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Trailer ð Dark Moon PDF by Ì Leisl Leighton I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Holy moly this book had some serious off the charts chemistry Yes, there was romance and smut but what had me completely addicted was the sizzle that seemed to climb right off the pages If you re looking for a were witch paranormal romance with some real heat, look no further.
Skye is a witty and sarcastic speak her mind type of woman who has spent her entire life believing a lie Scared of her innate magical ability and caught under the tyrannically rule of her grandmother, she has been hiding from a lot of things along the way After literally running into a mystery man on the slopes, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to a man for the first time in her life Jason has been looking for their pack witch for a while now I always love a good paranormal yarn and this was no exception In Dark Moon the Alpha Werewolf is looking for his pack Witch to break his packs curse He finds Skye, who doesn t even know if she is up for the job, as she has suppressed her magic.
I love how Werewolves and Witches are blended together to make this action packed story.
Jason and Skye have a lot of chemistry and there are moments of delicious sexual tension Not to mention some very steamy romance.
Dark Moon has a lot going on and it has a lot of personality.
If you love paranormal romance with plenty of action and attitude then this is the book for you.
Lately, Skye Collins Has Been Unable To Shake The Feeling That She S Being Watched After A Lifetime Spent Hiding Her True Nature, She Knows That Any Unusual Attention Is Something To Be Wary Of And The Only Attention She S Been Receiving Lately Is From The Intense And Attractive Jason McValeJason Claims To Know Things About Skye That Can T Be True, And It S Obvious He S Hiding Secrets Of His Own Yet Despite Herself, Skye Can T Resist The Attraction Between Them, And Her Surrender Will Set In Motion A Chain Of Events That Will Have Consequences For Everyone She Holds DearGradually, Jason Convinces Skye That She Has To Trust Him If She Is To Solve The Riddle Of Her Past And Learn The Truth About Her Power But Believing Jason Means That Her Entire Life Has Been Based On A LieAs Her Enemies Gather Strength And The Danger Increases, Skye Is Forced To Accept Who She Really Is Will She Risk Everything And Fight For Those She Loves Or Save Herself And Let Them Be Destroyed By The Forces Of Darkness This paranormal romance keeps readers guessing with lots of suspense, action and romance Werewolves and witches lives are interconnected and when the bonds are broken lives are destroyed Alpha Jason has to find his pack witch in order to save his pack from the curse Skye has repressed her magic for years, she s afraid of her power, but if what Jason says is true, embracing her powers may be the only thing that saves not only his pack, but hers and her twins as well.
This steady to fast paced plot builds lots of spine tingling anticipation as Jason and Skye try to save the pack and discover a disturbing evil plot that has destroyed lives and will destroy a lot if it s not stopped As the plot thickens Skye learns that what s she s been told about her past doesn t completely add up to the truth The author b Normally I don t read Witch stories, I just don t get into them, so I picked this book hoping that the shifter elements outweigh the witch elements of the story It turns out I shouldn t have worried even with the witch elements of the story I still loved Dark Moon.
A curse has been placed on Jason s Pack, they can t shift and it is slowly driving the wolves mad, Jason s only hope of saving his pack is to track down a woman who was abducted when she was a child, her powers are enough to reverse the curse.
Skye has spent her lifetime hiding and suppressing her witch powers, she is told by her grandmother that she can hurt the people she loves if she doesn t keep them in check Skye and her friends decide to take a holiday to the snow, when a crazy beginner bumps into her and twists her ankle, She meets Jason who she can t seem to get out of her mind, drawn to him she leaking her m From the very first page on I couldn t put this book down It was a interesting premise that Skye had held on to her powers, not knowing all that she was capable since she was a child Jason and his pack shows her to embrace it I thought it was really interesting how Skye was connected to Jason and the pack without knowing I don t want to give away to much because you need to read this book.
If you are into witches, werewolves or just some paranormal fun you need to read this book.
I received a free copy of the book for an honest feedback.
Dark Moon Leisl LeightonReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I love supernatural novels, and shifters ones feature high on my must read listsI was looking forward to this one, but though it wasn t a book I could dislike, it wasn t one I d rave about either Somehow there seemed to be a bit too much packed in I m not usually one to moan about that but here it felt a little like overkill, especially as the characters didn t really work for me I couldn t empathise with them and I just felt they were a bit unreal.
I know, I know, it s fantasy and everyone IS unreal but I need to feel the characters are real people and the problems genuine, and able to be overcome, preferably not by some last minute spell of talent The characters just felt too stilted and clich d to me I felt as if I d read caricatures of them in a myriad of other books Still, I can see others have loved the

Sometimes first impressions are all it takes to hit it off with great chemistry and Jason and Skye had LOTS of chemistry She choked on a laugh Are you saying I have a fat arse Rather than trying to backpedal, his mouth curled into a lopsided smile such a lovely mouth No In fact, I was thinking how nice it looked before I smacked into you Skye she is just so cute and you can t help but fall in love with her, heat flushed her face with something that wasn t just embarrassment He was looking at her with a look so hot it made her skin sizzle His was tone, suggestive, knowing, like he remembered exactly what she looked like naked, hot, sweaty and open to him Jason that boy is so damn impatient, damn it He couldn t wait a second longer, not with her looking at him like that Never mind, Jason growled, with his wolf in his Leisl LeightonWitchiness galore, explosive passion, a yummy Alpha and a witch with powers so strong, they can kill, are all ingredients you need for a sexy and twisted paranormal read Skye Collins is a witch with violent power that can kill and has already burnt and almost killed her twin brother, River Her grandfather placed a dampening spell, so that if she tries to use her powers, she has intensive pain stabbing thru her head Skye lives a half live, but has 2 great Wiccan friends, a great business and a mentally ill brother, who lives with their grandmother She is having a great ski boarding trip until, this idiot crashes into her.
Jason McVale has become Alpha of his pack after the accident that killed his parent 4.
5 StarsIt has been a while since I have found a good paranormal romance, and after finishing Dark Moon I think that I have found a new series I am going to enjoy It is written by an Australian author Leisl Leighton and it s set in my state of Victoria too It was exciting imagining the scene, visiting places that I have been to before Not only that, I was swept away by the exciting storyline and the sizzling romance.
Since Skye was a child, she lived in fear of two things her power and large dogs Skye s grandparents raised her and to protect her, they bound her powers When she is run over by a drop dead gorgeous snowboarder on a run down the mountain, her powers become stronger and soon danger is on her doorstep.
The chemistry between Skye and Jason is unde

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