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[ Pdf Don't Read Poetry: A Book About How to Read Poems à dutch-literature PDF ] by Stephanie Burt à Thoughtful Honest Helpfultl dr Poetry doesn t suck, and you can learn to believe this I have always hated poetry It s one of those dirty secrets I don t usually share because it makes me nuts when people say they hate reading or art two parts of my job I grabbed this book like a guilty teen with a crib sheet But, I m so glad I did Even poetry lovers will enjoy Burt s book She comes at the topic from a place of support and honesty So many literature teachers are snobs and treat those who don t get it as dumb Burt is kind to her readers and her tone is respectful She draws from a wide set of references, particularly contemporary popular culture Moreover, the book does what it promises make poetry approachable I learned a great deal from her book, particularly the section about characters I felt that I sucked at reading poetry as I would read, even at a snail s pace, I was convinced that I was missing some larger point entirely, wholly disrespecting the author s work like a dog gnawing on bones at an archaeological dig.
While I can t say that I m completely prepared to take on even a quarter of the poetry out there I should be clear that Burt doesn t certify that this book is a Rosetta Stone for understanding all poems past this read , I guarantee that I m looking at these works differently Instead of being intimidated at never seeing some lofty theme that probably requires some level of context, I can approach it and read it for what it is art, expression, to be perceived by the reader and thought upon Burt likens poems to famous songs, wherein each of us

A bit dry and slow in some parts, but Burt is successful at making poetry a less daunting and fairly exciting art form for someone like me, who has never known much about it except what was dryly taught to me in high school read this book to get a great selection of interesting poems and also if you want to feel the urge to set it down every 15 minutes and give a shot at writing poetry yourself.
If you re like me and think you hate poetry or are intimidated by it but suspect you re missing out on a whole other world this book works Also a good introduction to a ton of contemporary poets who are talking about all the things you care about now culturally, politically, aesthetically all that I loved this book I write poetry myself and I highly recommend this book for anyone thinking of writing poetry or learning how to read poetry It seems like such a nebulous art but this book is great at focusing on what poetry is and can be for each individual.
This is not a boring book in the least If you have ever been curious about poetry or think you can t read it or write it give this book a try Thank you to NetGalley for the chance to read the ARC of this book In Don t read Poetry, poet and Harvard professor Stephanie Burt takes on everyone who doesn t understand poetry, or thinks it a bore, or drudgery to be suffered through in school So don t read poetry Don t assume poetry ever means only one thing, other than maybe a set of tools for making things with words, as music means a set of tools beats, rhythms, harmonies, textures, instruments for making things with sounds instead, find ways to encounter kinds of poems and learn different reasons to read poems, realized in various ways by various poems Each chapter focuses on one aspect of poetry In this book, the author looks at poems focusing on feelings and characters, and examines various forms and techniques, and difficulty She addresses the wisdom in poems some An excellent primer for high level readers who aren t comfortable with poetry or are developing college level understanding of literature and poetry I will use this book with AP Literature students as a way of entering into the centuries old conversation on what poetry is,what it does or should do , and why it has value.
As an English teacher, I enjoyed this book insomuch that it agreed with many of my beliefs about poetry The author s selection of poems shared in the various chapters were wide ranging and varied in topic It makes for a fun read for those who might want a better understanding of poetry as well as for those who already love poetry An Award Winning Poet Offers A Brilliant Introduction To The Joys And Challenges Of The GenreIn Don T read Poetry, Award Winning Poet And Literary Critic Stephanie Burt Offers An Accessible Introduction To The Seemingly Daunting Task Of Reading, Understanding, And Appreciating Poetry Burt Dispels Preconceptions About Poetry And Explains How Poems Speak To One Another And How They Can Speak To Our Lives She Shows Readers How To Find Poems Once They Have Some Poems They Like, And How To Connect The Poetry Of The Past To The Poetry Of The Present Burt Moves Seamlessly From Shakespeare And Other Classics To The Contemporary Poetry Circulated On Tumblr And Twitter She Challenges The Assumptions That Many Of Us Make About Poetry, Whether We Think We Like It Or Think We Don T, In Order To Help Us Cherish And Distinguish Among Individual PoemsA Masterful Guide To A Sometimes Confounding Genre, Don T read Poetry Will Instruct And Delight Ing Nues And Cognoscenti Alike So good Wish I could have read this years ago

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