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[ Pdf Do Cool Sh*t ✓ us-presidents PDF ] by Miki Agrawal Ê Great motivator Inspiring story Clever author entrepreneur All around a quick and easy read that will stay with you long after you finish the book.
I know that there have been some negative reviews about this book, but I am here to say that I loved it I thought that her journey was extremely inspirational and provided a significant amount of tips for budding existing entrepreneurs Her story and advice are relevant and contemporary and have been instrumental in the recent developments in my own personal journey to do cool sh t.
Is it a little too much memoir as opposed to advice definitely yes But I am a forgiving reader especially as the good definitely outweighs the bad Or rather the practical outweighs the personal At the end of the day, not all her advice will work exactly the same way for you But what is important is learning how to adjust your attitude and your approach to your endeavor It is good to be passionate, it is good to think outside the box, and it is GREAT to read about someone who d This is not a go to book for solid advice on starting up your own business but, rather, it is a memoir of how an athletic young woman with no responsibilities started her own business Much of the generic information given is stuff you ve already heard or read but specific examples Miki Agrawal gives the reader as advice that worked for her would not necessarily work for everyone One example is that while schooling in Europe, she rode her bike into the middle of a field of young men playing soccer to ask them for phone numbers, new contacts , which she got If a man were to do that, he d most likely get his ass kicked and no longer own a bike or whatever possessions he had on him at the time.
Another example of how to do things right is giving hugs to food editors she met of all media sources she could fin I don t recall how I came across this book, but it came exactly when I needed it It took me a long time to complete the book and I actually checked it out of the library several times and have even paid late fees which is weird because it rarely takes me an extended amount of time to reach anything, especially a book that I actually like Which made me wonder why I actually gave it 5 starsLet me be the first to say that my motto is that I love extraordinary Women, I am very selective about the women that I date, and am an open feminists So I was wondering if I was being biased due to my instant love for the author and her mantra about life as well as her very intoxicating journey Then I realized, that the reason why it took me so long to finish the book is that it was at times all over the place, and a little thin in some chapters as well as a little lengthy in oth Critics of this book who argue that Agrawal has not so much written a helpful business book as much as a self congratulatory story of her life are only half right While this book won t tell you everything you need to know about starting your own business it will definitely give you plenty of inspiration and encouragement to do it She has plenty of advantages that the average person doesn t have and she seems a bit oblivious to that which can be a little frustrating but her writing style is straightforward and her suggestions are helpful Use this book as encouragement to look into doing what you want to do with your life and then buy a book that actually gives you solid information on how to start a business But Agrawal s charm sells the less substance y parts of the book and really makes you feel like you can do cool shit if you are really willing to put yourself ou

This book and this person is a joke to hard working thinkers everywhere she s great at shameless self promotion and it stops there She s never actually worked at one of her restaurants because she doesn t know how I find it interesting that her human resource advice has nothing to do with keeping employees, because she can t I know several people who have worked for her and they all quit because she s a nightmare She has no business advice to offer, just a bunch of hot air.
Pros Some parts of the book are inspiring The author has, indeed, done some cool sh t Good insight into human psychology and how to communicate effectively Some of these ideas are obvious, but it s easy to forget them in certain contexts, such as in an email or when asking for a favor Examples All relationships must be mutually beneficial When convincing someone, make sure to talk about we , not I Present a shared vision for the future Everyone wants to be heard, so always give people an opportunity to share something about themselves Avoid small talk Instead of asking about the weather, ask people about their dreams, their vision, and what excites them If you make people feel like experts, they will go out of their way to help you Always try to make people laugh Always smile People love free food.
Cons The I m sticking this on my bios and memoirs shelf rather than a business or entrepreneurship shelf, because that s what this book is it s Miki Agrawal pointing out the many, many ways in which her life is fabulous And if you do what she does including making sure you re slim because a weight loss plan is integral for every business book you too can DO COOL SH T Agrawal seems to have absolutely no concept of the privilege she s experienced in her life So yes, if you re an Ivy League educated extroverted woman from a successful two parent family living in New York City, follow this advice to the letter If not, feel free to roll your eyes through most of it, occasionally picking up a small gem of inspiration The first 100 or so pages were really inspiring and exciting I did get some really great ideas for different avenues to go down while doing my own cool shit However a lot of the language used was narcissistic, self referential and smacked of privilege In than one occasion, Agrawal referred to women she worked with and didn t get along with as bitches You re not a strong, independent leader in my books if you call other women bitches all the time Full stop I really tuned out and started to just skim the pages when I got to the chapter about fitness Apparently, to succeed in business, you need to be athletic and have an ideal weight To reach this ideal weight, go to the gym, eat vegetables and drink only water Genetics, financial situations and availability of In Do Cool Sh T, Serial Social Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, And All Around Cool Sh T Doer Miki Agrawal Shows How To Start A Successful Company From Brainstorming To Raising Money To Getting Press Without Any Connections All While Having A Meaningful Life With Zero Experience And No Capital, Miki Agrawal Opened WILD, A Farm To Table Pizzeria In New York City And Las Vegas, Partnered Up In A Children S Multimedia Company Called Super Sprowtz, And Launched A Patented High Tech Underwear Business Called THINX Miki Has Seen Significant Growth In Her Businesses She Pulls Back The Curtain Of How You Can Live Out Loud, Honor Your Hunches, And Leave Nothing On The TableWhether You Re A Student With Big Aspirations Or An Experienced Professional Looking For New Opportunities, Do Cool Sh T Will Open Your Eyes, Make You Laugh, And Give You The Confidence To Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, And Live Happily Ever AfterDo Cool Sh T Features A Foreword By Tony Hsieh, The Founder Of Zappos

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