 35, believes that all chance of romance and family have passed her by She is on her way to spend Christmas with her two married sisters in California when a stop to fix a tire in a small town ends up with her taken hostage in a robbery.
Kendra is 35 and an old maid On her way to her sister s place for Christmas one of her tires gets a flat and she has to stop is a small town for it to get repaired While there she sees a little boy standing by himself outside a toy shop window and talks to him for a bit Just as she is about to take the little boy inside to look for his family, the window in front of them shatters and Kendra protects the little boy with her body Men with guns grab Kendra and the little boy hostage After the men loose the police car following them they leave Kendra and the child alone in the frozen desert Chase is a widower and when his car dies he sees Kendra and the child out in the snow storm He takes them to his remote cabin so they can get warm and the blizzard snows them in The next day Chase finds out that the bri This was a great book I actually got a little bored in the beginning ish middle I almost gave up on it in all honesty, but it got better and the middle and end were really good Oh, but the beginning was really really REALLY preachy Most of the beginning was either the character thinking worrying or explaining how much God loves them Now I m a religious person and I appreciate it, but it got a bit much and seemed kind of tossed in there with the rest of the story Anyway sorry that was a lot of complaining and it probably sounds like I didn t like this book, but I promise that it really was quite good I just tend to get irritated with small things when I read.

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