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[Reid Hoffman] ô Comece por você [human-resources PDF] Ebook Epub Download ô The basic premise of thesis book is the following the entrepreneurial mindset and attitude are essential for anyone s career in today s economy Thinking like an entrepreneur is not anyreserved just for the ultra ambitious, well funded Silicon Valley types in order to succeed in today s job market everyone has to adopt many of the practices that successful entrepreneurs have been employing for decades This, in and of itself, seems like a great piece of advice Unfortunately, this book falls far short of delivering on how to implement such an approach in most ordinarily career paths.
I have for years in fact been adopting the kind of attitude that this book promotes I ve networked like crazy, created substantial online presence, tried to be in tune with the latest technological and professional trends, etc H What a waste of time this is There is really no information that cannot be found in 100 1000 other business books that are better This is an extended commercial for LinkedIn which I use and really like for the record, but I don t need to read the infomercial Also, some of the message seems to be its who you know True dat, but not very helpful advice unless you are teaching people how to connect.
By way of confession I will say I don t really like many business self help books I read them because it is my business to help people grow their businesses To be good at my job I need to share what I know, and what other successful professionals have learned I am always grateful for any new insights I can get from others It is rare, no matter how little I like a book, that I feel I came away with nothing new Th .

I make it a point not to take career advice from people who make money off of giving me career advice however, I am thinking of living by example and making money off of people for giving them career advice But I wasn t looking for career advice from this book Someone recommended it to me and thought it was something I d like to read I didn t get it at first I care little about advancing in my career, and I only need to make enough money to live my life You know, just enough money to do the things I really want to do, such as traveling aimlessly around the country in a beat up convertible broadening my mind by learning new and exciting things and creating a great civilization for my grandchildren to inherit In other words, all the things I m not doing while I m writing technical documentation for a company that still codes in VB6 I don t do any these things because I a I stopped writing reviews but this one is a life changer, either you re an employee, young entrepreneur or a business man, you should definetly read it, it s a lifetime experience in a capsule By one of the most successful people in our generation.
Another great book on the power of networking It is co authored by the creator of Linkedin, which has surprisingly to many, been around for a lot longer that new comers like Facebook The book is primarily aimed at those people on the career treadmill looking to make a change, however the information provided is certainly applicable to anyone.
This book addresses networking as something you give before you receive It demonstrates how cultivating a wide and diverse network is what will not only support you through all phases of your career but also provide you that elusive opportunity that you never though would be attainable The books shows you how to go about building and utilizing a network in an intelligent manner rather than merely collecting friends Most importantly, it demonstrates that you need to not only nurture and build this network but you also need to contribute back to it if An easy read with lots of good nuggets on self development, properly using your network, and giving back Probably my favourite book on career advice.
Hrs AndMinsA Blueprint For Thriving In Your Job And Career In Today S Challenging World Of Work By Applying The Lessons Of Silicon Valley S Most Innovative Entrepreneurs The Career Escalator Is Jammed At Every Level Unemployment Rates Are Sky High Creative Disruption Is Shaking Every Industry Global Competition For Jobs Is Fierce The Employer Employee Pact Is Over, And Traditional Job Security Is A Thing Of The Past Here, LinkedIn Cofounder And Chairman Reid Hoffman And Author Ben Casnocha Show How To Accelerate Your Career In Today S Competitive World The Key Is To Manage Your Career As If It Were A Start Up Business A Living, Breathing, Growing Start Up Of You Why Start Ups And The Entrepreneurs Who Run Them Are Nimble They Invest In Themselves They Build Their Professional Networks They Take Intelligent Risks They Make Uncertainty And Volatility Work To Their Advantage These Are The Very Same Skills Professionals Need To Get Ahead Today This Book Isn T About Cover Letters Or Resumes Instead, You Will Learn The Best Practices Of Silicon Valley Start Ups, And How To Apply These Entrepreneurial Strategies To Your Career Whether You Work For A Giant Multinational Corporation, A Small Local Business, Or Are Launching Your Own Venture, You Need To Know How To Adapt Your Career Plans As You Change, The People Around You Change, And Industries Change Develop A Competitive Advantage To Win The Best Jobs And Opportunities Strengthen Your Professional Network By Building Powerful Alliances And Maintaining A Diverse Mix Of Relationships Find The Unique Breakout Opportunities That Massively Accelerate Career Growth Take Proactive Risks To Become Resilient To Industry Tsunamis Tap Your Network For Information And Intelligence That Help You Make Smarter Decisions A Revolutionary New Guide To Thriving In Today S Fractured World Of Work, The Strategies In This Book Will Help You Survive And Thrive And Achieve Your Boldest Professional Ambitions The Start Up Of You Empowers You To Become The CEO Of Your Career And Take Control Of Your FutureReid Hoffman PRandom House Other reviews provide a good summary of what s in the book so I m just sharing some disparate things that stood out for me Upfront, Reid Hoffman states that this is not a job hunting manual It s about giving you a mindset that you need to adapt to the future In his true fashion of always thinking about how he can make an impact on the world, he says More broadly, society flourishes when people think entrepreneurially More world problems would be solved and solved faster if people practice the values laid out in the pages ahead This is a book about you, and it s also about improving the society around you That starts with each individual In talking about professional allies, he mentions his friendship with Mark Pincus They invested in Friendster together back in 2002 In 2003, they bought the Six Degrees patent When Peter Thiel and Hoffman were set to put the first money into Face

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