Ü Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern (Dreams of QaiMaj #1) ä Download by ê Selah J. Tay-Song

Ü Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern (Dreams of QaiMaj #1) ä Download by ê Selah J. Tay-Song Finally finished Very good read I just had to sit down and let it take me And I agree with another reviewer who said it had a slight middle earth feel to it Now I must wander over to the author s website and check out the character shorts.
I won this book in a goodreads giveaway.
This book completely swept me away It is one of the most creative and well done books I ve read in a long time, with top notch world building, characters, and plot It s takes place in a world of caves, where Icers, Flames, and humans live This book has a grand scope, following the characters through a war and its aftermath.
There are many well developed characters in this book who are shown through multiple POVs, which also adds to our understanding of the plot Unlike most books with multiple POVs, I was actually invested interested in each character and never found myself wanting to skip ahead or readingquickly through one character s part in order to get to the next.
I cannot wait to read the second book That said, don t wait until it comes out to buy this one Put this at the top of your reading list The Tale Of QaiMaj Begins HereWar Tears Apart Iskalon, A Cavernous World Of Ice, When Dynat, The Half Mad King Of Chraun Marshals His Powerful Fire Warriors His Orders Make Iskalon Burn Forever In The Aftermath Of War, Princess Stasia Of Iskalon Tries To Keep The Remnants Of Her Kingdom Intact Her Only Hope Is In A Prophetic Dream That May Lead Her To A New Home For Her People When Stasia Desperately Searches For Magic Strength In The Inferno Of Chraun, She Learns That She Can Do The Impossible Draw Magic From Both Lava And Ice Using The Power Of Fire, She Might Just Find The Vast Blue Cavern Of Her Dreams, And Change The Destiny Of Both Chraun And Iskalon Forever InDream Of A Vast Blue CavernDreams Of QaiMaj, Book I I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.
I feel particularly bad for not enjoying Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern considering I was given it for free, but getting the book for free isn t reason enough to change my review to something that s not true.
Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern relies heavily on it s glossary to explain it s book specific terms Many terms are just brought up with no explanation what so ever and I found myself being pulled out of the book often to figure out what terms meant by checking the glossary I m not a fan of needing to check a glossary every other paragraph in order to move on with a story.
Another thing I felt Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern suffered from was the author too often just told us things were happening rath Superb I was blown away by this book I don t give such praise lightly I love high fantasy and this is a great example of the genre I was swept away by the story, enchanted by the intricate world created by the author, and caught up in the struggles of the characters There was only one problem it ended And I have to wait for the next book So, after a somewhat slow start which I believe was strictly on my end, not the bookhad a little trouble focusing , I ended up finding it hard to put this one down I started it yesterday afternoon and finished it today Wonderful read A little different and very interesting There was a glossary at the end for those who like that, and a couple of maps at the beginning The ending, while offering slight closure, did end on a small cliffhanger in certain aspects okay, yeah, I did cry out NO when I saw it had ended This was a read that I can honestly say I lost myself in Will definitely be waiting for the next and highly recommend this read.
I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
This was an amazing, magical story that leaves the reader wantingin a good way The storyline is well developed and intriguing I look forward to reading the rest of this series.
This book is fun A beautiful romance, set in a world that is well constructed and almost middle Earth ish.
The supporting shorts on her website, are well constructed.
I definitely look forward to Book Two from Selah, and highly recommend it to all readers.

This eBook was given to me for free.
The story is mainly set in the land of Sholaen which is shared by two kingdoms Iskalon ice and Chraun fire The two kingdoms are connected by a twisting network of tunnels and caves systems Interestingly the caves are used for specific functions Growing food, rearing livestock etc The land above on the Iskalon side compromises a lake with bridges, palaces, homes and all the trappings you d expect It is very vividly drawn and believable.
There are a series of chapters dotted throughout the book titled Interlude Maia These introduce the character Maia and a land called Khell It alludes to a warrior, tribal world with cruel overseer type beings To avoid spoilers I will not elaborate on this.
I usually have initial difficulty getting used to an unfamiliar authors writing style but thankfully not so in this case The language is easily und A wonderfully meaty book, there s so much to sink your teeth into deep characterisation, knotty plot, thoughtful themes And a brilliantly written antagonist that I want to hate but can t because his viewpoint chapters were so well done Every character Tay Song creates feels so alive and real, even the walk on parts Very much like Requiem for the Wolf in that regard, I thought Both deservethan being offered for free on Instafreebie Seriously, snap these two up.
Other thoughts Tay Song doesn t shy away from depicting violence and the horrors of war The description of the destruction and impact on the people is absolutely heart rending.
Worldbuilding is I think the only place where it falls down for me Magic fuelled by heat and cold.
it doesn t make much sense But I think that s just my scientific mind at work Just igno

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