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¹ Read Î Curiosity Tamed the Kat by Gord ¿ Curiosity Is The Downfall Of Katrin As She Finds Herself Trapped In A Burgeoning Cycle Of Self Induced Bondage Mishaps Reduced To A Helpless Rubberised Sex Toy By Her Own Folly, She Is Astounded By Her Own Unexpected Response As Her Returning Husband And Another Surprise Antagonist Conspire To Reduce Her To The Most Controlled Object Of Exploding Orgasmic Pleasure Ever Witnessed By Mortal Man At The Mercy Of A Master In The Arts Of Arousal And Torment, Her Ultra Parcelled Form Is Driven Beyond The Known Limits Of Human Erotic Experience Love this book, my copy is ancient but treasured A must for all heavy bondage fans.

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