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[ Read Online Criss Cross Ê zombies PDF ] by Jordan Castillo Price Ê Haaaa I knew it Everyone was complaining about being too insta between Vic and Jacob in the first book but I always knew Jacob was gold Comparing with the first book, this book is not that fast paced and action packed but definitely not less interesting What a great and enthralling audio shortie to enjoy Well now, let s get to reviewing So apparently, if you read listened the first PsyCop book, you would have known Jacob s apartment was blown while Vic was trying to capture an incubus serial killer Well, most people would call it a disaster but Vic calls it a minor casualty in their line of work And hey, it s a plus that Jacob is staying well, at least in Victor s definition Jacob is now stuck to life to him for life with him while trying to find a new apartment Things are starting to look well, even for WellI m officially addicted I ll have to save reading this series during the day because if the other books are like the first two, they are on the creepy side.
4 stars Review completed January 5, 2014I m going to make it short and sweet This installment opens up with Vic and his former partner Maurice fishing Vic is a little bit grossed outI looked down at the hook Maurice had squished a worm onto it A worm spirit didn t appear and immediately start telling me about the moment of its death, so I presumed I was safe from the spirits of bugs But then it moved and I realized it was still alive GrossAnd when the conversation drifts toward him and Jacob hitting it off, Vic doesn t feel so peachy any Good ole Vic has quite some hangups and it s tough for him to come out to his former partner Plus, when poor Vic is haunted by images of dead people floating in the water he s definitely close to freaking out Good thing Jacob can make him fe Poor Vic can t catch a break Not only had my reality become Dawn of the Dead than I was accustomed to, but suddenly all the hungry cadavers were acting like I was in possession of the world s last brain When your life revolves around talking to ghosts to solve murders, how can you tell when things are getting out of hand For Victor, the answer is quite simple All the ghosts which used to chat him up are becoming a bit grabby And they re everywhere.
The delicate hold Vic had on sanity is slippingIn the previous book of this series, Victor couldn t hardly find two ghosts to rub together to solve a case In this book, he s having quite the opposite problem And ya know, a lot problems on top of that Because for the first time, Vic has a life outside of workVictor BayneThat s what s wrong with Psychs, I said The Adult review for erotic content.
Question of the Day What IS PsyCop thinking thinking thinking pause thinking to crunch on an old, leftover candy cane still thinking You know, it beats me Is there a category for m m romance with both a suspense and an urban fantasy bent that features a drug using psychic who uses his talents to sense ghosties for the police Is there I don t know Talk about a hodgepodge of stuff going on up in this place I liked Criss Cross better than the first book short novella The previous installment in the series did have a very hot smut scene up against a glass window, but this time around the author managed to get right to the good stuff without making me sit through a lot of character background and police procedure Given that it Written November 29, 20144 Stars I m trapped this was really goodBook 2The first part 1 Among the Living 3.
5 stars in this crime paranormal M M series PsyCop was tempting good This second part was undoubtedly one notch up on the better and better rise.
Victor Bayne and Jacob Marks are for sure two interesting characters Theire world is kind if weird and their new love, and sometimes also work partners, relationship is both intense and shaky But this whetted the appetite for creepy murder investigations Just five books and a couple of mini shorties to read I listened to these first two audiobooks this second one 4 hrs once again narrated very well by Gomez Pugh on a vacation trip and finished next to two weeks ago Undoubtedly is it too late for a proper review now, so short and sweet I LIKE Oh yes A series to go for.
Criss Cross Finds The Ghosts Surrounding Victor Getting Awfully Pushy The Medications That Victor Usually Takes To Control His Abilities Are Threatening To Destroy His Liver, And His New Meds Aren T Any Effective Than Sugar PillsVic Is Also Adjusting To A New PsyCop Partner, A Mild Mannered Guy Named Roger With All The Personality Of White Bread At Least He S Willing To Spring For The StarbucksJacob S Ex Boyfriend, Crash, Is An Empathic Healer Who Might Be Able To Help Victor Pull His Powers Into Balance, But He Seems Interested In Getting Into Victor S Pants Than In Providing Any Actual Assistance 3.
5 starsWell book 2, Criss Cross was a weaker follow up It just didn t quite live up to the intro that was Among the Living.
It was twice as funny It was half as smart.
There were times, from early on, that I wanted to grab Vic and say, duh you DO know what s going on here, right And for 3 4 of the book, Vic s actions would reply I have no idea Ugh I can t adore you if you re going to be this thick, Vic Add the new characters all kinda annoyed me and yes, that includes Crash I wasn t feeling this one as much as I was feeling book 1 And what s up with Maurice just popping in and out of scenes randomly Is the guy retired or not Thankfully, Vic s inner monologue did manage to have me chortling out loud many a time Jac 4.
5 stars Okay, it s official I love this series This review will be short and sweet because I m on my phone but I adored Criss Cross My only issue with it is that it is too darn short I loved the relationship between Vic and Jacob, and I am dying to see how things progress with them I like that this book isn t a sappy romance It mixes things up for me Can t wait for the next in the series I love Vic and Jacob i did enjoy reading this.

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