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We ve all seen the set up before A small group of strangers are invited to an opulent mansion beyond the reaches of civilization They get to know each other, somebody dies, strange events ensue, then the waiter comes around with dessert Creative Spirit is anything but bad dinner theatre.
The book opens with an introduction to the frantic Sylva She s going to the home of Ephram Korban land baron and occult figure We get a brief glimpse of the enigmatic Korban as his strange powers emerge and fade into flame.
We are then thrown into the modern day mountains of NC, where artists both legitimate and delusional meet for a retreat Some are present because of charity, others because of the enormous wealth they possess At the end of the day it will not matter The mansion ha I loved this book.
Scott Nicholson dips into the tradition of Appalachian folk lore, mining its lode of celtic and Scottish fables, and fashions a world of his own making in CREATIVE SPIRIT, molding myth into horror, creating a haunting tale where ghosts and evil spirits interact with humans and fight for power The story had me hooked from the opening sentence.
On one level Creative Spirit is a riveting horror story peopled with ghosts and flesh and blood characters artists, photographers and writers who get than what they ve bargained for as the guests of Korban Manor, the nineteenth century Appalachian estate of Ethan Korban where his spirit reins As the lives of the guests unfold, the author creates a rich world of layered A Modern Gothic ThrillerAfter Parapsychologist Anna Galloway Is Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer, She Has A Recurring Dream In Which She Sees Her Own Ghost The Setting Of Her Dream Is The Historic Korban Manor, And She S Compelled To Face The Secrets Of Her SoulSculptor Mason Jackson Has Come To The Manor To Make A Final, All Or Nothing Attempt At Success Before Giving Up His Dreams When He Becomes Obsessed With Carving Ephram Korban S Form Out Of Wood, Even Anna Can T Divert His Bizarre PassionThe Manor Itself Has Secrets, With Fires That Blaze Constantly In The Hearths, Portraits Of Korban In Every Room, And Deceptive Mirrors On The Walls With An October Blue Moon Looming, Both The Living And The Dead Learn The True Power Of Their Dreams This is probably the shortest review I ve written on any book so far, but Creative Spirit is easy to sum up in a few sentences, so here goes Unputdownable doesn t roll off the tongue so well for me, but that s just what it is Wonderfully creepy are also great words to capture the essence of this book For quite some time now I ve been searching around for a book that would scare the living daylights out of me, as I am a big horror paranormal fan, and don t scare easily How lucky for me to have won a copy of Creative Spirit by Scott Nicholson for review Remember how haunted house stories used to be written This book is just like that although it s not just any haunted house, but something far sinister Voodoo, witchcraft, shockingly slow deaths, possession, and loads hair raising goodies are to be found right here It contains all the elements a good old fashioned, spine chilling This book made me want to cover my eyes and hide in the closet but I couldn t put it down long enough You won t find a typical ghost or haunted house story here The plot is original and kept me on edge from start to finish Scott Nicholson has a gift for breathing life into his words, inviting us to step into his characters world and share their experiences If you re looking for horror with substance, this is the one for you.
Delightful Lyrical prose horror viewed through the kaleidoscope of realism and shifting reality finely tuned characterization and a pace that allows no stopping nor turning back another Scott Nicholson gem Every one of Author Nicholson s books I ve read has been a winner, but some are even beyond exceptional, and Creative Spirit is one of these I absolutely could not turn away from this book I felt as if I was devouring it rather than reading it.
This is not a novel in which the horror begins up front rather, like the little cat feet of a fog, the horror creeps along almost silently, waiting in the backdrop On the forefront of the stage is a hundred year old mansion, with a powerful, wealthy founder who willed his estate to be a perpetual artist s retreat Why Most of the artist After the initial roll call of the characters, my attention span waned a bit The ongoings of some of the artists weren t driving the story forward fast enough I don t know if the ending was as thrilling as it should have been The writing was solid I think it was the pacing that made this a good, put downable, gothic tale.

Somehow, I had three Scott Nicholson books on my kindle Drummer Boy was the first, a book I felt was so horrible that I would never read another book by said author Joke was on me Because, as I said, three were on my kindle This was the second book, and it was only marginally better At least I finished it.
So, we have Korban Manor, an awesome artistic retreat where folks of artistic abilities can come and recharge their juices for a very hefty price I got the feeling that they only allowed one of each time, as I can t remember there being really two of any kind of artist at the retreat in the story, unless they were a couple We had a sculptor, a painter, a photographer, a videographer documentary person, a writer, a psychic yeah, whatever , a couple who played instruments, and a few others They applied to come to this retreat, and it s like the Who s Who of their artistic worl I read this one a couple of years ago, but some of the scenes are still fresh in my mind Absolutely captivating imagery This was an excellent character driven novel that had enough twists and turns to make quite an impression on me Definitely a story I can see myself re reading Edit from re read I found myself really drawn into this novel with this second read On top of being character driven, the intense atmosphere was incredibly prevalent The storyline was eerie right from the beginning, and thoroughly engrossing There was only one aspect of the story that I didn t particularly care for but I won t mention specifics so as to avoid any spoilers.
Second reading 4.
5 starsRecommended A horror novel about an old mansion harboring the soul of its creator artist, Creative Spirit tells the story of a group of artists there on retreat whose souls are desired by the long departed owner A little bizarre, not terribly scary, I think I was looking for a bit that never appeared There were some good scenes, though I ended with some questions that went unanswered.

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