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[Rosario Satana] Ò Doggy Boy Bundle [road-trip PDF] Read Online Þ Contains Two Stories Doggy Boy And Doggy Boy This Is Collection Of Erotic Short Stories Featuring Sexual Acts Between A Father With His Son And A Man With Dogs, As Well As A Gangbang And Other Explicit Sexual Acts, Including Anal Sex, Rimming, Interracial Sex, Bukkake, Golden Showers, And Double Penetration AdultsPreviously Published Under The Name JP Ortega Rosario Satana Owns The Rights And Has Updated And Edited This StoryDoggy Boy My Dog Sarge Makes Me His Bitch Daddy Catches Us In The ActExcerpt I Never Thought Anybody Would Know My Dirty Secret, Or That I Would Get Caught Right In The Middle Of The Act Of It, Which Was What Happened Soon After Sarge And I Started Going At It Regularly I Was In Bed On All Fours And Had Sarge Plowing Away Like A Good Boy I Used A Pillow To Muffle My Cries And Moans, Just In Case My Parents Overheard Me But, I Was Dumb Enough To Overlook One Minor, Preventative Thing I Forgot To Lock My DoorWhile Deeply Lost In Ecstasy As Sarge Took Me, I Heard My Bedroom Door Slam I Looked Behind My Shoulder At The Door And Froze There Was Daddy, Standing Right Before Me, With His Mouth Opened In Shock Um, I Eloquently Said Sarge Didn T Care That Daddy Watched Us And Instead Pounded Away Like No Tomorrow There Was No Chance Of Stopping Him From Taking Me Once He Got Going, So I Just Let Him While Daddy Looked At Us I Was Beyond Humiliated You, Uh You Could Ve Knocked Doggy BoyDaddy Punishes Me With An All Man Gangbang Sarge And A New Dog, Red, Join InExcerpt The Men Stood Around Me, Eyeing Me Like A Piece Of Meat I Felt Exposed And Humiliated, As If I Were On Stage Naked In Front Of An Audience, Which I Suppose I Was Sarge Checked Out The New Dog, Who Was Slightly Smaller Than Him And Had Striking Red Fur, And Sniffed The New Dog Out The Smaller Dog Kneeled At Sarge, Showing His Submission, And Sarge Backed Away, Content That The New Dog Wasn T A Threat Gentlemen, Daddy Announced, The Naked Boy In Front Of You Is My Son He S Ready And Willing, So Why Don T I Show You His Special Talent Oh My God This Was What Daddy Was Talking About Displaying Me Before His Buddies Like A Toy I Was Too Embarrassed To Look The Men In The Eyes, Instead I Stared Down At The Floor While Daddy Called Sarge Over To Me

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