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[ Pdf Dangerous Women & Desperate Men ç programming PDF ] by Rick Mofina × The introduction to this book gives you a lot of information about the author, his writing and some of his experiences that have helped develop background for his books.
Blood Red Rings is the story of Frank Harper, a police officer as well as a family man Harper is tired of his job, tired of dealing with his problems at home and ready to end his evening His thoughts go back over the years and the good times in his life as he cruises his beat However, the evening ends in a very tragic way A story that will stay with the reader long after the last page.
Lightning Rider is the story of Jessie Scout who is employed as the driver of an ard car Jesse along with her crew members, Gask and Perez, haul a lot of money from the Las Vegas casinos The last drive that she made to pick up money is one that will not soon be forgotten by Jessie, her crew members,

Rick Mofina has packed the tension and drama you d expect to find in a full length novel into each of these short stories He drops the reader headlong into the action then pumps them full of anxiety without giving them time to catch their breath In Blood Red Rings, you re along for the ride as Officer Frank Harper works his shift while reflecting on his career and the toll it has taken on his family He s about to discover just how much it s actually going to cost him.
In Lightning Rider, a lifetime of abuse and neglect has molded Jessie Scout The question is how was Jessie s life shaped by that molding and which path does she take Good or bad Three Bullets to Queensland features an ex cop who has laid it all on the line with little reward As a loss recovery agent, he sees an opportunity to change his future Does he take it and risk his reputation for the chance to live a dream In As Lo Four Short Stories Of People On The Brink A Broken Hearted Woman Goes To Las Vegas, Not To Gamble But To Collect A Troubled Street Cop Sees Twenty Four Years Of Putting His Life On The Line Tick Down To One Defining Moment Before A Special Agent Can Realize His Dream Someone Will Lose Theirs And What Happens When A Hard Working Middle Aged Woman Sees Everything She Believes In Collapse Around Her And Fights Back With A Shocking Vengeance Step Into The Lives Of Ordinary People As They Battle Extraordinary Circumstances In Rick Mofina S Gripping New Anthology

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