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[Tony Lee] Ô Doctor Who Volume 3 [yuri PDF] Ebook Epub Download · A good finish to this series I liked the art on this one a bitthan on the two previous volumes The story got a little confusing at one point, but it came together and made some sense in the end.
The ending to this ongoing storyline was amazing, and could easily have been written by Moffat himself The entire story a paradoxical mesh of wibbly wobbly timey wimey ness The artwork is fantastic in the main story however the quality varies in the one shots The one shots stories also vary in quality too but do show inventiveness from the writers Goodbye ten I don t want you to go either IDW S Final Th Doctor Story On A War Ravaged Alien World, The Doctor Fights To Save A Friend From The Nefarious Advocate, While Avoiding A Planetwide Civil War And Space And Time Misplaced Paranormal Investigators Everything Leads To This Point But Who Will Die Overall, not bad The view spoiler time loop reverse causality everything ends up causing itself in a neat little bow hide spoiler Public library copy To be read on vacation I m a fan of Paul Grist so it was neat he had done cover art for this series Most of the interior art reminded me of Mike Mignola s art style just without as much black The story was fine, not bad, but not outstanding either I d state the book remained faithful to the spirit of the show I believe this book marks the first time I ve read anything by Tony Lee, whom I think recently took on work for either Marvel or DC Comics.
return return Tony Lee s narrative achieves a very happy union with Matthew Dow Smith s art here, and the story arc arc is rounded off dramatically and satisfactorily The book is rounded out with three stories from the 2010 Doctor Who Annual, which I now realise I hadn t read they too are very good.
The trilogy ends on an alien planet with the final confrontation with the avatar There s also some really nice short stories about the Doctor travelling on his own and the impact he has on people lives Some great character bits, and the final story is a nice goodbye to the 10th Doctor in the comics A great read.
Good final 10th Doctor graphic novel interesting ending and how it tied in to the tv show waters of mars one of the best graphic novels i read in a long time alos a bit of sad ending with 10 being my doctor and my fave one of them all

The second installment in this series of comic books picked up some pretty good momentum, so I had fairly high hopes that this third installment would just blow me away Unfortunately, it did not The stories in this collection didn t really tie together at all It waslike an anthology, showcasing the doctor drawn by different artists in various situations This would have been fine, if I liked the style of the majority of the artists, which I did not, or if the plot in the stories had been amazing, which it wasn t The majority of the art lacked detail, similar to my issues with the first installment in this graphic novel series, and the plot was oftentimes very confusing and flimsy in the majority of the stories included in this collection.
The one thi Tony Lee s Doctor Who trilogy draws to a brilliant close, as I suspected it might The first too books were quite good in their own right, but all the set up they carried gets a timey wimey complex, epic, moving and smart resolution with Final Sacrifice.
The book reads like a brilliant Steven Moffat script for a season finale with the way it takes the nonlinear storytelling possibilities of DW and runs with them, never forgetting characters or thematic ambitions Clever and touching, just like the show at its best.

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