¿ Dead Frost Ï Download by ô Adam Millard

¿ Dead Frost Ï Download by ô Adam Millard Great read, absolutely loved it Have started on Dead Cell now and that s just as good even if I have read then the wrong way round.
I really didn t connect with any of the characters in this storyI found the dialogue stilted and predictable.
The author created a cast of clich d one dimensional characters and situations.
The addition of an 8 year old girl as a zombie killing machine,who could survive alone was beyond belief.
The narrarator was easy to listen to.
I received a copy of this audiobook from the author via audiobookBlast.
com in exchange for an honest review.
Bloody brilliant with a big capital F The sequel to Dead Cells is an absolute corker, with the humour, and gore you can expect from Adam Millard Adam shows he knows just how to write barnstorming ZA book s.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review We find our group of survivors in a semi safe place with other people that have been rescued,but it is being ran by some mean people, they are kind of prisoners.
Shane decides he is going to go find his family, and his friends decide to come with.
they end up out in the snow and they wreck there carand have to proceed on footand they are being pursued by the people running the safety campthese are really bad peopleShane and crew fight there way to where they can locate Shane s familyand find out they may not be able to save themand surrounded by the undeadGood addition to the seriesI hope book 3 comes out soon The World Ended On October The Seventh,Not With A Bang, As Some Theorists Predicted, But With A Whimper There Was No Fruition Of A Mayan Prophecy, No Alien Attack, No Terrorist Uprising, And No Supervolcano Eruption It Was A Simple Virus That Finished Mankind Off A Superflu That Couldn T Be Cured Once It Had Been Contracted A Small Group Of Survivors Find Themselves Struggling To Come To Terms With The New World Around Them Living In A Disused Army Barracks, The Group Survive In Relative Safety, Only Sending Scavengers For Food And Supplies When Necessary Shane Bridge Had, Until Recently, Been Incarcerated In A Maximum Security Prison, But Now That He Is Out, And The Monotony Of Day To Day Life Has Become Unbearable, The Time Has Come To Abandon The Confines Of The Barracks And Begin The Search For His Family But Death Is Never Far Away, And The Flesh Eating Hordes Are The Least Of Shane S Worries The Frost Has Begun

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