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[ Pdf Death of a Dentist º military-romance PDF ] by M.C. Beaton ☆ A Toothache Can Drive A Man Mad Or To Dr Frederick Gilchrist S Dental Surgery In The Little Village Of Braikie In A Country Where Thrift And A Nice Set Of Dentures Are Admired, Dr Gilchrist S Cheap Rates And Penchant For Pulling Teeth Had Gained Him A Clientele His Use Of The Great Australian Trench Letting The Drill Slide Across As Many Teeth As Possible To Ensure A Steady Customer And Some Unsavory Womanizing Made Wiser Highlanders Stay Away From The Dentist S Second Floor Office But One Chill Autumn Morning The Whole Side Of Police Constable Hamish Macbeth S Jaw Was A Burning Mass Of Pain, And He Was Willing To See Gilchrist, Or The Devil Himself, To Stop It Unfortunately Someone Came, Saw, And Poisoned Gilchrist First It Was Macbeth S Dismal Luck To Find The Body He Already Had His Hands Full With A Major Theft Case And He Had His Mind On A Date, The First Since His Broken Engagement To Priscilla Halburton Smythe Now He Sourly Set Out To Turn His Attention To Finding A Killer Perhaps Only In Superstitious Scotland Would Macbeth S Inquiries Include The Local Seer, Who Had Inside Information To Share From The Spirits, Naturally Perhaps Only Macbeth Would See A Clue In The Earthy Details Of Daily Life Not To Mention Facing A Fate Just As Earthy In Its Own Way It has been awhile since I have read an M.
C Beaton Hamish Macbeth story I will not wait so long to read another I always end up laughing somewhere along the way and remembering characters from the other stories.
This mystery takes place in a small North Highland town of Lochdubh, with a local easy going copper Hamish Macbeth Being a local himself, he knows how towns folk are set in their unusual ways Hamish, suffering from tooth pain, seeks out the local dentist that is known for pulling teeth instead of fixing them, and finds him dead As always, he is pushed off the case by his boss and told to stay out of the way Hamish begins to investigate on his own with the help of Sarah, one of Priscilla Halburton Smyth s friends visiting on a hiking get away As Macbeth works to solve this mystery we get to experience what goes on inside the lives Beaton can t be beaten First read this one soon after published, to great delight, in cold New England weather that resonates in the Scottish snowstorms Crofter cottages, illegal stills of course for Scotch, fishermen and the loch, salmon poaching from streams of the great shooting estates, the barren city vs rich country, the seer firmly grounded in gossip these populate the Hamish MacBeth novels Especially the gossip, which would have been running rife all over the Highlands At first people would be discreet because the man was so recently dead, but tongues would begin to wag 68 Beaton writes with wit, Hamish himself often also witty, and with irony As he took the long road to Inverness, putting on the police siren so he could exceed the speed limit, he reflected that it would be nice to be one of those private eyes in fiction before whose wisdom the whole of M.
C Beaton redeems herself with Death of a Dentist, the 13th installment in her uneven Hamish Macbeth series In this one, Hamish although warned off as usual by his superior, the ever spiteful and jealous Chief Inspector Blair surreptitiously investigates the robbery of 250,000 in bingo prize money and the murder of a lousy but flashy dentist, Frederick Gilchrist Both occur in the village of Braikie, located 20 miles north of Hamish s beloved Lochdubh and an even boring backwater.
Hamish and his love interest, the beautiful, posh ice queen Priscilla Halburton Smythe, are on the outs, which really improves the novel Their silly misunderstandings and miscommunications nearly doomed the previous novel, Death of a Macho Man so much so that it was months bef If you like cozy mysteries of the Agatha Christie variety set in the present but in a world that seems so Victoria that the use of the Internet is a constant shock , you can t do better than M.
C Beaton s Hamish Macbeth series, set in the fictional town of Lochdubh, Scotland, a small town where the cast of characters becomes as familiar and comforting and at times annoying as your own family.
In Death of a Dentist, poor Hamish is suffering with a terrible toothache and in his quest for relief, stumbles over the murder of a nearby town s terrible but cheap dentist a small time Lothario whose ordinary looks and poor dental skills belie his great talent to arouse passion both sexual and murderous in Hamish s world, the two often seem to go together.
Hamish goes hi One of the earlier books with conflict that is resolved at a credible pace Nice attitude toward seniors.
I so enjoy Hamish s deaths and his policework problem solving which he usually hands the credit off to his superior and nemesis Inspector Blair, preventing his promotion and departure from the laidback town of Lochdubh There were a lot of red herring threads to this mystery of the murder of a dentist in a nearby town so I hadn t figured the culprit by books end.
A very puzzling mystery Hamish has to wade through a startling number of suspects and several crimes before he can find the truth of what s connected and what s coincidence Tensions run high at times due to some villainous characters an interesting change from the usual reluctant, yet innocent, villagers There s also a romantic interest to liven things up and keep Hamish feeling alternately elated and distressed.
As always, our PC has some less than sensible moments, but the story doesn t rely heavily on those Though he s referred to here as the Lone Ranger because of his cowboy tactics, his colleagues are surprised to find the final wrap up is handled in a rather mundane way Still, there s nothing mundane about Hamish Macbeth His perseverance and odd ways make eac I always enjoy a Hamish Macbeth story In this one, a dentist is murdered and Hamish is on the case to find the killer On the way, he deals with Blaire, Jimmy and Patricia Hallburton Smythe I love all the characters of this small Scottish town and wish I could visit there Dentists may be plagued with a higher than average suicide rate, but this particular dentist is cursed with a higher than average rate of being hated by those who know him With so many people who had a motive to murder, Hamish has his hands full in trying to narrow down the list of suspects In this 13th installment of the Hamish Macbeth series, you will cheer on his sleuthing abilities even while you sympathize with his lack of social skills with the opposite sex This series is not a page turner but it is still an entertaining way to spend a few hours.

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