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[C.J. Cherryh] ¸ Cyteen [neuroscience PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ò This is a hard ish SF space opera if there is such a thing, which won Hugo 1989 Award.
The readers should be warmed this is a doorstopper, longer than even many fantasy novel, which says something It is a part of universe created by the author, which now has 27 novels plus smaller works While it can be read as a stand alone as I did , I guess the experience is enhanced if the whole series are read.
The story starts with some political intrigue in some Council far away I think a poor choice for a new reader doesn t care one way or another about what is happening, for they have no real attachment yet One just finds out that there are dog fights under the carpet between scientists, who have their extra territorial university research center in Reseune on planet Cyteen and military and civil authorities about the best way for future explosive exploration of new systems vs consolid Cyteen Exhausting study of clones, identity, and poweroriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureAfter enjoying C.
J Cherryh s 1982 Hugo Award winner Downbelow Station, it was a natural thing to move on to her 1989 Hugo winner Cyteen I know that Cyteen is a very different creature, of course It is a hefty 680 pages long, and extremely light on action In fact, if you removed the extensive dialogue and exposition, I think the story would be about 100 pages long That means the story had better be pretty compelling or it could be quite an ordeal to get through Unfortunately, at 36 hours, I found Cyteen to beof a chore than a pleasure There s no question of the seriousness and rigor of its exploration of power politics, the ethics of cloning, genetic engineering, and social conditioning, and a very drawn out and inconclusive murder mystery But it s waaaaaay too long, utterly humorl This is a massive volume that is both fascinating and oddly opaque It s a murder mystery in which the mystery is never solved It s a consideration of the ethics of manufactured humans, without going into as much depth as it could It s a conspiracy that is partially but not entirely explained And it centres around a rape, which ripples through the rest of the book, and I m not entirely convinced that it s handled well, in the end.
Note The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.
In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook This was a difficult one I m in two minds about the book.
On one hand the detailed political, social and physiological structure of the world is nothing but awesome This society feels absolutely real The political intrigues are believable and intricate The psychological manipulations, the helplessness of some of the characters in terms of heteronomy is palpable up to the point where I physically felt nauseated and in actual pain for one of the protagonists Such a carnal reaction is rather rare for me while reading.
On the other hand the pacing is slow, the book is very talkative The story unfolds in the heads of the protagonists, not in form of action I listened to it on audio solid narration by Gabra Zackman , and I caught myself ever so often squinting at the time display to see when it would be over.
Those readers who like their books to be action plotd

Some people have complained about Cyteen being too long The reason is because Cyteen was originally written as a three book series Most people would do better to get the original three paperbacks and read them instead but be warned C.
J Cherryh is not a writer for people who like short books She writes for people who want a long, in depth read and who aren t afraid of being plunged into a world full of new and often confusing terms, ideas, and vocabulary.
books such as this are usually written with a man cast in the lead role Here we find a woman in that role That fact alone makes Cyteen unique since I don t know of any other science fiction or fantasy book that is written about a female dictator s murder, clonal rebirth, and by her clone s own rise to power.
One of the most frustratingly intriguing elements of this b I realised this was a long book when the hefty tome arrived in the post and I viewed the small font but I didn t think it would take me this long to finish.
I don t tend to like long books I am instantly sceptical and always question whether they genuinely needs to be I notice that this volume was once published in three parts against the will of the author and I have to agree that it doesn t really make sense to break up the story in that way What it really needed was some good editing, some streamlining to tell the story that could have been told in a farcondensed way.
I oscillated between mild boredom and rapt interest throughout the book It took a while to get going in the first place and then ended at a seemingly arbitrary point and on an inconclusive note but in was, at times, a deeply engaging narrative Themes of power, politics, cloning and ide Outstanding The precursor to Regenesis one of the best books I ve read , successor to Downbelow Station which I am looking forward to to tracing the development of this Union Alliance series back to the origin.
It is the most intensely detailed sf I ve read, and rivals Asimov s Foundation series and Herbert s Dune series for the verisimilitude of their sociological foundations that make all great science fiction books GREAT.
It is a psychological thriller and an sf political novel very rare Herbert s CHOAM and Asimov s Empire are rivaled here as political meta civilisations something Banks has never attained directly like these, although implicitly it is all there.
Further perhaps most of all I love the character and be 5.
5 stars This is one of the most brilliantly written books I have ever read and I believe it is a work of special genius no pun intended based on the subject matter of the book This is not an EASY book to read and is not what I would describe as TONS of FUN It is a complex, richly detailed, psychological science fiction mystery peopled by characters of vast intellect and extreme cunning This makes the story one in which the reader must pay close attention However, the pay off for such attention is well worth it This is a very important book In sum this book is BRILLIANT, VERY original AND A SUPERIOR ACHIEVEMENT HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION Winner Hugo Award for Best NovelWinner Locus Award Best NovelNominee British Science Ficion AwardNumber 30 on Locus list of All Time Best SF Novels.
From Audible The Saga Of Two Young Friends Trapped In An Endless Nightmare Of Suspicion And Surveillance, Of Cyber Programmed Servants And A Ruling Class With Century Long Lives And The Enigmatic Woman Who Dominates Them All Narrators Jonathan Davis And Gabra Zackman Skillfully Split Up This Sweeping Sci Fi Epic That Is At Once A Psychological Novel, A Murder Mystery, And An Examination Of Power On A Grand Scale Locus

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