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[David Llewellyn] ¸ Eleven [basketball PDF] Read Online  Told Entirely In E Mails Sent And Received By Martin Davies, Would Be Author And Frustrated Corporate Accountant, This Debut Novel Is Set On September In Cardiff, Wales In Denial About His Breakup With His Girlfriend And Baffled By The Triviality Of His Life, Martin Gossips Online At His Desk And Makes Plans For The Weekend Until Just After His Crowd Of Young Professionals Returns From Lunch People Start Flying Airliners Into Office Buildings In New York City Very Funny And Then Brutally Sad, Martin S Messages By The Time The Day Is Over Have Run The Gamut From Nonsense Straight Out Of The Office To Something Closer To A Play By Samuel Beckett This is a great modern take on the epistolary novel, composed entirely of email messages It uses the backdrop of 9 11 to show a day in the life of Martin It condemns modern society as it draws in the modern reader and makes you think.
If you couldn t guess by the cover and the title, Eleven is a story set on 9 11, and is compiled as a series of e mails throughout the day Our protagonist is Martin Davies, a guy who is desperately stuck in a rut in his boring, pointless, corporate job, and who longs to be an author in control of his own life but doesn t know how to make it happen Like anyone who has ever been trapped in the mundane hell of an office job that they don t like, Martin takes out his frustrations and boredom in a series of e mails that he sends to his work colleagues and friends, and the constant replies that he receives back makes up this short and snappy novella.
As the day progresses, 9 11 finally happens and the convers

An interesting concept that didn t reach to its full potential The narrator and a few of the other characters had great voice and personality to them they felt very real and authentic However, the plot just didn t reach up to the quality of these characters.
I like that it just felt like a general day at work and the nonchalance of office work but when you have a setting like 9 11, there is so much that could have been done.
I think the biggest issue was that it felt like it cut short too early It had a beginning and middle but didn t really have an ending It just felt like I finished a book 3 4 of the way into it.
Interesting format, funny, sad, of our times Short book, simple read, huge ideas.

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