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Í Read ☆ The Hunters: Eli and Sarel by Shiloh Walker é From virgin to a three way with a stranger all in less than 24 hours and wanting All this after several times with her first just hours before and she s not shifter or vamp to heal hard to buy, find romantic or endear me to this character who sucks And she tells Eli he can t be with other females, gall Wish Eli got someone better.
I presume you know what the book is about I m letting you know what I liked or disliked about it.
This book was about 115 pages and again cost almost as much as a full length novel Back to repetition Without risk of spoiling the story for you let me just say that there is one aspect of the story one of many really that is unnecessarily repeated 6 times before page 100 I really wanted Eli s love interest Sarel to bring not only his HEA but for this couple and Declan and Tori to be fast friends Things were a bit off paced with this book Didn t enjoy it as much as I d hoped after book 1.
I m shelving this author and her work for awhile Ms Walker can sure write an intense love scene love it and so on that note I m sure I ll pick up some of her work in the future Maybe I just need to stop reading for awhile peri For the fans of Shiloh Walker s Hunter series, the author is currently re releasing all of the previous stories in ebook format Shiloh is hoping to release most of the storylines in 2012.
HUNTERS Book 2 Eli and SarelHUNTERS Eli and Sarel is the second instalment in Shiloh Walker s Hunter series Elija Crawford is a hunter A master vampire who s only desire is to rid the world of the human scum that preys on innocent women and children When a young human female is the next victim of her father s murderous rage, Elijah must enact swift justice Saving the life of the young child, Eli soon learns that there is a missing sister who may have fallen victim before he could bring her to safety But years later, his best friend Declan has mated, and Eli struggles with his loneliness Although he is often included in their se The Hunters Eli and Sarel by Shiloh Walker Book 2 in The Hunters series.
I liked it I really enjoyed the storyline The book is novella length so the plot was moved along quickly A case of misinformation is the basis of the plot.
Sarel is a witch and she s out for revenge A vampire killed her family and she is determined to track him down and kill him Especially for the murder of her baby sister Now, she finally has her chance She s found him.
The last thing Eli expects is to fall in love with the witch who s trying to kill him Yes, that s exactly what s happening But her powers are unstable and she needs training Can Eli send her away to be trained Will he ever see her again Can he even trust her after she almost killed him The misinformation is cleared up within the first 2 chapters and the plot goes on from there A whole bun I tried to give this series a chance, reading books one, two and part of three, but it is entirely too juvenile Being a huge fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series I had hoped that I had come across a similar series in which each book would be the love story between two individuals but no There is little to no character development and the intimate scenes read like a teenage boy fantasizing during puberty I recognize not all of us enjoy the same predilections but come on every single encounter either starts or ends with anal I also wonder, what virgin woman is gung ho on threesomes right out of the gate This series, at least the first three books, are simply porn on paper and this is from someone coming off of the 50 Shades trilogy.

The plot held together well and was mildly interesting In my opinion, it held of a storyline than the previous book Unfortunately, there were multiple typos, improper verb usage, and repetitive statements, which made it difficult for me to focus The characters were decent and believable Romance was so so, but the graphic and steamy sex scenes were of the focus in this book Not as much as in the previous book, but still noticeable A one point I felt like I had missed a section and had to go back but to my disappointment, the story just stopped in one place and started again in another The ending seemed abrupt and cut off as if there should have been a few pages but, overall, not bad but not great either It was worth reading but I doubt I would read it a second time.
I enjoyed Eli finally getting his happy ending This was a good read even though it was a little short My only complaint is it bounced around alot between scenes and it was a little confusing at times the story didn t mess up which ended up making me have to go back a page or two to see if I missed a page or something If you like the hunter series I would recommend this book it has some good information on how the hunters are picked and put together with their partners.
I didn t like Sarel, the heroine, so that made it hard to like the story She was arrogant and condescending when she had no reason to be Added to that, the first 70 pages of this 100 page book were about Eli having sex with Declan and Tori, and eh.
so far this is my least favorite of the series.
Positively outstanding Heartbreaking All consuming jealousy Misunderstandings Assassinations Sexy love triangles.
The Hunters series by Shiloh Walker is amazing If you are a Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake fan, this is the series for you Eli is an old vampire who is falling in love with Tori, his best friend s mate Sharing a sexual and loving relationship, the trio have a special bond that links them together in pleasure and pain.
Being hunter by a witch, Eli is incautious and finds himself trapped in ways than one Locked in a dreamlike world with a trusted friend and the woman who tried to kill him, he is yanked from one state of mind to the next.
Thanks to the bond, Tori and Declan are made aware of a dire injury that Eli sustains Sarel has been grieving, mourning and raging ever since her mother and little sister were slaughtered by the vampire she hunts Being a st Book In The Hunters Series After Three Long Centuries Of Aching Loneliness, Elijah Crawford, Hunter Of The Council, Has Finally Found A Woman Maybe She Can Replace The Obsession He Has For Torrance Reilly, The Wife And Lover Of His Best Friend Sarel Is A Lean, Red Haired, Wild Eyed Witch With A Soul To Match His She Has A Thirst For Justice, And A Yearning For A Love To Fill The Void Inside Her Sarel Has Been Searching For Elijah She Is Here Now, Prowling His Grounds, Waiting To Get Into His House Sarel Has Come To Kill Him

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