Download Epub Format Ë Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (Selected): An Interlinear Translation PDF by ð Geoffrey Chaucer

Download Epub Format Ë Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (Selected): An Interlinear Translation PDF by ð Geoffrey Chaucer Having used Vincent Hopper s interlinear translation of Chaucer for many years in teaching college British literature, I was happy to see this revised edition It includes a fewtales from the previous editions, yet still keeps the book reasonably portable.
More importantly, the new editor Andrew Galloway has incorporated the latest Chaucer and medieval English scholarship into the changes he has made He takes the time in his Preface to the Third Edition to explain some of the changes and justify them through recent research.
It remains a lovely read What s always most striking to me despite the differences is the amazing similarities between Chaucer s medieval English and modern English which an interlinear translation reveals.
I only gave the 3rd edition four s thanks I love the way this book is laid out It also has a lot about Chaucer s life and times.

This book is a real find An interlinear rendering of the Prologue and selected tales The modernized lines are accurate and quite readable There is the Middle English to contemplate and enjoy.
Hopper S Rendering Is As Close, As Word For Word, As Any Translation Of The Canterbury Tales The New YorkerGeoffrey Chaucer C , Penned His Masterpiece In A Vernacular That Was The Standard Dialect In The Southeast Of England During His Lifetimea Language Of Rich Vitality, But Also Very Different From The English We Speak Today This Useful Volume Presents Readers With The Vigor, Liveliness, And Humor Of Chaucers original Middle English Poetry, Interspersed Line By Line With Professor Vincent Hoppers Modern, Graceful, And Easy To Understand TranslationThis New Edition, Updated With An Enlightening New Introduction By Andrew Galloway, Also Features Four Newly Translated NarrativesThe Canterbury Tales Is Among The Earliest Of The Great Narrative Poems Written In The English Language Is A Set Of Stories That A Diverse Group Of Travelers Tell To One Another At The End Of Each Day They Had Set Off By Foot On A Religious Pilgrimage From The Tabard Inn In London To The Shrine Of St Thomas Becket In Englands Cathedral Town Of Canterbury This Volume Opens With Chaucers Own Famous Prologue, And Then Presents The Best Among Those Many Tales, Which Demonstrate Chaucers Skill In Portraying A Wide Range Of Very Different Personalities For Instance, We Meet The Religiously Pious But Haughty Prioress, The Comically Bawdy Miller, And The Genially Earthy Wife Of Bath, Among Many Others Through It All, We Are Treated To Chaucers Own Voice, Which Is Worldly Wise, Often Ironic, Sometimes Self Deprecating, And Always Good Natured Here In A Newly Updated Edition Is An Attractive And Approachable Textbook For Students Of English Literature Its Also A Richly Entertaining Volume For The Enlightened General Reader This New Edition Gives Todays Readers An Awareness As Never Before That The Canterbury Tales Is One Of The Great Masterpieces Of World Literature Continues To Offer The Benefits Of The Previous Critically Acclaimed Edition By Presenting The original Middle English Of Chaucers Poetry With An Elegant, Direct, Line By Line And Often Word By Word Translation This Format Gives Students And General Readers Immediate Appreciation Of Chaucers Last And Greatest Narrative Poem Features A New Set Of Up To Date Notes And Resources For Further Study Four Additional Key Narratives Newly Translated From Chaucers original Text Respond To The Modern Readers Willingness To Explore The Canterbury Tales Brilliantly Experimental Approach To Storytelling Includes A Stimulating New Introduction That Encourages Modern Readers To Embrace Various Difficult To Understand Chaucerian Turns Of Phrase So That They Can Fully Appreciate The Fine Artistry Of Chaucers Poetic StyleVincent F Hopper Was For Many Years Professor Of English At New York University

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