æ Cloudwish Ï Download by Î Fiona Wood

æ Cloudwish Ï Download by Î Fiona Wood 4.
5 starsThis book filled me with so much giddiness and a bit of nostalgia for those magical days when you are falling in love and are about to explode with all your feelings Remember those days Although I realize that if summarized, the plot of Cloudwish sounds like a huge clich , it worked for me.
Van Uoc is a shy, quiet, poor scholarship student at a fancy private school She has a crush on Billy Gardiner familiar to us from Widllife as Ben s semi jerk friend , and one day she wishes REALLY hard that he would notice and fall in love with her Miraculously, Billy immediately starts paying attention to her and actively pursues her romantically.
Now, in a lesser book that would be basically the whole story But fortunately, Fiona Wood is a better writer Instead of succumbing to her crush, Van Uoc questions how can it possibly happen is it some kind of elaborate joke or magic Sh Cloudwish was, in the first instance, a cover crush for me It was beautifully design and very catchy The thousandth of second after I read the name of the main character note 2nd word in blurb , I MUST read THIS Potentially Awesome Book And let me just assure you now, it did NOT disappoint The promises of magic , of Jane Eyre , and romance were met but in addition to all this an in depth look of what it means to be an Asian teen in the Australian landscape.
V n Uoc was first introduced as the typical ABC or rather ABV, that s Australian Born Vietnamese parents who barely speak English, parent who s pushing her towards the high prestige high earning profession, very intelligent on scholarship at a private school , plays musical I did not for a moment guess that I would enjoy this book so much Not that there is anything inherently wrong with Teen Romance as a genre It is just not something I usually read Cloudwish however is special.
Set in Melbourne, the main character is a girl born in Australia to Vietnamese immigrants, so called boat people who arrived under appalling and very dangerous conditions The author manages to make very real the difficulties these children have growing up torn between two cultures.
Don t for a moment think that this makes for a heavy book though Fiona Wood introduces a whole range of different characters, some delightful, some not so much and then sets everything into a light hearted teenage romance Sure it has its ups and downs but as the reader I was always full of hope for a happy ending.
Full marks to the author for tackling s

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5 starsCloudwish is a delightful, gentle young adult novel, that brings forward a female character who s non Caucasian, so that alone was refreshing V n Uoc Phan is the Australian born daughter of Vietnamese refugees They re poor and live in a government owned, high rise apartment in Melbourne, Australia.
V n Uoc Phan, whose name means Cloudwish, has a scholarship at a prestigious, private high school, where she makes herself inconspicuous as to not attract the unwanted attention of the rich, mean kids She s a top student, excellent oboe player and a wanna be artist, despite her parents wishes that she d become a successful rich lawyer or doctor From a distance, and in spite of her better judgment, she fancies Billy, top alpha, good looking male specimen, who s on the school s prestigious rowing team She I m both crying and screaming in frustration right now I don t want to have to write a negative review for this, and the fact that I do have to it infuriating me Fiona Wood s Six Impossible Things was funny, relatable and slightly odd I was hoping for something similar with Cloudwish, and I just didn t get it I found the writing style uncomfortable from the very beginning I literally cringed after reading the first page It was tried so hard to be literary , but it just didn t work On top of that, I wasn t a fan of the protagonist, the love interest or the failed attempt at romance man was it underdeveloped and felt fake because of the magical realism element Also, they way that this book made itself seem so diverse pissed me off Yes, we had a POC protagonist And that s fantastic It truly is I loved that this book looked at the boat people stereotype This review was originally posted on Happy Indulgence Check it out forreviews A book about an Asian teen living in Australia dealing with the traditional values of her parents and her Western classmates where was this book when I was in high school Even though Cloudwish isn t written by an ownvoices author, I found it incredibly relatable as it highlighted things that I ve experienced as a second generation immigrant It covers the same family pressures that I went through at school parents pushing you to study, needing to translate everything for them, coming from a difficult past and not wanting to talk about it, and their displacement from their immediate family There were so many relatable pearls of wisdom that I found throughout the book, such as the Asian fail being an A , study being the number 1 priority over your social life THIS WAS SO GOOD I didn t even realise how diverse and great it would be Van Uoc is pretty much my dream protagonist she s smart and she has goals but she s not perfect, either she s shy and a bit lost between cultures Love the element of magic throughout it, and the ending was EXCELLENT Full review to come during the blog tour This is one of the best books I ve read in terms of doing diversity right.
It explores the misconceptions of asylum seekers, who are labelled boat people by the media and dehumanised.
It explores the misconceptions of race entirely.
It shows the effects of race on daily life.
It explores the DIMENSIONS of diversity socioeconomic dimensions and political dimensions and racial and religious and SO MANY things And Fiona Wood does it all fantastically.
It also gives us a protagonist Van Uoc who is s For V N Uoc Phan, Fantasies Fall Into Two Categories Nourishing, Or Pointless Daydreaming About Billy Gardiner, For Example Pointless It Always Left Her Feeling Sick, As Though She D Eaten Too Much SugarV N Uoc Doesn T Believe In Fairies, Zombies, Vampires, Father Christmas Or Magic Wishes She Believes In Keeping A Low Profile Real Life Will Start When School FinishesBut When She Attracts The Attention Of Billy Gardiner, She Finds Herself In An Unwelcome SpotlightNot Even Jane Eyre Can Help Her NowWishes Were Not A ThingThey Were NotCorrectionWishes Were A ThingWishes That Came True Were Sometimes A ThingWishes That Came True Because Of Magic Were Not A Thing Were They Cloudwish is the new contemporary young adult novel from Australian author Fiona Wood In case you don t know by now, I m kinda obsessed with Fiona Wood and her books From her first Six Impossible Things to the sublime Wildlife , Fiona has fast become one of my all time favourite authors, and now with Cloudwish she s gone and written one of my all time favourite Aussie YA characters in V n Uoc Phan whose name translates from Vietnamese to the Cloudwish of the title V n Uoc is the daughter of Vietnamese refugees who arrived in Australia in 1980 She lives in a housing commission flat and attends the prestigious Crowthorne Grammar the pivot point of all Fiona s books thus far on a scholarship She s fiercely smart and a quiet dreamer, and one boy Billy Gardiner has been occupying her dreams a lot lately A freeform creative writing exercise and a Cloudwish is a delightful new contemporary young adult novel from Fiona Wood, author of Six Impossible Things and Wildlife.
Asked to choose a prop for a creative writing assignment, V n Uoc Phan selects a small glass vial Inside, a slip of paper says wish V n Uoc considers the possibilities, she could wish not be the only scholarship poor smart Asian in her privileged private school, or that the government would stop persecuting asylum seekers, but V n Uoc s most private and fervent wish, is for Billy Gardiner to like her.
Readers familiar with Wildlife might recognise V n Uoc and Billy for their role in the book as minor characters.
V n Uoc is the only daughter of Vietnamese refugees, she lives in a housing commission flat, attending the prestigiou

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