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Á Dont Be Afraid ↠´ Download by µ Steven Hayward This book deserves a lot press than it received It s a very beautiful story about a family who is in mourning It s about the loss of a sibling and a family member, but it s about how life is absurd and how families communicate with each other.
The narrator is 17 year old Jim Morrison, born 3 days after the death of the rock star Jim lost his brother, Mike, when the town library exploded The novel recounts the events leading up to the explosion and events after Memory and present narrative go back and forth.
There s sadness in this book, but also humour and hope Some of the writing is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
This book was highly recommended by two of my Goodreads friends whose opinion I value highly Unfortunately, I felt unable to give it a five star rating Don t Be Afraid , told through the voice of 17 year old Jimmy, is the story of a family grieving the death of Jimmy s older brother There is a dark, humorous, streak throughout the book Jimmy s mother finds herself unable to look after her family, so Jimmy unable to handle school looks after his five year old brother, taking him to day care and associating with other mothers His sister, Vivian, takes over the cooking microwave only and serves out interesting looking meals His father becomes obsessed with finding out exactly what happened to cause Mike s death I enjoyed the quirkiness of the book I liked Jimmy s character a modest, shy young man, with a real love of family However, I read this book when it was first published and I was extremely moved by it I liked that the protagonist was always in the shadow of his older sibling, and then his sibling died I really see it as a beautiful depiction of a young man trying to forge an identity for himself after something awful had happened I really should get to reading Steven Hayward s other books.
Don t Be Afraid by Steven Hayward 315 pages This is from the point of view of 17 year old Jimmy His older brother is killed in a freak accident he drops out of school to care for his little 4 year old brother when his mother loses all sanity As if the loss of his brother isn t enough, he forced to become an adult even quicker It s a story about loss, grieving, and how each family member deals with the loss A couple months ago I went to a book reading for an author, but also there was this author, Steven Hayward I have never heard of him He s mostly been published in Canada his home country but currently resides and is a professor in my city When he read from his book, it piqued my interest just enough to check out from the lib The author is a friend of my sister, though I have never met him I thoroughly enjoyed the book I liked the way the story unfolded, making it compelling to keep reading to find out detail Yet, ultimately, each of the characters was probably just an exaggeration or not of people we all know in our day to day lives, making the book feel familiar, yet a bit discomforting could that be my son, my neighbor, the new girl at school Couldn t the people in my life be struggling in equally odd ways with the burdens they bear Don t we all just ultimately find some way to get by some miraculously and most in a meandering, shifting, evolving, and sometimes bewildering and shocking way And yet You ll be fine It s not everything, you know, being fine And some would t After reading Dr Hayward s I know him as Dr Hayward took him for Shakespeare in college first novel, The Secret Mitzvah of Lucio Burke, I had very high expectations Unfortunately this book didn t pull me in the way the first did I wasn t excited by the mystery what caused the explosion in the library and the characters didn t always seem authentic All of the warmth and humanity is present in the writing but there was just something that didn t work for me Additionally, I think because the story takes place in Cleveland Heights where I grew up, the story lacked the kind of escapism I typically look for in a novel I don t blame the author for that I know the places and could tell where creative license took over there are also a couple of anachronisms only a local would catch.
Hayward S Darkly Comic Novel Of Adolescent Anxiety Reveals An Unforgettable Family Caught In A State Of MourningMeet Jim Morrison Not The Lead Singer Of The Doors Who Died A Rock N Roll Death In , But A Chubby Seventeen Year Old Living In Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Who Was Born Days After The Singer S Death Jim, Or Jimmy, As Most People Call Him, Has Been Living A Largely Invisible Life, Overshadowed By His Older Brother, Mike, Popular And Charismatic, And His Father, Fort, A Stern And Unyielding Engineer Jimmy Spends His Time Avoiding Gym, Transforming His Uneventful Days Into Scenes From His Favourite Movies And Occasionally Going On Banana Diets Special Banana Carrier RequiredBut Everything Changes The Night The Library Explodes, With Pieces Of books And Catalogue Cards Falling Like Snow From The Dark Sky Jimmy Is First On The Scene With His Father And It S Soon Clear That Mike Had Been In The Library When It Exploded, Possibly Meeting A Girlfriend After Hours Mike S Death Upends The Morrisons Suburban Life And Any Sense Of Normalcy Is Destroyed Their Mother, Filomena, Is Nearly Catatonic With Shock, And Jimmy Must Become His Much Younger Brother S Nanny, Taking Him To Preschool Every Day And Uncomfortably Hanging Out With A Gang Of Mothers, Watching Them Breastfeed And Talking About Peanut AllergiesLife Gets Even Surreal The Cause Of The Library Explosion Remains Mysterious, And Jimmy Tries To Help His Father Unofficially Gather Evidence At The Site Add To This His Duties Surrounding His Mother S Idea To Have A Birthday Party For His Dead Brother, And Jimmy Finds Himself Busier And, Bizarrely, Happier Than He S Ever BeenWith Generous Humour And Characteristic Energy, Steven Hayward Weaves A Story Of The Undercurrents Of Family Life And The Unpredictable Ways Our Paths Can Unfold I think this was a book I should have put down when I couldn t really get into it I m convinced I would have liked it if I had waited I feel like I should have something better to support my first two star review, but I just didn t get into the story or the characters I really think it would have been better if I had waited longer after reading the Secret Mitzvah of Lucio Burke, because I loved it so much, and I wanted of it Lesson learned space them out ETA just heard on the radio this weekend that Pope John Paul II s first address included the phrase don t be afraid I immediately thought of Hayward s book and the connections between faith, miracles and visions that he explores Interesting I enjoyed this book The characters and their reactions are totally believeable and evoke sympathy There was some lovely writing I was pleased that the ending did not turn out to be a contrivance There were some suggestions that this would happen and I was prepared to be annoyed A good read Whoops, pardon the pun Interesting little aside was the function of the psychiatrist who was using the traditional talk therapy approach Today the Globe and Mail reported on plans for the new mental health manual that doctors from all over use to define whatever mental illness they are diagnosing The article goes on to describe how psychiatry has moved from talk therapy to drugs, but are now starting to move back So, the psychiatrist in this book was up to date I rarely give a book a 5 but I felt this book was amazing This is a story of a family that is dealing with the death of their son brother under circumstances that are not entirely clear The grief of each individual plays out in entirely painful ways for the reader as well The quality of the writing was exquisite and had me from the beginning page Unfortunately I am posting this review too long after the reading experience.
Re read this novel for my Book Club selection in November 2012 I continue to love this book The writing, the dialogue and the story are all wonderful Hayward does a great job of writing from J J perspective and yet he also is successfuly in portraying the adults as well This will continue as on

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