Download Epub Format Ý Dead Unlucky PDF by å Andrew Derham

Download Epub Format Ý Dead Unlucky PDF by å Andrew Derham The Discovery Of A Teenager Bludgeoned To Death In An Alley Drags Chief Inspector Harry Hart Away From A Ritzy Dinner And Into Conflict With Spineless Coppers, Coke Pushers And Annalee Hargreaves, The Snooty Headteacher Of Posh Highdean School He Discovers That The Murder Wasn T The Only Disaster To Intrude Upon Her Privileged World And Peels Away Highdean S Layers Of Deceit And Deception To Expose A Rotten Core Of Callous Selfishness And Pure EvilHart Likes A Bit Of Banter And A Laugh, But There S Nothing Funny About The Final Misfortune He Unearths Because His Cussed Determination Doesn T Only Catch A Killer It Also Reveals The Heartbreaking Secret Of How A Schoolkid Ended Up Dead Unlucky This is a poor imitation of a Billingham cop not very exciting and to many plots going on Loved ItI really liked Harry Hart, mid level British policeman in a mid size community near London He will not rise much further does not seem to mind he does not like the political games he would have to play to get to the top He d rather solve puzzles and catch villains.
Enjoyed it, hope there are in the series.
The writing style reminded me of the satirical Bulwer Lytton fiction contest in which writers submit intentionally bad story openings The only problem is the author of this book probably wasn t trying to do it intentionally and it s not just restricted to the opening.

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