í A Complete Guide to Faeries & Magical Beings: Explore the Mystical Realm of the Little People ↠´ Download by Õ Cassandra Eason

í A Complete Guide to Faeries & Magical Beings: Explore the Mystical Realm of the Little People ↠´ Download by Õ Cassandra Eason If You Have Ever Believed In A World Beyond The Everyday, This Is The Book To Help You Find It A Complete Guide To Faeries And Magical Beings Is A Wonderful Companion For Those Who Wish To Tour An Enchanted World Cassandra Eason Begins With The Myths, Legends, And Real Evidence Surrounding The Origins And Existence Of Fairies And Then Takes Us On A Journey Throughout The World To Introduce Us To The Many Different Varieties Of These Mysterious Beings From Fairies To Viking Giants, Selkies To Gnomes, Fey Beings Abound In This Spritely Volume, Eason Shares Fascinating Anecdotes Of People Who Have Actually Seen Them And If You D Like To Meet Them Yourself, Eason Also Provides Simple Techniques, Exercises, And Rituals To Attract, Find, And Communicate With The Little People Hang Silver Bells By A Window Keep Potted Plants In Your Home Or Sit Quietly Between Two Oaks At Dusk Or Dawn Fairyland Mirrors Universal Human Issues Fortune Versus Misfortune, Fate Versus Free Will, Perfection And Imperfection, Illusion And Objective Reality, Different Time Scales, The Existence Of Parallel Dimensions, And The Duality Of Human Nature Some People Even Believe That Fairies Are Becoming Visible Again, As They Were In Preindustrial Days, To Remind Us Of The Consequences Of Consumer Society The Danger Of Being Seduced By Our Own Versions Of Fairy Gold If You Want To Be Happy, Be Henry David Thoreau It works nice as a collection of different spirit myths around the world with a great focus on the UK mythology However, I just cannot skip over the whole realistic tone and sometimes ridiculous reach of the author to prove that fairies are real Her dismissal of all things modern, including what she called happy pills was also rather distasteful.
This is a book that I have mixed feelings about The folklore information is good, and serves as a broad introduction to a lot of different faery myths, but I don t like her approach to it how she brushes over a lot of the less positive aspects of the lore, the claim that technology and magick are somehow incompatible, the attempts to fit all pagan religions into a sky father and Earth mother dualism faeries don t need your damn gender binary , and the passing comment in the epilogue about how TV and videogames are stifling children s imaginations and making them hyperactive and asthmatic , somehow.
Recensione su La Biblioteca di AmargantaHo comprato questo libro d istinto In quel periodo ero alla ricerca di qualcosa che mi parlasse meglio e in maniera pi chiara del mondo del Piccolo Popolo, e questo libro sembrava fare al caso mio Non ho ancora capito se mi piace o no Mi spiego il libro molto bello, scritto molto bene, indubbiamente grazioso e le copertine della Venexia su di me hanno sempre un fascino irresistibile.
Ma non mi ancora chiaro se l autrice ci crede o no alle fate Insomma, in un libro del genere ci dovrebbe essere un minimo di risposta di questo tipo per tutto il tempo in cui l ho letto ho avuto la sensazione che la Eason mettesse un po le mani avanti Parla molto delle fate soprattutto in termini di introspezione psicolog I ended up enjoying this book muchthan I thought I would Pleasantly surprised.
A fascinating look into the history of Fairies and the new age way of communicating with them.
If nothing else, this book is an excellent introduction to fairies, especially Celtic legends about fairies The author pulls from ancient myths to modern movies to discuss the world of the fey, making an entertaining and diverse read The book is easily one of the most well organized books I ve come across on the subject, and I would strongly recommend it as a jumping on point for anyone wanting to learn about fairies and their kin.
Unfortunately, the book isn t perfect When the narrative strays from Celtic creatures, the information can turn to hopelessly vague, or in some cases, downright offensive For example, the author finds no problem with referring to Romani people as gypsies and states alleged facts about the Native American culture, completely ignoring that there are over 500 federally recognized tribes, and they do not share un Never use the word complete in the title of a book unless it is complete This one isn t and I haven t read a book involving the paranormal that was really complete There is just so much involved in the paranormal that it s almost impossible to have complete actually be just that.
Even in encyclopedias of the paranormal there are things not covered One of the difficulties is that many of these books are written based on the Western experience with paranormal beings and don t include information on beings from other cultures and other times I just ordered a book over 700 pages long and I ll be interested to see just how complete that one is.
Anyhow, for what s in the book, this one is very good It has informational chapters and each chapter ends with a practical application of the information there There is also a glossary of world fairies The book goes into While probably good intentioned, I find this book to be a little naive and ill placed It treats the idea of faeries like a ouija board they re to be called and controlled at one s swish and tap of the finger Though some people might find this notion practice helpful, peaceful, or even resourceful, I think it tries to turn the idea of faeries into something much less, even trivial It seems as if it is something easily accessible and controllable, like making a fresh cup of coffee in the morning.
Something is off.
The mythology of faeries is extremely rich So many cultures have stories and legends about faeries, little people, and other such mystical creatures Moreover, there are probably as many differing descriptions of these beings as there are stories Some are beautiful and genial Others are ugly, deceptive, or downright dangerous A Complete Guide to Faeries Magical Beings is a good overview of the subject The author not only includes the information contained in a myriad of mythological stories but also touches on contemporary beliefs and recorded incidents in modern times She even includes exercises that bring one closer to various natural forms often associated with the different types of faeries so that the reader may increase the likelihood of having his or her own experiences A section called the A Z of World Fairies is included at the back of the book for easy ref

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