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È Read ☆ Dream Nights with the CEO (Secret Desires, #1) by Kathy Lyons Õ Where do I begin I ll start off by saying I m the gal that finishes every book, especially ARCs, no matter the level of crap served up It s my penance for the questionable decisions I made during my early twenties and I m good with that After the third or fourth dream sequence where the MC s talk to each other and fondle but can t get out of work mode long enough in the real world to admit their sexy type leanings, I was done No character development, no drama, no emotion, no actual sex at my 60% DNF mark Either give me a great story or give me some hot sex I d even settle for an alright story and some so so sex that takes place when the characters are both conscious, I m not picky This book s part friends to lovers, part interesting ghost story that goes nowhere and part emotional bullshit that s hard to relate to because Provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review I loved this book, however it was a little on the short side and felt like a long novella as it really didn t take that long to read I wasn t expecting the paranormal aspect to the story but it really added something to it.
At the end of this book i had a grin on my face before the epilogue The dialogue is good and at times humorous The writer really takes you into the story and you actually believe the emotions that the characters are displaying It doesn t ring as unbelievable or forced.
The writer has a natural talent for bringing across the emotions of her characters.
A really good read.

Dream Nights is an interesting twist on the millionaire hot boss who falls for the young up and coming girl Wyatt is a very successful business man who is buying and renovating BB s and making them profitable Wyatt is all about numbers and spreadsheets He boils everything down to numbers, including the worth of people He has always been a bit of a loner He is introverted in the extreme For all of his adult life he has been an extreme workaholic He has never really dated and the few times he has tried, it ended badly with him being called cold Megan was a free spirited college student working in a BB until she met Wyatt He taught her some hard lessons and soon she worked her way up to becoming his right hand She is determined to make something of herself and she is learning from the best Wyatt and Megan have maintained a strictly professional relationship for the past three years On a b Megan is the executive assistant to Wyatt, a millionaire hotel and bed and breakfast entrepreneur While visiting a bed and breakfast in st Louis that Wyatt is interested in potentially purchasing, Megan starts to have strange dreams that end with an erotic appearance by none other than her sexy boss, Wyatt Megan maintains professionalism at all times and absolutely loves her job, but she secretly has been crushing on her boss now for nearly all of the three years that she s worked for him.
Unbeknownst to Megan, Wyatt too has been having strange dreams that have Megan fulfilling some of his longest fantasies Wyatt knows that professionally he can t live without Megan, and even though he d often thought of having a personal relationship with Megan, he s been hesitant to risk the successful work relationship that they have.
This story Dream Nights with the CEO3 StarsMegan Bradford loves her job as executive assistant to wealthy hotel magnet, Wyatt Monroe The only thing she loves is Wyatt himself, but would never dare to jeopardize their working relationship by revealing her feelings Unbeknownst to Megan, Wyatt is just an enad with her, but refuses to cross the line between employer and employee until the night they visit a supposedly haunted BB and set out on a course that will change their lives forever Dream Nights with a CEO is eerily similar to one of my all time favorite romance novels, Time After Time by Billie Green Both books contain two of my absolute favorite themes office romance and shared dreams While Kathy Lyons s book is sexy and spicy, it lacks the emotional intensity of Green s version Megan and Wyatt are sweet together, but Never has there been a apt title than Entangled s Dream Nights with the CEO by Kathy Lyons This novel, which alternately takes place between the realm of dreams and in reality, requires readers to suspend disbelief and embrace the paranormal elements at work The story follows Megan Bradford, the plucky and hardworking personal assistant to Wyatt Monroe, the blunt, yet brilliant CEO to a successful hotel chain Despite being on opposite ends of the personality spectrum, the pair has worked well together for years, ignoring their attraction to each other for the sake of professionalism It isn t until they find themselves inexplicably co starring in a series of shared erotic dreams that they begin to explore the possibility of a romantic relationship There s nothing like an honest to goodness ghost story to bring two people together emotion This was quite the interesting book I have to admit that I didn t read any reviews before starting it so the ghostly aspect took me by complete surprise I loved it I also have to admit that I have yet to jump on the millionaire falls for his employee or whomever bandwagon, so this was a great way to dip my toes in the pool, so to speak Wyatt, said millionaire, CEO of a chain of BB s and his longtime assistant and friend Megan are checking out the latest BB to be acquired when they both start having some pretty erotic dreams Er, that is, they re having the same dream, unbeknownst to each other This creates some pretty delicious sexual tension between the two as they start to realize they have than platonic feelings for each other It also crea Rating 4 starsMegan Bradford is having an interesting dream what an interesting way to start the book It certainly caught my attention My dreams aren t as interesting as Megan s Wyatt Monroe is her boss and he is having the same problem as Megan.
As I m reading the book we find out that Megan and Wyatt are staying at the Miranda s Place B B It s run by a young woman named Bethany I found that Bethany has an interesting story of her own I would love to know if Kathy will be writing her story.
Megan and Wyatt have an intriguing connection that comes at an interesting time of day Makes me wish that I had that type of connection with my partner How about you Kathy has given her readers dreaming with a twist I A Sexy Category Romance From Entangled S Brazen Imprint By Day, They Re Professionals By Night, They Re LoversHotel Chain CEO And Millionaire Wyatt Monroe Is A Stick In The Mud Sure, He S Hot As Sin, Even With The Tie, But Free Spirited Assistant Megan Bradford Refuses To Jeopardize Their Perfect Working Relationship Why Mess That Up With Sex She Knows He S The Love Em And Leave Em Type, And She S Determined To Find A Family Man Wyatt Would Never Cross The Line Between Boss And Employee With Megan, No Matter How Hard It Might Be To Resist The Temptation But When They Visit A Mysterious BB In A Bid To Acquire The Property, He Starts Having Erotic Dreams About The Sexy Brunette That Make It Hard To Resist Her In Daylight Soon The Line Between Reality And Dreams Further Blurs When They Learn They Were Sharing The Same Erotic Dreams While reading this book, I have got to say, the dreams are SMOKIN HOT While the first dreams that Wyatt and Megan have do not contain sex, the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts It seems as though they both want the same thing, but neither of them is sure how to act upon it I really enjoyed reading this book and watching how Wyatt and Megan worked together, despite their feelings towards the other I think the ghost twist was done so well, it didn t over take the book, but added to it in the slight ways The story went along smoothly without any real issues that would cause a misunderstanding And the twist with the dreams That was so great I couldn t believe what one simple object could help show two people that they both w

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