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[Lauraine Snelling] î Dakota: Four Inspirational Love Stories in America's Final Frontier (Inspirational Romance Collections) [rabat PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Cute little love story s from back then I love series stories and these are four connected stories that are short 100 to 140 pages so I can grab the book and read one story on a busy day These stories are set in the early 1900s on the Dakota plains The first story starts with Nora, a Norwegian girl, coming to North Dakota to marry the man she had promised to marry before he immigrated to the U.
S to seek his fortune The second story introduces us to Nora s younger sister, Clara, who arrives in North Dakota to marry a man who sent her a letter, a photograph and a ticket to come to North Dakota The third story follows the life of Rebekka, the schoolmarm and the events that happen to the school and town The final story is about Mary, eldest daughter of the Lutheran pastor we met in the first story, who is going to school to

This book contains all but one of the Dakota Plains Series Sometimes it seems disjointed, but overall it s a good read The last book, Dakota Destiny starts out with Mary Moen coming home from school, which has her brother Daniel excited when she arrives Ingeborg, her mother, welcomed her as if she d been gone for a long time, although it had only been a few months In another year Mary would be able to teach school anywhere in North Dakota Daniel had helped peal the apples for her welcome home apple pie, he hadn t eaten all the crust cookies While she was gone, her Far had put in electricity, but it had been the decision of the church board When her father, John, arrived home he welcomed her enthusiastica The wide open plains of the Dakota Territory form the setting for the lives and loves of four inspiring woman making their way in the New World This captivating volume combines three of bestselling author Lauraine Snelling s novels under one cover, along with a bonus novella Norwegian Nora Johanson welcomes the Dakota Dawn expecting to marry Hans, a prosperous farmer But when the New World s promises turn into painful uncertainties, Nora discovers God s plan is bigger than her grandest dreams Armed with a water stained letter, a faded photograph, and a ticket from Norway to America, Clara Johnson journeys to Soldall ready to fall into the arms of her Dakota Dreams But who she meets instead is a rough and rugged blacksmith named Dag Weinlander Rebekka Stenesrude has poured her life into her students, only to see her beloved school burned to Each of the stories seemed to start out good except for the head jumping but then it seemed like the author ran out of time and had to hurry and finish it Especially the last one it was over 2 years in 61 pages.
So sweet and refreshing Favorite lines 1 This is the day that the Lord hath made I will rejoice and be glad in it 31.
2 Sometimes I think God gave us heavy work so we can live through life s sorrow But crying and laughing again makes the sorrow easier to bear 96.
3 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine 181.
4 Mother says He forgives even before we ask, that s what sending His Son to die for us meant Forgiveness and love that never dies 196.
5 I learned a long time ago that the best revenge is letting God handle the situation 313.
6 God is love and His grace is made perfect in our human weakness 450.
The first two stories were good The third and fourth seemed rushed and a little lacking but overall good.
Pretty good It s just a nice easy read I like how it has 4 different stories.
The Wide Open Plains Of The Dakota Territory Form The Setting For The Lives And Loves Of Four Inspiring Woman Making Their Way In The New World This Captivating Volume Combines Three Of Bestselling Author Lauraine Snelling S Novels Under One Cover, Along With A Bonus Novella Norwegian Nora Johanson Welcomes The Dakota Dawn Expecting To Marry Hans, A Prosperous Farmer But When The New World S Promises Turn Into Painful Uncertainties, Nora Discovers God S Plan Is Bigger Than Her Grandest Dreams Armed With A Water Stained Letter, A Faded Photograph, And A Ticket From Norway To America, Clara Johnson Journeys To Soldall Ready To Fall Into The Arms Of Her Dakota Dreams But Who She Meets Instead Is A Rough And Rugged Blacksmith Named Dag Weinlander Rebekka Stenesrude Has Poured Her Life Into Her Students, Only To See Her Beloved School Burned To The Ground Jude Weinlander Arrives With The Job Of Rebuilding The Fire Ravaged School, But Before The Dakota Dusk They Realize Their Main Interest Could Be In Building A Future Together Since Childhood, Mary Moen And Will Dunfrey Have Been Best Friends, But Now The War To End All Wars World War I Brings News That Will Is Missing In Action Two Years Pass And Another Man S Marriage Proposal Awaits Mary S Decision Who Is Her Dakota Destiny Journey With These Courageous Women As They Make Their Homes In The Dakota Plains And Allow God To Fulfill The Desires Of Their Hearts In Unexpected Ways Really really good All three novels in this collection are really really great love stories The only one I wasn t fond of was the short novella at the end, the one about Mary.

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