✓ Confessions d'un barjo ☆ Download by ↠´ Philip K Dick

✓ Confessions d'un barjo ☆ Download by ↠´ Philip K Dick This is similar in theme and tone to Revolutionary Road which hadn t been written yet It s a disturbing and dark look at some sick people and one or two sick relationships Dick adds humor and unexpected twists to the mix And an interesting technique of rotating the narration between characters, chapter by chapter This book does not commit the sin of being boring.
It is dark and disturbing though The Fay Hume character is based on Dick s third wife, who he had just married The book s main obsessive theme is what a horrible woman she is And the book goes to some hateful places, the parallels to Dick s own life and marriage being disturbing Not for the first time, he analyzes himself deeply and manages to prefigure future events in his writing Keep in mind when you read this that Dick and his wife had sheep in their backyard, and you ll see what I mean about this book s evil side Deliberately ordinary, that s what makes it special Took me a while to realize the first person narrative was BY the crap artist of the title Special interest to analytic types curious about PKD, and a rare exercise by an excellent writer intentionally writing a v ordinary book to illustrate the how a Crap Artist actually works and evolves Somebody who knowsabout PKD s private life could determine if he was perhaps writing about an acquaintance.

The below is a review of the CD audiobook edition of this work.
Any review of this book would have to start out by stating that it is not, strangely for a Philip K Dick work, science fiction This needs to be said straight out so as not to disappoint many of his fans who are interested in this book and would be shocked and disappointed to learn, too late, otherwise The book is about a series of characters that leave much to be desired One is a not particularly bright character who is easily manipulated Another is his sister who is a gold digger, a very cold, manipulating and selfish woman who would throw anyone under the bus to get what she wants A third the gold digger s husband who is quite shallow and superficial A fourth is a couple that comes into the story later on and who become a victim to the gold d R CONFESSIONS D UN BARJOInBroch Bon Tat, Couv Convenable, Dos Satisfaisant, Int Rieur FraisPages Classification DeweyLitt Rature Am Ricaine

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