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Trailer é Country at Heart PDF by ï Mandy Magro Mandy Magro is a new to me author, and I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Country at Heart from the publisher via Netgalley.
I love a rural romance, and a rural romance set in Australia even.
From the start, Country at Heart felt like a warm blanket on a cold night, covering the reader with love.
I instantly adored Summer she goes for what she wants, she stands up to her parents about what she want to do with her life.
Dean oh Dean Sexy soldier boy with a heart of gold Though, this may just be me, but at times He felt a bit girly, a bit flowery So not the bad ass soldier that we know he is.
But his scenes in Afghanistan, with his bomb detection team and his dog Indy heartstrings were pulled.
Some of Summer s actions made me scratch my head A Wounded Soldier And A Free Spirit, Both Determined To Follow Their Dreams Can Their Love Survive The Army, Protecting The Country He Loves, And His Dearly Beloved Explosive Detection Dog Indy Are Dean S Life He Can T Imagine Doing Anything Else But Life Has Other Plans For Dean When He And Indy Are Wounded In Action In Afghanistan And Sent Home To His Family S Seaside Horse Property, Whispering Meadows, To Heal Free Spirited Summer Has Agreed To Spend One Last Holiday With Her Parents At Their Luxurious Vacation Home, Despite Her Father S Resistance To Her Plans For Her Career But Events Take An Unexpected Turn When Summer And Dean Meet And Discover That Love At First Sight Truly Exists But Can They Overcome The Very Real Challenges Of Coming From Different Sides Of The Tracks And When Summer Has To Face The Unpleasant Truth About An Old Friend, As Well As Come To Terms With The After Effects Of A Bewildering Assault, She Has To Make A Heartbreaking Decision About Their Relationship Can Dean S Love Ultimately Sway HerA Timeless Tale Of Love And War Brought To Vivid Life From War Torn Afghanistan To Country AustraliaTONY PARK, Author Of The Delta And Ivory 3 1 2 stars for this cutie I read this one a little earlier in the year when I forgot to pack a book for a flight I know what you re thinking, basic logic to have a book ready always But I was in a rush and I just picked the first thing I saw in the over priced book section of the airport convenience store I actually really enjoyed it It was cute and kind of sexy The reason it s only 3 and a half stars is because it was extremely corny and not at all realistic I love a good romance but I am not a fan of the vom kind The two main characters in this book fall head over hills within a couple of weeks and I am not at all saying this is impossible, I mean every love story is different, but there was no depth No Epic Love, just plain and simp Long weekend, winter s day a perfect time to read an Aussie author s story of Dean n Summer in north Queensland setting.
Loved this book as I do with all of Mandy s books Gave us an insight into the life of a soldier and what it s like being in the army Just loved Dean s character If only all men were like that sigh I was on holiday in far north Queensland when reading this book and I could just picture Port Douglas being Eden s Edge Another great book by Mandy Margo read it in a day Love the story about Summer a free spirited young women who s dreams are of opening a wellness center to teach yoga to people Her and friend Fiona go on a vacation to her parents holiday house When they arrive there they find old friend Marcus there who her parents think he is one she should one day marry but Summer wants to find that one true love Marcus drugs her and leads her to believe they had sex She goes down to the beach to think where she meet Dean Lockwood instantly they find they have some sort of connection Dean is in the Army a bomb explosive officer who travel to Afgastan and is hurt I will not give all the story line away You have go get the book and read it loved it.
This is a beautiful moving and emotional journey to such a great HEA make sure you have a box of tissues at the ready when you read this one there are so many hurdles that soul mates Dean and Summer need to overcome until they reach that beautiful place that means so much to them and their families I love their first meeting and the way they open up to each other throughout their journey so many things are thrown at them but true love conquers all in the end and the pets in this story add so much joy to both Summer and Dean.
This is a story that will stay with me for a long time and I highly recommend that you get to know Dean and Summer.

5 sSummer and Fiona were delighted to have finally graduated from university Their joy was infectious as they headed to Summer s parent s holiday home where they were spending a few weeks before starting their new lives as responsible adults Expecting to be on their own until Christmas, the shock when they were confronted by Summer s ex boyfriend Marcus and his friend Bailey was intense Summer couldn t stand him, and the thought of spending their relaxing days with him on the scene made her shudder.
Explosive detection dog Indy and his handler Dean were exhausted the tour of duty in Afghanistan had been long and arduous Dean was counting the days until he could go home for his RR for three weeks over Christmas his family property Whispering Meadows beckoned Dean had had tragedy in his life but he knew his animals including the horses would help him Country at Heart is a story about how two people can overcome difficulties and find their soul mate Summer Milton was the only daughter of the Mayor, and she wanted to be a yoga teacher after finishing her degree However, Summer s parents were against this idea and started to interfere with her life Dean Lockwood was Soldier fighting in Afghanistan and while home at Christmas found Summer crying on the beach Readers of Country at Heart will follow the trust and turns in Summer and Dean blossoming romance Also, the readers will enjoy the ending of this book.
I enjoyed reading Country at Heart Mandy Magro did an excellent job on highlighting to her readers that sometimes the issues in the past can affect the present generation I like the way Mandy Magro portrays her characters Reading Country at Heart highlighted to me the dang

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