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× Chasing Rainbows Ô Download by ✓ Kathleen Long As simple as this book is and that I got it free for my Kindle, I am surprised at how much I liked it and how much I related to it It is a very basic simple story, nothing complex or deep in here at all This makes it a very easy choice for a quick read or grab it to take on vacation kind of book It moves super quick I found I liked the writing style of the first person main character, her thoughts ran free, kind of reminding me of my own thoughts that tend to spin off in tangents in my head, but they all make sense to me anyway I usually rate the simple stories like this a three star, but this book caught my heart strings a bit in that I had similar feelings on certain subjects as the main character and it made me feel less alone to see someone else feel them too It touched me, so I gave it four stars for that connection.
Bernie Murphy has just lost her father She is wrapping herself around him being gone, while simultaneously and secretively dealing with her husband who left her Bernie is no stranger to loss and heartache, but the accumulation of loss and a book of cryptograms her father left her seem to be the wake up call she has needed for some time and is reluctantly facing reality Chasing Rainbows is a story about finding acceptance and learning how to walk through the downpours of life is the only way to find the rainbows Overall, I enjoyed the book It seems odd to say I enjoyed the book, when Chasing Rainbows deals with some very serious situations Bernie is struggling with losing her father, her marriage, she doesn t know what s next, and finally realizing she has yet to really deal with the grief of losing her tiny baby I connected to Bernie, as I lost my mother and shortly aft What S That Saying About The Devil You Know For Bernie, It S The Devil She Never Expected That Changes EverythingHer Father S Sudden Death Leaves A Gaping Void In Her Life And Is One In A Series Of Events That Rock Her World Her Husband Leaves Her For Another Woman, And Her Best Friend Announces An Unplanned Pregnancy At The Age Of Forty One Bernie S Behavior Goes From Acting Out To Out Of Hand, And She Finds Herself In Trouble At Home, Out Of Work And Banned From The Mall After A Confrontation At The Cosmetic CounterWhen Her Mother Discovers Her Father S Book Of Cryptograms, Bernie Realizes His Encoded Lessons In Living Might Be Exactly What She Needs To Survive From Dealing With Her Family S Grief And Bonding With Her Best Friend S Thirteen Year Old Daughter, To Dieting, Dating And Mindless Almost Sex With The Landscaper, Bernie Discovers What Her Father Always KnewIn Life, You Either Choose To Sing A Rainbow, Or You Don TFor Bernie, The Singing Is About To Begin Kathleen Long s Chasing Rainbows is classic women s fiction, which is not to say that men wouldn t enjoy it I describe it this way because through the first person view of Bernadette Murphy, the author exposes us women to the angst ridden moments that have dotted our lives as well as those which gave us the courage to move forward when it was time Bernadette, affectionately known as Bernie, suffers through the death of a child, a parent, and a marriage, binge eating, isolation, acting out, speed dating, and alienation by her best friend Doesn t sound like an uplifting read, does it Surprisingly, it is Her father s legacy is a book where he has devised cryptograms hiding messages that will help her survive her journey It starts with In life, you either choose to sing a rainbow, or you don t, setting the stage for the choices she has ahead of her Bernie s emotional yazar n mizah anlay , esprileri baya ho tu ke ke ibretlik hayat hikayesi olay na hi girmeyip o tarzda devam etseydi Torn between three stars and two stars mainly because the book was free and who can really complain about a free book I went with how I felt about it and while it was a touching story, it could have been done better And mainly it irritated me how the character s validation comes from external sources and then realizing that others think she is great starts her internal validation This is also totally petty but it also irritated me about how the character talks constantly about how fat she is getting, her ever expanding arms and all the candy she is eating and then steps on the scale to reveal gasp she weighs 150lbs Which for my height is well within my BMI range but I guess we never learn how tall she is Anyway, I wouldn t recommend buying it but if you get it for free it was worth the read.
This is the third book by the author that I have read, and I think its probably the one I like best There is a very different feel to it the other two books being very much light hearted chick lits and whilst this is definitely a womans book and there are some funny, lightweight and very witty moments in there it is also a very moving look at a woman coping with the death of her father and the breakdown of her marriage The main character, Bernie is very likeable and, meeting her during some of her darkest hours, you immediately start to empathise with her and hope that she manages to get through things, get her act together and start living life again with the help of her family, friends,extremely disobedient dog and the cryptography puzzles that he

What an enjoyable read I absolutely fell into this story a few chapters in It was a freebie on and I wasn t expecting such a great story The main character was very likeable She sounded like me half the time Very sarcastic and thinking weird, off the wall thoughts to herself She felt insecure at times and other times she was full of confidence A big plus for me was that the author didn t dwell too long on the budding romance part of the book Just a bit here and there for you to get a glimpse Another part of the book I enjoyed was the quotes at the end of the chapters The only thing that did annoy me was that the character thought she was huge being 150 Now I know that there are people out there who would feel devastated about being 150but that seems I believe I got this FREE on Kindle so no great expectations Wrong it was delightful The main character is over the top with grief, anger frustration However, most women can identify with some of what she is going trough and the ways she handles her feeling can be quiet funny 255 pages that are full of insight about life and death and lots of laughs What would you do if you ve had one painful loss after another, and with each loss your life unravels a little bit each time Would you be able to pick up the pieces and rebuild your life, learn to rediscover and reinvent yourself, or would you allow your losses to swallow you up until there is nothing left This is the story of how Bernadette Bernie Murphy went on a personal journey to find herself, and through the loving motivational words of wisdom left by her deceased father, allowed herself to live once again and find happiness through Chasing Rainbows.
Bernadette Bernie Murphy is a forty one year old woman who has had a lot of painful losses within the last five years Most recently, her father passed away unexpectedly, and his deat

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