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[Walter Sorrells] ✓ Club Dread (Hunted, #2) [halloween PDF] Read Online ✓ I read this book because it was a school assignment for my eighth grade grandson It was a fair read I failed to see any academic value, and I was somewhat bothered that the teenage characters who broke the law, disrupted school, and otherwise defied authority were portrayed as the heroes.
Club Dread is the sequel to Fake Id in which Chass and her mother have been on the run for years from a man named Kyle Van Epps At the end of Fake Id, the story seemed to have ended, but at the beginning of Club Dread, there is a quick explanation about why Chass and her mother are still on the run In Club Dread, there is a group called The One Hundred It is a cross between a social club and a cult Chass becomes involved in a murder at the beginning of the story when famous singer, Josh Emmit is killed right in front of her She quickly becomes a suspect in the murder and figures out that The One Hundred is involved I didn t like the ending of this book It isn t as bad as the whole thing being a dream, but it is just as unsatisfying.

spoilers, but not enough to ruin the story This was between an OK and I liked it rating It kept me interested because I wanted to find out who the killer was and what the ingot had to do with it It was only Ok because parts were too unbelievable The age of the characters for the things that were going on did not match for me For example, a new driver would unlikely be able to drive skillfully enough to escape the police Another example is, any high school student who turns up with a bruised face after being hit by an adult would raise great concern and the guilty person would surely be punished There were a few other instances where I felt the kids should have involved the police or just an adult, however that would have taken the story in a different direction The part I enjoyed about the book was that it kept me interested It is a mystery and mysteries must be solved This one kept me This book is about a girl that has been on the run ever sense she was a kid her adventure has finally lead her to San Francisco she is trying to get a band together instead of playing by herself she finally started to get settled in when a famous person, Josh Emmit gets shot and the cops thank she is the one that killed him know she is in a fight to solve the mystery, run away with her mom new a new town with all new stuff and names, or figure out who really did it before the press gets her picture and name if that happens then the person that had been trying to kill her and her mom will know where they are.
Great, but a little scary at some places.
A sequel to Fake ID, this teen mystery captured my attention It has it all, mystery, a teen detective, and car chases I have the wonderful ability to suspend disbelief when reading a book OR watching a movie, so the ending was a surprise to me.
An easy fast read, this is a good one to keep in the car for those odd times when you have a few minutes No, not at stop lights Be careful though, that you don t become so involved that you sit in your car when you should be going into work.
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All fans of Walter Sorrells will agree that this book if for 5 8 graders, you don t need that great of a vocabulary to enjoy and understand this novel This book has suspense, cliffhangers,unexpected action, with a twisted ending Readers in search of a mystery will find this book perfect Club Dread will makesense after you read the first book, Fake ID, as well.

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