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[ Read Online Embassy Row ☆ railways PDF ] by Quinn Fawcett ☆ I picked up this book because of the connection with Mycroft Holmes I have enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories in the past and found Mycroft and interesting character too.
I enjoyed the description of the era and the behaviour of the characters for that time Also the deductive reasoning of the characters and some of the complications of the events and actions of the characters.
The parts where there was quite a bit of explanation and reasoning about the political and historical happenings seemed a bit on the long side at times and made the flow to stagnate I realize that the information was part of the story line and gave background and importance to the current action of the plot.
I did enjoy the book and plan to read the other three books of this series at some time.
The Second Novel In The Series Launched By Against The Brotherhood Authorized By Dame Jean Conan Doyle And Starring Sherlock Holmes S Older Brother Mycroft And His Assistant Set Out To Solve A Murder That Takes Place The Night Of The Signing Of An Agreement To Secure England S Position In Japanese Controlled WatersFawcett Is A Pseudonym Owned By Bill Fawcett And Most Often Indicating That The Writer Is Yarbro But Not Always Another great escapade with Mycroft Holmes and crew figuring it all out just in time to save the day I truly love reading this series I think I look forward to reading Mycroft s man Tyers report at the end of each chapter Guthrie, Sutton and Miss Gatspy are fully involved in the case as well Makes the book so enjoyable with such wonderful characters.
I enjoyed this one much than the first.
I came across this book at a used items store unread for 0.
50 and it fit nicely in my purse so I figured I d try it on my vacation It has been entertaining and suspenseful I rarely have time to sit and read for long periods so I appreciate a book that I can pick up a few times a week, or sometimes only a few times a month, and easily fall back into step with Having missed the first installment in the series has not made it difficult to follow this story, but there are references to events and characters that are intriguing so I do plan on reading it next.
Interesting characters but a little dry.

In the fashion of Sherlock Holmes, Quinn Fawcett writes a book about the adventure of Mycroft Holmes from the viewpoint of Paterson Guthrie Paterson is Mycroft s secretary helping him with his top secret government work.
And Paterson is a stuffed shirt Oh my God, is he boring His character doesn t develop and he never learns anything He continuously doubts everything, EVEN after he is proven wrong again and again And the book continues to belabor all the points If there is a clue, every character needs to bring it up or have it explained to them And the person didn t even DIE until 200 pages in I was NOT invested in it and I didn t even care who did it or why.
Everyone was sostilted All the conversations were weird and everyone was Captain Obvious about everything It made everything really boring I finished it and I am not excited.
An exciting mix of political tension and mystery Though it might be a little long drawn to some, I found the content and pace just right Any excitement described were in short, sharp doses but the brisk in my opinion pace carries the book well all through to the end The way the mystery is presented was refreshing quite unlike modern books surrounding Sherlock Holmes and I enjoyed the expansive scale of what was at stake rather than the incident playing the role of a small time mystery Guthrie and other characters are well thought out with strong characterisation and thus are unique in their own way ie personality wise and yet one is able to easily relate to any one of them I do like how Fawcett portrayed Mycroft very fitting and exactly the sort of person I would have in mind Pe

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