Trailer ↠´ Cruciverbalism: A Crossword Fanatic's Guide to Life in the Grid PDF by ↠´ Stanley Newman

Trailer ↠´ Cruciverbalism: A Crossword Fanatic's Guide to Life in the Grid PDF by ↠´ Stanley Newman This book caught my eye while at another branch of the library always fun to scan shelves that you re not so familiar with Cruciverbalism is part crossword history, part insider s how to It s written by Stanley Newman, a serious crossword fanatic and editor of one of the few nationally syndicated puzzles Pretty interesting, and lots of tips on how to improve your puzzling One of my favorites If the top row has a long word, look for it to contain lots of consonants since most words start with consonants, the down clues that run off the top line probably do too.
It begins with four pages of crossword puzzle outrage over the clue Seat of Wayne County, Utah and a personal vendetta against the crossword puzzle editor who allowed it to happen Personally, I go through Utah once in a while and I ve never once considered going to Mauna , Hawaii, the preferred clue An entertaining if somewhat cranky take on the joys of crosswords.
While this book had some good crossword solving tips, interesting crossword history anecdotes, and a reasonably engaging writing style, it never progressed beyond being mildly interesting As an avid cruciverbalist myself, I was already familiar with many of the crossword techniques laid out And while I appreciated some of the crossword world lore, the writers endless ragging on those who did not appreciate his own brand of wit and his constant reminders of how very witty he found himself to be grated very quickly It was a quick enough read that I didn t actively dislike it, but it was okkay is about all the enthusiasm I can muster.
i thought this would have things like tips on how to better do crossword puzzles, and fun facts about how the crossword puzzle was invented, etc.
while there were both of these things, the book was a little too much about the author s personal experience with puzzles and his journey to becoming an editor.
it did, however, give a good list of 100 words that are often used in puzzles and are often not known.
This book got me to start doing crossword puzzles, so mission accomplished I guess It also made me think that Stanley Newman is a self important butthead But, his philosophy of crossword puzzling is admirably egalitarian, and he delivers a few really interesting facts.

Interesting to learn the history of crossword puzzles but also really helpful window into construction of the puzzles and guidance on how to approach and solve the puzzles Got me back in crosswords mode Can t wait to try out what I ve learned 3 stars mostly for the personality in the writing not the content Content 5 stars.
Helpful, but would love an updated version.
This is definitely a must read for crossword fanatics It offers a fun peek behind the scenes on how crosswords are constructed, and a little about their history I like the way that Stanley Newman writes he s clever and funny and a little bit punny, just like a good crossword I learned a few helpful tips on how to tackle a tough grid and I enjoyed reading about his journey to the upper echelon of the puzzle elite I do the Newsday crossword most days so it was nice to get a little info on the man whose name I see so often Also, I must admit how tempting albeit nerdy that crossword cruise sounds.
For hardcore puzzlers who desire insight into one of the big names in cruciverbalism s not so new wave, focus on chapters 1, 2, 4 For beginners who want a boost over the invisible fence of unwritten rules, read chapters 3, 5, 6.
Those who find this book most instructive will probably consider it only mildly interesting while those who find it most interesting will learn little from it a perceived balancing act that i think warrants precisely 3.
00 stars Mr Newman s tips, tricks, and advice should catalyze rapid progression from newbie to semicompetent solver For example, if you haven t completed a few hundred grids already, the list of 100 Essential Words will significantly shorten your learning curve The explanations of various clue answer types also should expedite an increase in skill level.
As a self assessed semicompetent xworder, i most enjoyed the industry insider info, wherea For The Millions Of People Who Do Crosswords, The Person Behind The Puzzle Is Always Something Of A Mystery What Puzzler Wouldn T Want To Know How A Constructor Thinks When Putting Together A Puzzle Or The Secret Rules That Guide The Selections Of Clues And Answers Or How To Outsmart The Constructor By Understanding His Mindset A Few Tips About How To Improve Solving Skills Wouldn T Hurt, Either Putting It All Together In An Accessible And Witty Guide To Life In The Grid Is Just What Everybody Wants And Needs CRUCIVERBALISM Will Help People Become Better Solvers And Have Fun Doing Crosswords It Will Also Pull Back The Curtain On Puzzle Making Itself, Outlining The History Of Crosswords, Showing How They Have Evolved Over The Past Century, And How Rules And The Mindsets Of Puzzle Editors Have Changed Over Time It Will Pass Along The Guidelines The Author Provides To His Stable Of Puzzle Constructors, And Tidbits Such As The Essential Words For The Pursuit Of Crossword Happiness Finally, It Will Recount The Decade Long Battle Between Old Guard And New Wave Constructors, Bringing In A Cast Of Colorful Characters Living In A World Of Words The Book Will Be A Combination Of Crossword Self Help, Wisdom, Trivia And Stories That Will Fascinate Today S Millions Of Avid Puzzlers

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