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Download Epub Format ↠´ Doc Featherstones Return (Lost Shifters #24) PDF by ✓ Stephani Hecht I haven t read any of the other books in this series, so I was kinda lost here But I wanted to read the healing comfort aspect in this book It was ok, nothing spectacular or new Just ok Recommended if you are already a fan of the series, otherwise, I d say you can skip this one.
I know what to expect from this series, I really do, but I can t help feeling disappointed Normally I will fall in love with at least one if not both MC, but this time neither Ash or Doc drew me in They were both a little too whinny for me I can t help but feel this series has also undergone too much of a change I m pretty sure when it first started, shifters were hard to kill due to them basically healing once they shift, now the last few books have had shifters dying left right and centre, not to mention they now take weeks or longer to heal, but maybe I m confusing these shifters with others or maybe I m just remembering wrong lol On a good note for me, the sex was limited to the final couple of chapters lol.
De This Edition Is No Longer Available The Republished Edition Is Now Sometimes The Ones You Love The Most Are The Hardest To SaveEver Since Hawk Shifter Ash Suffered Near Fatal Wounds In A Raven Attack, He Has Slumped Into A Deep Depression Now Unable To Walk, Let Alone Shift, He Has Lost His Spark For Life And His Friends And Loved Ones Fear They Will Lose Him Forever Desperate, They Think That The Only One Who Can Give Him The Will To Live Is Doc Featherstone, The One Man That Ash Has Ever Shown Any Interest In The Problem Is Doc Featherstone Has Returned To His Family To Recover From His Own Wounds From The AttackBobcat Shifter, Joshua Featherstone Has Harbored A Secret Attraction For The Spunky Hawk Shifter For A Long Time But, He Has Kept His Distance, Afraid That Their Age Difference Would Be Too Big To Overcome But, Once He Hears That Ash Is In Dire Need Of His Help, Joshua Runs Back To The Coalition Will He Make It In Time Or Has Ash Turned To The Darkness Forever Wow, this book was a typical Hecht book as it seems I thought this woman would at least have some ups and downs but this book definitely did not help in that regard.
originally I wanted to read it because this one featured a Native American Hecht has the tendency to make her characters act like Americans but at the same time claim that they are not humans, something she never managed to reconcile or even make believable but that fell flat since the character is nothing like that and as usual doesn t fit the picture on the cover It is plain and boring, the characters are over the top and go from zero to hero in less than a few seconds, especially Ash does, I would go so far as saying that the guy is bipolar but not even that can be applied here.
The author constantly tries to make everyday stuff that every halfway smart person would have figured out already l This was weird for me I didn t really feel a connection between these two in this book view spoiler Ash is recovering from serious wounds almost the entire time he doesn t even know the Doc s first name which promotes a lack of intimacy and these two are in love with each other with no true conversations or time spent with each other a bit too much to swallow for me Then add on top of that the lack of sex until very close to the end again shows lack of intimacy with the MC s Even with Ash no useful legs, there is such a thing as kissing which is actually intimate than sex anyways hide spoiler Oh, are you kidding me The doc is only ten years older than the very youthful Ash I think the author forgot that half of the original cast of characters is in their forties at the very least And the doc was never ever giving off vibes of being younger than, say, Mitchell At all Whatever happened to the slow aging of shifters Make use of it, dammit.
And the doc is a useless jerk Why is it usually the dominant tops who end up being jerks in these stories Seriously, this is idiotic and there s no two ways about it I m sick and tired of this repeating conflict of denying the mating for the most stupid reason ever usually family obligations and then only needing one simple conversation and stern talking to to do a one eighty.
It s not romantic It s annoying and not even slightly credible.
The amount of words used wrong I just Ugh.
I am so unimpressed that it s reaching negative num I really liked Ash when he was introduced I even liked him after he got hurt and lashing out Thensomething changed and I didn t like the story any view spoiler So just because Doc is back means Ash is going to do a complete 180 in his recovery and want to get better What happened to being pissed at him I LIKED him being mad for a long time It was a real reaction hide spoiler

5 starsHate to say it, but there wasn t a whole lot happening in this book so it was a little on the dull side for me I wasn t overly fond of Ash and Joshua either, plus the plot felt like it was just regurgitated from previous storylines of other couples who were in a similar situation Bummer.
0 StarSo I didn t DNF I should ve but I didn t I was close but I flew this wounded duck till the very end sigh It sucked I didn t like it My problem Doc Featherstone What kind of hero leaves the person who took six count em SIX bullets and lost the use of his legs to save your sorry ass Um, a pretty shitty one, in my book Ash had the hugest crush on Doc Joshua Featherstone forever Joshua had been nothing but mean and condescending to Ash Despite this, when Joshua s life was in danger, Ash used his body to cover Joshua, taking six bullets two near his spine that cost him the use of his legs Afterwards, Joshua took off going home to recover Did he call to check up on Ash No Did he send a get well card Uh uh He quietly sat by the fireplace sipping whiskey That s where he was when Shane found him and dragged him bac I m almost certain that I ve never, in my entire life, read twenty five books of a series And, yet, here I am with Doc Featherstone s Return in Stephanie Hecht s Lost Shifter series I realize that I ve said it many times, but I was very excited to read this installment For many reasons, but the biggest is that Doc has been in so many of the previous books and I wanted to hear his story I mean, what makes him so grumpy and short tempered with everyone At the end of the previous installment, the Ravens got inside the coalition and a lot of damage was done before they were successfully defeated Both Ash and Doc Joshua were injured, and Joshua went home to his family to heal Ash, however, is convinced that Joshua just wanted to get away from him, especially since the man has made Ash s life a living hell since Ash came to the coalition Ash jumped i

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