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Trailer ✓ Dia's Story Cloth PDF by ë Dia Cha Dia Cha s story of her family s story cloth Colorful, interesting, maybe a little flat for what one might hope from the telling, but the process of Hmong story cloth is very much knowing about There s a short section on the background and history of the making of these cultural and historical and narrative artifacts.
Beautiful, gentle introduction to the Hmong people and their history The story is similar to other refugee stories, but the illustrations all come from a Hmong story cloth are breathtaking and add authenticity and emotion to the author s voice Recommended For Centuries, Needlework Has Been Part Of Hmong Culture But It Has Only Been Since The War In Vietnam And Laos, Which Displaced Many Hmong, That The New, Narrative Form Of Story Cloths Has Emerged, A Bridge Between Past And PresentDia Cha And Her Family Experienced This Displacement Born In Laos, Dia Fled With Her Family To Thailand As A Child, Spending Four Years In A Refugee Camp Before Arriving In The US Her Story Is Shared By Many Hmong AmericansAs Told Through The Story Cloth Stitched By Her Aunt And Uncle, The Hmong People S Search For Freedom Began Long Ago In China Dia S Story Cloth Explores Many Aspects Of The Hmong Experience From Peace And War In Asia To New Beginnings In America Through Dia S Story, Young Children Can See That The Search For Freedom Transcends All CulturesThis Book Includes A Compendium Of Hmong Culture Their History, Traditions, And Stitchery Techniques This is the story of Dia and her family as they were forced to leave their home in Laos She describes the war that tore her people apart, and how she and her family had escaped to avoid communist soldiers In addition to her own experience, this book describes the life of the Hmong people and their fight for freedom over the years We see the challenges they faced as men were sent to war, they experienced bombings that destroyed villages and the overall fear that people had They had to embark on a dangerous journey across harsh terrains in order to be free, and how people ended up in refugee camps Many people are not aware of the history of the Hmong people Dia Cha provides insight into the difficult lives that Hmong people had, and how hard they fought to be free The story is told through embroidered story cloths that show Dia and her family For most of us being evacuated from our country or having a communist regime take over seems nearly impossible, but for the Hmong people this impossibility was their reality Stripped from their homes and culture, the Hmong people needed to escape to refugee camps before coming to America This brutal reality is one unfamiliar to young readers, who do not have a fully gaged notion of the atrocities war causes In Dia s story cloth, Dia Cha takes readers on a journey through her peoples destruction and the culture they still hold to Cha takes readers on a journey through the images embroidered within the story cloth She takes readers from villages in Loas, refugee camps in Thailand and life after the fact in America By working through the images and expressing the mea I ve never seen a story told like this one The details in the cloth are incredible.
Following the image of the story cloth this picture book tells the tale of Dia Cha, a displaced Hmong American who gained asylum in the United States after escaping her native Laos and living in a refugee camp in Thailand for four years Dia s story cloth does not encompass only her own story, but relates to the story of her whole family and Hmong culture at large Although this is a shorter text, it is worth including in even a high school curriculum due to its thoughtful examination of the experiences of Hmong refugees and Hmong culture This book could be used as a supplementary text when exploring Asian cultures, historical texts, or texts involving war and conflict.

The story cloth is beautiful and I would love to see one in real life I can t believe Hmong women stitch the images from their imaginations My one concern with this book is if it would be engaging for children There is a lot of text on each page, and the needlework, while beautiful, isn t as eye catching as some children s book images.
Dia Cha shares her family s story cloth in this book The story cloth tells the tell of the Hmong people and their travel from China to Laos looking for freedom to practice their beliefs and continue their culture Dia Cha shows the entire cloth and then explains it in small snapshots It is a beautifully told story and I love how she explains small portions of the cloth, but also shows the complexity of it as a whole I would definitely be interested in hearingabout Dia Cha and her life in the United States and her work with Hmong refugees.
I would have given this book 5 stars except the information about Hmong American dress at the end was so terribly boring Written just like a textbook Such a shame that part was handled so poorly.
Absolutely lovely book, with a lot of great contextual information in the back.

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