Trailer ✓ Dangerous Undertaking (Buryin Barry, #1) PDF by È Mark de Castrique

Trailer ✓ Dangerous Undertaking (Buryin Barry, #1) PDF by È Mark de Castrique DANGEROUS UNDERTAKING VGMark de Castrique 1st bookIt s not often two people are shot and Appalachian policeman turned funeral director Barry Clayton is injured during a funeral This is an very good story of mountaineers versus profiteers set in Gainesboro, North Carolina De Castrique conveys a wonderful sense of the location and the people, along with a good, suspenseful mystery I would definitely read another by this author.
Fun, fast read set in the Mountains of western NC where I now call home.
For a first book, this was surprisingly good I had read his Sam Blackman series and enjoyed them The Sam Blackman series is my favorite because of the literary tie in, but this is good enough to make me want to read the other burying Barry books.

Good writerThis series stays true to its origin If you like the series you ll like this book Keeps your interest each time.
First Line Crab Apple Valley Baptist Church sat high on a grassy knoll overseeing the sinners scattered along the valley floor.
Former Charlotte policeman Barry Clayton has a new job that he doesn t want With his father caught in the talons of Alzheimer s, Barry quits the Charlotte police force and returns to the small mountain community of Gainesboro, North Carolina, to take over the role of town undertaker.
Almost immediately, his job turns deadly At the graveside service for an elderly woman, her grief stricken grandson kills his family and turns the gun on Barry Take a message to my grandmother, Dallas Willard shouts Tell her they tried to take the land Tell her I love her The shotgun blast hits Barry in the shoulder His wounds being seen to by the woman he loves, Barry begins to search for Dallas and the reason for Dallas s actions.
Fortunatel Good fun, well plotted, well written, I will be readingin this series.
Dangerous Undertaking by Mark de Castrique is the first book of the Buryin Barry mystery series set in contemporary Gainesboro, North Carolina Barry Clayton, formerly on Charlotte s police force, has returned to his family s business, the town s funeral home Barry s awkward as an undertaker, but his father has Alzheimer s and can no longer run the business At a graveside service, one of the heirs arrives late, with a shotgun He murders his siblings, shoots Barry, then takes off Barry can t rest to recuperate he must help with the manhunt As Barry works with the sheriff to figure out the motive for the shooting, uncover shady real estate deals, and investigate yet another murder, he meets many mountaineers long time residents of Appalachia He learns their love of the land and their animals, as well as the clannish family ties and feuds My favorite part of the book is a dramatic descr Barry Clayton Has A Job He Doesn T Want When His Father Is Stricken With Alzheimer S, Barry Leaves The Charlotte Police Force For The Small Mountain Community Of Gainesboro, North Carolina, Where His Family Runs The Local Funeral Home Buryin Barry Reluctantly Assumes The Mantle Of Town Undertaker, Trying To Fit His Life Into This Somber Profession Almost At Once It Turns Deadly At The Graveside Service For An Elderly Woman, A Grieving Grandson Strides In Like Clint Eastwood In A Duster, Rips Out A Shotgun, And Murders His Family Then The Shooter Turns The Weapon On Barry Take A Message To My Grandmother, Dallas Willard Shouts Tell Her They Tried To Take The Land Tell Her I Love Her The Blast Hits Barry In The ShoulderBarry Is Not Cut From The Same Black Cloth As His Father, And His Irreverent Wit And Independence Have Already Won Him The Friendship Of The County Sheriff, Vietnam War Hero Tommy Lee Wadkins Besides, Barry S A Police Pro Though His Wounds Are In The Hands Of Local Surgeon Susan Miller, Barry Begins Search For Both The Killer And The Reason For His Crime It Isn T Long Before A Second Shooting Occurs But Dallas Willard S Body Is Then Discovered At The Bottom Of A Quarry Pond, Indisputable Evidence That Someone Else Committed The Second Crime, Someone Who Now Has His Sights Set On Barry Former policeman possibly detective has to come home to western North Carolina to run the family business undertaking because his father has Alzheimer s His girlfriend is a doctor and he gives her plenty of business Thought there were a few lulls here It started out pretty good with Barry getting shot at a burial because the shooter wants Barry to give the deceased a message Okay, the shooter isn t playing with a full deck There are a number of shootings in this book, plus the EPA comes in when it is determined that someone has been fouling the waters And Barry thinks there is a real estate scam going on.
Plus, they go to one of my favorite places, the Pisgah National Forest and the author gives a rundown on how George Vanderbilt bought the whole place up all of those years ago Along with Mr DuPont Although de Castrique didn t mention DuPont Or the big park name I enjoyed this series just as much as the Sam Blackman books, which means thoroughly Mark de Castrique has a unique ability to put me into the story quickly and keep me interested all the way through Several of the books necessitated staying up into the early hours so I could finish The first book in this series was a bit rough and unpolished in comparison to the rest, but I have a feeling it was an early work and just shows how much his writing improved My only complaints are about things that should have been caught in editing insure instead of ensure, collaboration instead of corroboration, etc They brought me up short each time but I just laughed and moved on The plots, characters, and settingsthan made up for technical mistakes I would read anything else by this author, even a to do

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