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[ Read Online Emotional Recovery from Congenital Heart Disease Á poetry PDF ] by Richard Schwindt î Winner Of The Outstanding Book Self Help And Book Of The Year Award Rd In The Independent Author Network Book Of The Year Awards More Than Forty Thousand Babies Are Born Every Year In The United States With The Most Common Birth Defect Congenital Heart Disease CHD The Number Of Babies Born Annually Worldwide With CHD Approaches One Million While Medical Interventions For CHD Have Radically Improved, Less Attention Has Been Paid To The Emotional Impact On Patients And Their Families This Book Is Written For Adults With CHD, Parents Of CHD Children, Spouses, Grandparents And Siblings Richard Schwindt MSW RSW Is A Working Therapist With CHD, An Illness He Shares With His Grandson Richard Offers Practical Help For Managing The Most Common Challenges Anxiety, Depression, Body Image, Navigating The Medical System, Self Care And Relationships He Addresses Difficult Subjects, Including Sexuality And Grief, With Compassion, Humour And Wisdom This Is A Primer For Living Life With Joy And Achievement, No Matter What Challenges Congenital Heart Disease Throws Your Way

Author Richard Schwindt is in such a unique position to write a book like this Having dealt with congenital heart disease himself, and having to be a supportive family member to a grandchild with CHD puts him on both sides of the emotional coin He has an incredible insiders perspective at how to cope with the difficulties of such a situation as as a child and adult Schwindt takes readers through all the major challenges of CHD and how to overcome them, chapter by chapter His guidance is grounded in your emotions and emphasizes the importance for emotional health in each step He goes through various areas of staying healthy physically and then moves on to help you grapple with some of the other issues that can come up as a result of your struggle with CHD, such as marital issues and grief and loss He offers an inspi I started this book knowing next to nothing about CHD and I ll even admit that I was quite intimidated by the topic at first That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the author does an excellent way of portraying the information in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand without sacrificing insightfulness.
The most important part about this book, for me personally, is the fact that I can tell that author Richard Schwindt truly cares about informing and helping readers The writing is expressed not only in a professional and comprehensive way, but it also with strong tone of compassion which I think is a very important element to have in these kind of reads This is the first book that I have read by the author, and it has left me with a very good first impression I look forward to seeing.

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