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[Caryl Churchill] ¿ Cloud 9 [internet PDF] Ebook Epub Download è This was a play I had to read for my tutorial at University and I'm really glad that it was chosen.
It was uncomfortable in a way that a play about sexual politics should be, and it was both thought provoking and crudely funny as well.
I liked the references to other pieces of literature and also songs from around the time, (Tommy's Gun!), that were subtle but added to the meaning.
The characters, although many of them deliberately archetypal of the people they were supposed to represent in society, were easy to form relationships with.
I hated at least three of them by the end of the play and found almost all of them very questionable.
Although reading it for pleasure is something I do recommend, I look forwa Boy o' boy! This play caused quite the uproar in my 2009 North Campus (Washington State Penitentiary) Representative Plays class.
6 students got to page six and slammed the book shut and refused to keep reading (as their response paper told me).
Yikes! I had never thought of this as a very controversial play.
I did the dramaturgy in a team effort in 1999 and I was watching the gender switching/time switching/genre switching/place switching right in front of my little eyes and I hadn't really thought about the fact that if you're reading it, the little boy who is raped by the Uncle, is in fact, raped.
However, when you're watching it, it's played by a grown woman.
some of it is mitigated, I guess.
The style of the first act is also so silly and fun that much of the oppression and abuse is mitigated that way.
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I love this play.
Maybe I’m the right age for it.
Maybe it’s just different enough to be interesting, maybe because I don’t read a lot of plays I think it’s clever, maybe Caryl Churchill is just an amazing writer.

It has two acts, one set in Victorian times in a British colony in Africa.
Act Two is in London in 1979 — a hundred years have passed, but for the characters it is twentyfive years later.
In first act, Betty, who is Clive’s wife, is played by a man to symbolize her trying to be everything men want her to be and not appreciate herself as a woman.
Joshua, their black servant is played by a white to represent him not respecting himself as a black man and modeling himself after what Clive wants him to be.
Their son, Edward, is played by a woman because he is effeminate and gay, despite his father trying to “straighten” him out.
In Act Two, the Well this play was absolutely off the wall.

After really hating Top Girls I was so pleased at how enjoyable this was.
It's quite dizzying with it's race and gender swaps, time jumps from colonial Africa to 1970s London, and everyone seeming to be sleeping with everyone else.

A lot of the themes in the play are quite dark, and troubling and immediate, but that doesn't stop it from being really fun.
When I read this in my head it almost seemed like a musical, as most scenes do have a song involved.
Then there's the dialogue where every character seems to say exactly what they are thinking, with no subtext involved at all.
At least for me, that made it really funny.
Particularly with Clive and Martin in the first and then second acts of the play, so seem to be the straight males of the ensemble.
Clive's horror at his friend Harry's adv

Cloud 9 wrestles with a lot of important social issues by rendering the familiar unfamiliar: women are played by men, men are played by women, and a black man is played by a white man.
In this sense, it's satirical and a little bit nonsensicalthe first act takes place in colonial Africa and the second act in the (somewhat) present day, although the characters only age 25 years in the time that passes between acts.

I appreciated the relationality at the heart of many of the conflicts between characters: how they occupy and don't occupy the gender roles society has prescribed for them; how they can and can't fulfill these obligations toward each other; and even how subverting traditional expectations can often prove unsatisfying.
Ultimately, though, I can't say it was something I loved because it's a piece of theater whose Cloud 9 is a dive into the deep end of sexual politics.

From the cast list—which indicates that some women and girls should be played by men, a black character played by a white, and a boy by a woman—it’s clear that readers are in for an adventure.

How successfully this works is another question.

Cloud 9 is broken into two acts.
The first act tells the story of a British family in Africa during the Victorian era.
They are part of an oppressive regime, and the oppression of the Africans by the British is reflected in the family by the oppression of the family by the father.

The second act is set in the late 1970s, and many of the same characters appear, though they have only aged 25 years.
In this act, the characters satisfy some of their sexual longi Very peculiar.
This was a required reading for my philosophy class.
I didn't appreciate the "random" element of this play.
There is probably lots to analyze in there but I just got bored with the crudeness and the confusing plot.
There are way too many characters! Not for me.

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