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µ Read Ì Critical Thinking: A Student's Introduction by Gregory Bassham Ð This critical thinking guide is really only suited for a high school student at most The content was biased itself and really elementary.
In A Hyper Connected Digital World Buzzing With Both Information And Illogic, Facts And Spin, Critical Thinking Has Never Been Challenging Or Important This Popular, Learner Friendly Text Gives Today S Students The Critical Reasoning Tools They Need To Survive And Thrive In School, In Their Careers, And In Life It Covers All The Basics Of Critical Thinking, Using Class Tested Real World Examples And A Proven Step By Step Approach Its Comprehensiveness Allows Instructors To Tailor The Material To Their Individual Teaching Styles, Resulting In An Exceptionally Versatile Text This book had only two colors in it black and dark blue, so it was rather boring to look at But the information, for the most part, was actually quite helpful in retrospect I need this book for my Critical Thinking Parks and Recreation class We only read chapters 1 9 excluding 7 and chapter 12 I didn t think I learned a lot from this class, but in retrospect, I did, especially the parts about the logical fallacies My roommate said that she felt the riots in Balti were are good thing because destroyed property was okay if it was for the cause of Black Lives Matter I realized she was committing the logical fallacy of Two Wrongs Make a Right Not that I would have told her that she would have ripped my throat out And I m not saying what happened in Balti months ago wasn t tragic, just that her personal line of thinking had a common fallacy But it is always nice when yo MODR 1710 Reasoning in Women and Sexism York University Fall Winter 2010 2011 Dr A Falikowski As far as text books go this one was alright A lot of good information and useful skills.

Why wouldn t everyone rate this book 5 stars This book is the absolute prevention guide from stupidity Must read This book has changed my way of thinking a little bit.

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