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☆ Read Ë Daunting Turns (Colson Brothers, #2) by Reese Madison Ç This book was full of crazy sauce but was also oddly readable in a train wreck fashion but I still couldn t give it than 1.
5 stars.
Recap of the crazy sauce The hero is huge, 7 and 350 lbs He is super human because his father wanted to create some big strapping sons so he got someone to make him a magical drug cocktail that he fed to the various women he knocked up Not sure why the motorcycle club dad needed super huge babies but ok we will go with it The hero is mute most of the time by choice He just doesn t talk to people but of course he talks to the heroine The hero basically kidnaps the heroine from a biker bar because he decides she is the one for him after watching her for a few hours He takes her, throws 4 1 2 stars When Turner saw Georgia he knew he wanted her so he took her and put her on his bike and left Georgia was terrified of Turner he was big and mean but after some time with him she starts to see a different side to Turner and she s no longer being held against her will but enjoying spending time with a men who never spoke to anyone but talks to her all the time As Turner and Georgia s relationship grows they live the life of bikers till his brother see s bruises on Georgia and mistakes them for abuse Now Turner will have to answer to what people think he has done to Georgia This was a great story of two people falling in love and growing into better people Turner was the perfect anti hero in the

So, I never would ve known about this book without reading my GR friend s, Melissa, review It is sooo hilariousyou must read it even with all that, I just couldn t resist reading it It wasn t too bad I think it was because of Melissa s review that I went in being prepared and not horrified.
What s even worse is that everything that Melissa pointed out is true and it s sooo ridiculous that it s just funny But sadly, everything is not funny A lot of parts are just badand grossPlus the warm blood always smells so good to me Don t ask me why, but I love raw fish, rare meat, and the smell of fresh blood There s something magnetic about the rawness of it allThat was after she single handedly killed a full grown deer with a knife Then gutted it and mounted it s headWTH Oh and we can t f What I choose to do, is none of your concern I earned you, you re mine now Obey me, or you ll find pain you never knew existed under my hand He warned in that same low monotone voice with a sprinkling of anger on top You belong to me now Are you on birth control If I say no, will you let me go No He lifted up and I felt him doing something behind me When he came back he showed me a condom But if you re not, and this breaks, you ll find yourself on the doorstep of an abortion clinic He pulled himself free and sat next to me taking his shirt off He used it to clean up his mess You ll do the wash I ll show you what to do Defy me in any way, and I fuck you until you scream Talk back to me, and I ll wash your mouth out with my cock You d reall Bad grammar, missing punctuation, unbelievable characters and story line This book was bad bad bad Sorry I wish I had better things to say.
Unbelievable characters A guy who can talk but wouldn t I understand that, but not sometimes to the point of answering like an actual mute He didn t even seem like a man who would prefer being silent his thought process was too forward and arrogant to convince me he was the man writer wanted reader to believe.
Now the girl woman Georgia She was said and showed to be confident, forthright woman of 32 She is a LAWYER, who is brave enough to grab a guy s balls in a club full of people HOW in BLAZES can a woman like that let herself be treated so flimsily The author s writing wasn t that great either.
5Umthis book was all over the place The main guy was too Neanderthal for my liking Some editing issues but just didn t feel the story Oh well.
In my head, I ve renamed this book Ridiculous Turns, or in honor of the great Kristen Ashley I ll also think of it as Motorcycle He Man I usually finish books even if they kinda suck, but this book flat out blew I mean, I have finished some pretty shitty books.
But I can t read a book that switches from past tense to present tense from one sentence to the next This wasn t the random editing error, this was something that happened several times on one page alone, pretty much every pageBesides a mute by choice hero and a crass raunchy heroine aren t my thing.
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE Okay, Okay I went back and finished the book because it s a pet peeve of mine to leave a book unfinished And it s so wonderfully retarded I m actually glad I read it to the ridiculous end OUR HERO He s a giant over seven feet tall whose father a former MC prez paid a woman A sci Turner Colson Is One Of The Bigger Colson Brothers He Lives Off The Land Bouncing From Chapter To Chapter As He S Needed He S A Mute By Choice, And Demands Privacy When Possible, Which Is Why He Prefers The Solitude Of The Colorado Mountains If He S Not WorkingGeorgia Pine Is A Very Young And Prominent Lawyer Who S Career Just Took A Nasty Turn Because Of A Lying Client One Bad Day Sent Her To The Clubhouse For A Good Drunk To Drown Her Anger And Disappointment Little Does She Know The Biggest Meanest Man To Walk The Earth Is Slowly Falling In Love With Her As He Watches Her Across The Bar UNBELIEVEABLE, BUT A PAGE TURNERTurner Colson is a man mountain at around 7 tall and weighing in at 300lbs He s a member of an MC, he never ever speaks to anyone, his choice Without giving too much away, he sees Georgia Pine at his MC s clubhouse and immediately decides she s for him Georgia is a lawyer, her father is also a lawyer and is affiliated to the club.
Turner kidnaps Georgia, of course she s furious But Turner is determined to keep her Permanently She apparently is the only person he is prepared to speak to As the story moves along it becomes and outrageous Turner is a millionaire and has a whole arsenal of gadgets including a talking computer in his RV It s all very James Bond ish There are so many laugh out loud moments in this, the two lead characters are almost like a dou

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