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[ Pdf Dragonwatch (Wytch Kings, #4) ↠´ steam-trains PDF ] by Jaye McKenna Å The Balance Of Power In Skanda Is About To Shift Beautiful, Broken Tristin Of Ysdrach Would Rather Hide In His Dragon Form Than Live With A Wytch Power That Forces Him To Feel The Pain Of The Past In Every Object He Touches Struggling To Come To Terms With A Future He Never Believed He D Have, Tristin Needs A Reason Not To Surrender To The Beast WithinWithout Wytch Power, Prince Mikhyal Of Rhiva Is Not Qualified To Be His Father S Heir, But Newly Discovered Knowledge Possessed By Rhiva S Allies Could Change That On Their Journey To A Secret Negotiation That Could Shift The Balance Of Power In Skanda, Mikhyal And His Father Are Attacked, And Mikhyal Is Left Bonded To An Ancient Sword With A Mission, An Attitude, And A Penchant For Blackberry TartsEven With The Distractions Of A Royal Betrothal Ceremony, An Enemy Striking From The Shadows, And The Complex Negotiations Of Alliance And Rebellion, The Painfully Shy Tristin Still Manages To Catch Mikhyal S Eye The Two Men Barely Have Time To Acknowledge Their Mutual Attraction Before Another Attempt Is Made To End The Line Of RhivaCan Tristin And Mikhyal Get To The Bottom Of The Plot Or Will The Northern Alliance Be Torn Apart Before The Ink On The Treaty Is Dry , Words I hope we get a book about Shaine.
More dragons wrapped in a fabulous tale I ve come to love this series Sure, it has its flaws but I ve come to appreciate McKenna s ability to weave intriguing characters into her fantastical world 5 in the Wytch Kings series can t come soon enough Note I wrote this weak review during the beginning of my long recovery from major surgery I know I m going to wince down the road.
Caveat biased review I have the pleasure of beta reading this series and have an attachment to Tristan whose book this isActually review will follow shortly as I need a computer to write this and put in spoilers etc 5 Dragon Stars from start to finish I loved everything about this book and for me, it s the best one in the series so far And that s saying something because I really enjoyed the previous books.
A big thank you to my cyber momma Karen who read the whole series with me and reading with her made the books so much better because we could share our loves for dragons We are really looking forward to the next book in the series and another awesome BR Look up Karen s review because she says it so much better I really enjoy escaping into this world Jaye McKenna has built The magic, mythe, history and characters are very interesting and it s easy to fall in love with the men working to fight the Wytch Council and their evil Prince Tristan of the New Flower Bed was a victim of the Council and was imprisoned drugged for most of his life He was rescued when Kian Jaire we re kidnapped by the Council in ShadowspireMikhyal Is the former heir to Rhiva and on his way to Altan for Prince Jaire s betrothal ceremony he his father the King of Rhiva are attacked by bandits During the fight he is disarmed and grabs the bandits dropped sword Here we meet Dirit, a mythe dragon chosen to bond with Wytch Sword of Rhiva, to protect the royal line and restore the balance Unfortunately he has no idea what balance Dirit is a ferocious mythe dragon the size of a cat with a love of bl originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews Rated 4.
5 out of 5.
0 Love Bytes Welcome to installment four in the author s Wytch King series In this installment our focus switches to Tristin of Ysdrach another Kingdom within Skanda We met Tristin in Shadowspire, where we learned some secrets of his background I was really happy to see Tristin get his own story He was so broken, suffered such abuses, and most importantly had that strange Wytch power that pretty much immobilized him I wasn t sure he could recover and move on.
Prince Mikhyal is the oldest son of the Wytch King of Rhiva, yet another Kingdom Unforunately, Mikhyal s Wytch power has never materialized, so the Council has decreed his younger brother to be the heir to the Kingdom of Rhiva.
While traveling to Altan to meet with King Garrik, Mikhyal and his father s party are att 3.
5 stars I did like the book though my favourite has to be book 3 so far The main difference being that I felt that the main characters interactedin book 3 as compared to this book Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book and especially loved Dirit Though regarding one plot point, view spoiler if Dirit had the ability to make himself seen by all for short periods of time, why didn t he do that with his previous owner who was seen as kind of crazy But then again, with his personality, he might have just not bothered with it hide spoiler Available now at Rating 4.
5 starsI absolutely love this series This book is no exception I really felt for Tristan in the last installment and was glad to finally get his story Both Tristan and Mikhyal were wonderful as the MCs, but the absolute star of the book for me was Dirit I just love small snarky dragon characters and he fit the bill I really hope to seeof him in future installments.
The other thing that I liked was that the majority of the book was story plot The romance between Trisan and Mikhyal was slow burning and there was very little sex in the book Too many times, we get a book withsex than plot and this was the exact opposite It was a refreshing change of pace.
I highly recommend this series and this book in particular If you are new to the series, I would not start with this book I really think it will be worth your whi

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