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[Anne Perry] ï Defend and Betray [zimbabwe PDF] Ebook Epub Download á Wow just brilliant I could be mealy and knock it down half a star because the first third of the book, the case seemed to be going nowhere but when it came together, it was tense and exciting That was some court scene Loved it.
I found this one hard going and I m wavering between 2.
5 and 3 stars for the rating It s not as strong a story or as engaging as the first two Monk books In fact, there is very little Monk in it, which I found frustrating I want to know about his past Also, he s supposed to be this brilliant detective, right And dogged in his pursuit of the truth, etc He was neither brilliant nor dogged in this book In fact, he missed glaringly obvious suspects once the true motive for murder was uncovered He didn t even consider them The first half of the book was a repetition of the same facts, ad nauseum It took far too long for the story to get rolling about 150 pages too long In spite of my disappointment with this installment, I liked the first two Monk books enough to keep on reading the series.

Review written July 1, 20184 Whodunnit Stars Terrific and in the end truly worth it Book 3 Maybe is this William Monk series my favorite historical mystery serial right now So far has it been a already happened deadly crime when each book starts, for me maybe the best kind of old fashioned whodunnit mysteries The crime scenes are also in those fine, but quite stiff, grand upper classes, the ones we so much loves in British historicals Set in London, England in late 1850s a few years after the Crimean War with three so far interesting main characters to follow The quite complicated police investigator William Monk A man nearly without friends or a normal social life A man who losed his memory in a accident just before this s This story is not a pure murder mystery, like a historical legal thriller The climax is a court room drama, and I really like the court room scene on the last chapter The storytelling itself is not so dense I ve read it years ago and didn t remember most of the story , and just recently re read the last 2 chapters, and I still could enjoyed the story.
Not so important note it is personal taste This is included in William Monk series, but the climax is delivered by another secondary protagonist character, Oliver Rathbone This novel made me sympathize with Rathbone.
This book suffered a little from rereading there were clues in people s behavior on the night of the murder that were inexplicably not followed up for chapters, despite multiple mentions There were a few leaps of logic, and at least one plot point I would have suggested editing out I m no expert on British law of the period, but some of the courtroom rulings seemed a little capricious or unlikely to me Monk s retracing of his past seemed occasionally irresponsible in the face of his other duties And let s not get into the 9 instances of the word aquiline that I counted.
However, it still works both as a mystery courtroom drama and a rather searing commentary on Victorian society I enjoy the Monk books partially for their flawed, human main characters and partly for the courtroom aspect In these, Perry continues the sto I literally could not put this down for the final courtroom scene I won t give away the final revelations, but they are shockng and riveting I m a big fan of Perry, and this is one of her best.
Perry gives us a few red herrings indicating that Alexandra may not be the killer, but the question quickly becomes, why did she do it, not if there is another perpetrator We know she is sacrificng herself for someone, but who and why Perry skillfully reels out the line.
The most interesting character is Monk, still grappling with his amnesia When he finally realizes who is the woman and lover he helped exonerate of killing her husband, his self knowledge grows in leaps and bounds as does his appreciation of the prickly but courageous and brilliant Hester Also, his constant realization of exactly what kind of ba This book opens with a murder about which very little is known other than the victim s wife openly admits to having killed her husband No one seems to know why and her only excuse is openly dismissed by everyone The next 150 pages or so repeats these minimal facts from various angles and viewpoints And, really, that s about it.
The final 100 devolve into a standard courtroom drama, although all of the surprises have already been revealed I lost count of how many aristocratic characters a stood in front of windows, looking out and b were describe as having aquiline noses As with her other Monk stories, whole paragraphs seemed to have been copy pasted into later sections with only minimal rewriting Unlike the first two Monk stories, this one is really Hester s story than Monk s Perry throws in some occasional Monk scenes and a token bit of reclaimed memory, I really love Anne Perry s books about Hester Latterly and Mr Monk They are so well written, rich with historical details and the mystery always leads to something unexpected Of course, Davina Porter s narration is delightful and absolutely perfect for the story What a golden voice Plus I enjoy information about the Crimean War, Nightingale s contributions to military healthcare and the problems that surrounded the beginnings of professional nursing Great stories.
A Richly Textured And Timeless Novel Of Suspense Her Victorian England Pulsates With Life And Is Peopled With Wonderfully Memorable Characters Faye KellermanAlthough Esteemed General Thaddeus Carlyon Meets His Death In A Freak Accident At Home, His Beautiful Wife, Alexandra, Confesses That She Killed Him Investigator William Monk, Nurse Hester Latterly, And The Brilliant Oliver Rathbone, Counsel For The Defense, Work Feverishly To Break Down The Wall Of Silence Raised By The Accused And Her Husband S Proud Family With The Trial Only Days Away, They Inch Toward The Dark And Appalling Heart Of The Mystery The Final Act Is A Courtroom Masterpiece, Through Which We Dare Not Breathe Too Deeply, Lest The Precarious Balance Of A Woman S Life Be Lost Parts of this book moved so slowly, and if that had continued, I would have given a lower rating I like nurse Hester Latterly s part in solving the crime Also, glad to see that Monk is recovering of the memory of his past The courtroom scenes are most interesting, but I was a little surprised in the open comments on what I thought would have been an unspeakable thing in that day.

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